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Wednesdays and Other Stuff, 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I am planning ahead this time. (11 January 2014)

So, ...

I am consolidating some of the Wednesday's posts and Other Stuff in one ginormous post ; - )

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I am deleting all of the "Weekly Dose of Doom and Gloom" articles for 2011

Wednesday: 2 January 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There are many theories that financial experts and novices use to define what has happened in the economy, explain why it is happening, and to predict what will happen in the future. Some of these theories are based on cycles.

Yeah, you guessed it.

There are some folks saying that we are in a financial cycle that has "sown the seeds for a future crisis and potential “doomsday cycle of boom, bust, and bailout.”"

Financial Armageddon - Financial Groundhog Day

Well, FerFAl, over at Surviving in Argentina, has some advice for the prepper preparing for economic difficulties.

Surviving in Argentina - Economic Collapse Preparedness: What to do?

And the first piece of advice FerFAL has for us, in the above article, is mental preparation. Well, Charles Smith has a guest article, by Eric A., over at Of Two Minds blog on mental preparation for the coming economic collapse.

Of Two Minds - The Kubler-Ross Model: Denial, Acceptance and Renewal in America

Lastly, Chief Instructor, at Accept the Challenge, linked to an article about a reporter trying to live without "Big Banks." Duh, it's called joining a credit union.

Accept the Challenge - Of Rants and Preps

Wednesday: 9 January 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There have been a lot of good and great articles these last few weeks, so let us get started.

First up are a few articles from Riverwalker, over at Stealth Survival.

Stealth Survival - Thirty Minutes At Thirty Degrees

Stealth Survival - Riverwalker’s Top Ten Survival Tools

Stealth Survival - Backyard Food Production -How Much Land Does it Take?

Stealth Survival - Survival Foods - Turnips

Stealth Survival - The Survival Sponge

Stealth Survival - Worst Case Scenario - The Mass Bug-Out

and lastly, a good friend of Riverwalker recently purchased a Berkey Light Water Purifier. He explains his friend's thoughts on purchasing the unit, and Riverwalker and his son examine the contents and assemble the water filter.

Stealth Survival - Survival Gear Test: Berkey Light Water Purifier, Part One

Stealth Survival - Survival Gear Test: Berkey Light Water Purifier, Part Two

Next up is FerFAL writing at Surviving In Argentina. FerFAL has recently had some articles on armed self-defense. I believe he is right to highlight the brutality that we might face during an emergency situation.

Surviving In Argentina - Survivalism theorizing and lack of Connection with Reality

Surviving In Argentina - Myths About Armed Self Defense

Surviving In Argentina - Reply: Myths About Self Defense

Surviving In Argentina - Letter from Greece

Surviving In Argentina - Considerations for Winter Concealed Carry

Surviving In Argentina - Reply: Winter concealed carry

Surviving In Argentina - Introduction to Knives Video

Surviving In Argentina - Introduction to Knives: Sharpening (Part 4)

Surviving In Argentina - Defensive Shooting Considerations.

Surviving In Argentina - Home Invasions in USA

Surviving In Argentina - Reply: Home Invasion in USA

Surviving In Argentina - Detroit Police PD Gunfight

And lastly, FerFAL has a couple of posts at his new site, The Modern Survivalist,  on the importance of having matches. Yes, lowly matches in your survival kit.

The Modern Survivalist - Matches in your Emergency kit

The Modern Survivalist - Reply: Matches in your Emergency kit

Don't forget FerFAL is moving to a new site titled The Modern Survivalist, so change your bookmark for his site.

OK! So far I have highlighted 22 articles from two awesome writers, I going to stop, for now.

Wednesday: 16 January 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Peak Oil
The first article I would like to highlight, this week, is from John Greer, over at The Archdruid Report.

Why should you read this article?

Mr. Greer explains, using a financial metaphor, the cognitive dangers that we are facing as cheap oil runs out. This lack of understanding about the dangers in our thinking will cause "us" (you, me, my/your family and friends) hardship because the folks that run stuff (that includes "us") still don't understand the dangers we are facing as oil becomes more expensive.

The Archdruid Report - Energy Funds, Energy Flows

I'm still sceptical about "Peak Oil," but I'm becoming more open to this possible disaster because of new information from Wikileaks.

Guardian - WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia cannot pump enough oil ...

Deflation or Hyperinflation
Recently, Nicole Foss and Golzalo Lira, from The Automatic Earth and Golzalo Lira respectfully, had a live debate about what's coming down the road, financially.

It doesn't matter because we can't predict the future.

We build up stores in potable water and water filters; food and gardening supplies; firearms, ammunition, repair parts, and cleaning supplies; and bandages and medical knowledge, for a reason, because the future is uncertain.

With that said, Charles Smith wrote an article, at Of Two Minds, that you might be interested in reading.

Of Two Minds - How Confident Are You in a Hyperinflationary Future?

Originally, this blurb about Mr. Smith's article was going to be a rant about 'How we aren't getting financially prepared for the coming hyperinflation.' then I realized 'It doesn't matter because investing isn't about prepping. We prep for a wide range of disasters, just not one specific disaster.'

Hopefully, You Get The Point
This post was very different from the "normal" Wednesday post. This posts focuses on the "mind's eye" of the prepper/survivalist.

There is a reason for this.

I believe that the way we think predetermines our success or failure.

If you believe there will be a disaster (and you believe you can do something to reduce the disaster's effect), you will do something about it. If you don't, you won't.

Yeah, I know. The thought/where I was going isn't complete, yet.

"Rearden Metal Lives!"

Reason - The Trailer for the Atlas Shrugged Part One Movie Out

Wednesday: 23 January 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The first article for this Wednesday is from Ol' Remus, over at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report. He has a lot to say.

Ol' Remus and I disagree on some things but when it comes to food. He and I agree, so make sure you are getting your basic foods (wheat, rice, dried beans, and canned, boxed, and bottled food) purchased, soon. Very soon.

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - No. 204 - 22 Feb 2011

The next article is from Gary Brecher at The Exiled. If you think it's going to be easy, you need to read this article.

The Exiled - War Nerd: Apocalypse Never

Wednesday: 2 March 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Riverwalker, over at Stealth Survival, has been writing some great articles about modifying the staff (a long stick) for survival.

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Gear Mods: Sticks for Survival

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Gear Mods: Sticks for Survival, Part Two

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Gear Mods: Sticks for Survival, Part Three

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Gear Mods: Sticks for Survival, Part Four

A staff can also be used for defensive purposes, if a firearm is unavailable or ill-advised.

Wikipedia - Quarterstaff

Wikipedia - Bōō

Wikipedia - Stick Fighting

Wednesday: 9 March 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I'd like to thank Uncle, over at Say Uncle, for a link on his blog about pistol-caliber carbines. The article gives a good overview of some of the issues, you need to think about, with these weapons.

Even after reading the article, I still say the SKS is the best rifle for the suburban/urban prepper on a budget.

Shooting Illustrated - Pistol-Caliber Carbines

In my survival bookmarks, I have a few "weekly" reads. These are sites I read once a week. Ol' Remus at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report is one of those reads.

Even though I don't agree with Ol' Remus politics some of the times, he has a lot of information on his blog that I find informative. I especially like the pictures from the "It's Just the Way It Was" section of his blog.

The current issue, #206, has a few pictures and links about small cooking stoves, his commo (communications) gear, and fire using P.A.C.E.

The #205 has a good article explaining some of the other types of Bug-Out-Bags (BOBs) with pictures.

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - No. 206: 8 Mar 2011

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - No. 205 - 1 Mar 2011

Angela, from Food Storage and Survival, has a post on sprouting wheat. If you store wheat in cans/buckets with oxygen absorbers, you need to read this article. Plus, you might want to make a note in/print the article for your survival bible.

Food Storage and Survival - Yes, You CAN Sprout Wheat that has Been Stored with Oxygen Absorbers

This article from Sharon Astyk writing at The Chatelaine's Keys has a post by her and a link to another site about food storage for newbies.

It looks like something you could e-mail to friends and family. Plus, a good review for those folks that have been prepping for a little while, too.

The Chatelaine's Keys - Newbie Food Storage on the Cheap

The last item is something me and the brothers were talking about this weekend. My Brothers have been having folks, at work, come up to them and ask about prepping. They're known as preppers. (Poor OPSEC) We talked about it for a couple of hours and we came to some conclusions.

First, ...

You'll have to come back on Friday to read about those conclusions.

Yeah, I know, a shameless way to plug another article. Plus, I'm sleepy; time for me to go to bed.

Right now, it looks like I am going to have to re-shoot the "Rigging Your Gear: LBE" photos. Some how, the photos were lost during the transfer from camera to computer.

Updated: 23 March 2011
I posted the pictures

Wednesday: 16 March 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Because of the crisis with the Japanese nuclear reactors, I am changing the regular Wednesday blog post from a bunch of links about various subjects to just one very important subject.

Here are a few articles from Gizmodo on the nuclear reactors in Japan.

Gizmodo - Everything You Need to Know About Nuclear Power and the Fukushima Plant!5781887/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-fukushima-power-plant-and-nuclear-reactions

Gizmodo - Just How Bad Is Japan’s Radiation Problem?!japan/5781660

Gizmodo - The Devastating Health Impacts of a Nuclear Crisis!japan/5782145

Gizmodo - Japan Nuclear Situation "Out of Control" (Updated)!japan/5782239

Gizmodo - 70% Nuclear Rods Damaged on Fukushima Reactor 1, 33% Damaged on Reactor 2, Partial Reactor Core Melting Possible!japan/5782353

As you can see from the articles, we are going to have to keep informed about what is going on in Japan with the nuclear reactors because the situation is changing almost hourly.

Wednesday: 23 March 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Yes, I cheated, but I have a good reason. I added the pictures to the Military Skills - Rigging Your Gear: LBE article.

Not really, (I did add the pictures) my real reason is I have been distracted.

Enough of these lies. On with the links for this week.

First up, Ol' Remus has his weekly post, and he's starting to sound worried, very worried.

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - No. 208 - 22 Mar 2011

Sharon Astyk has a couple of good articles.

The first article points to a possible grey area, we may face during a disaster. Plus, it gives some more evidence why the days of the three day and two week emergency kit are long gone.

The second article, I will provide a link to, gives an idea of how to stock a cache at a friend's or family member's home, especially if you are going to bug-out to their home.

The last article has an excellent argument why we, as preppers and survivalists, must plan for failure.

Casaubon's Book - Hoarding vs. Storing: Examples from Fukushima

Casaubon's Book - Food Storage and Evacuation
Note: I wouldn't put a slice of bread in my food storage for humidity. It might cause mold to form : - (

Casaubon's Book -  - Inconceivable: Why Failure Should Be Part of the Plan...But Isn't

OK folks, you have convinced friends, family, and coworkers to store a couple hundred pounds of wheat, or you have stored a couple cases of wheat from the Latter-day Saints' on-line store (click continue, then enter "wheat, rice, beans, oats" in the search box)

How are you going to use it?

M.D. Creekmore has a couple of articles, you might be interested in.

The Survivalist Blog - Don’t Buy a Grain Mill Without Reading This!

The Survivalist Blog - My Corona Grain Mill And Homemade Sifter

The Survivalist Blog - Bagged Wheat

Wednesday: 30 March 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

First up is a guest article at Bison Survival Blog. It's a good read on how one person (and possibly a family) became preppers/survivalists.

This guest article also helps dispel the myth that all preppers/survivalists are right-wing conservatives.

Bison Survival Blog - guest article one of two today

The next article is from io9.

As you read the article, think of a group of humans traveling from Asia to North America in boats they built by hand, using tools they had made by hand, wearing clothes made by hand, and eating food preserved by hand or foraged during their travels, then traveling from California to Texas, on foot.

io9 - 15,000-year-old campsite in Texas challenges conventional story of American settlement!5785151/15000+year+old-campsite-in-texas-challenges-conventional-story-of-american-settlement
Note: Humans are pretty tough.

Next up is an article, the writer for Say Uncle linked to, a couple of days ago.

Shooting Illustrated - Lessons for the Ladies: Self-defense is not solely the responsibility of men, nor should it be.

Wednesday: 30 March 2011, Part 2

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There has been many good articles, this week, so I'm having a part 2.

First up is Ryan or Mrs. Ryan over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest. They have a couple articles that are must reads.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Basics
Note: I believe Ryan is right. Basics knowledge and skills are important. If you can't do the basics, you can't properly complete the important tasks.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Balance

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Dry Fire
Note: We had family friends lose an Uncle last month. The dumb f*ck was playing with a pistol while he was drinking. In front of a group of people (I think his kids were there, too) he shot himself in the head. Dumb*ss thought the pistol was unloaded.

Yeah, I know I already posted an article form io9, but this one is neato to the max. The second link is informative, but like I said in the past "As a civilian, if a terrorist chemical weapon attack happens, you protect yourself and get out of the area. Leave the clean up for the trained expert. This includes chemical spills."

io9 - First-Ever Image of Mercury from Orbit!5786958/first+ever-image-of-mercury-from-orbit

io9 - In event of a ricin attack, reach for bleach!5784968/in-event-of-a-ricin-attack-reach-for-bleach

Wednesday: 6 April 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

During a training exercise, my platoon and I were taken captive. (In the training scenario, we were poorly trained militia willing to surrender) We were quickly taken to a safe place, processed, and held in an interment/prisoner of war camp.

We quickly became bored, very quickly and very bored. As a leader, I realized we had to do something, quickly, so we instituted a schedule. We did physical training, had breakfast, did some training (prisoner search procedures, junior leader development, and ...) We also made our own games.

One game, we played, was poker. Using the plain side of a MRE box (The thin brown cardboard boxes that have the individual meal and cakes in them) we made a few deck of cards. The leaders and soldiers would play card games after training each day.

Why do I bring this up?

Ryan over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest has a good point in a recent article about boredom.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Boredom

The next article was linked at Say Uncle. The reason I am linking to the article?

I forgot to arm my fictional eldest daughter in the trip to the grocery store, and it got me to thinking. What would I give a young lady to protect herself and me?

Papa Delta - My Orange Is Better Than Your Apple!
Right now, a SKS and a .357mag revolver shooting .38 special. Later (when I win the lottery) a AR-15/M-4-like rifle and a 9mm or .40 cal pistol, for everyone!!!

Another item is from Shelley Rae, writing in an article titled "What Women Want," that I found in an article titled "Pink Guns (I’d Actually Shoot)" from a link at Say Uncle

Girls Guide to Guns - Home
Dudes, I suggest you check this site out, if all you do is read the article "Guest Post: How to Choose a Handgun"

Lastly, a podcast from Survival Podcast. I will say it again; Jack Spirko has many good ideas on prepping/survivalism.

Survival Podcast - The Time to Store Food is Now

Wednesday: 6 April 2011, Part 2

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Ol' Remus, at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report has some links I would like to point out to y'all.

First an interesting article. It seems, there are some guys leaving the rat race because they see that the race is rigged. At least that's my take on the article.

Jaded Haven - Leaving The Reservation

The next link, from Yer Ol' Woodpile Report, is a cautionary article about "money."

It would seem that skills, tools, and the basics might be a better investment then gold and silver, but I've said that before.

Club Orlov - Financial Totalitarianism

The last article is something you have heard before, too. Remember P.A.C.E.

Preparedness Pro - Behold the Manual Can Opener

Next up is an article from Ryan, at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest. He makes a good point about firearm accessories

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Discretionary Firearms Purchases and Modifications

Next up, an article from Mr. Dakin, over at Bison Survival Blog. Just in case you were feeling all warm an fuzzy about your preps.

Bison Survival Blog - More on Yuppie Scum

Lastly, the awesomeness of our galaxy, from io9, of course.

io9 - This is Why our Galaxy is Called the Milky Way!5788950/this-is-why-our-galaxy-is-called-the-milky-way

Wednesday: 13 April 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The first blog, I'm going to write about is Safely Gathered In. I have linked to this blog many times in the past; there is a reason for linking to them so much. Hannah, Abbie, and their guest columnists (Brittany, Aleasha, Sarah, and Tiffany) have many great posts on food storage and using food storage. Plus, they have pictures for most, if not all, of their recipes.

I forgot to mention; their recipes use food storage items!!!

Now, for the real reason I am mentioning them today. They have been writing a series of articles on how they and others store their food storage. It is an informative series of articles with pictures on using avaliable space to store food.

The link below is to the last article in the series with links to the other articles at the beginning.

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Hunt: Hannah

A couple of weeks ago, at least it seems that way, I linked to an article by Ryan over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest about boredom. Well Angela, from Food Storage and Survival, wrote an article about emergency boredom busters for children.

It is a great idea. I especially love the idea about taping a P-38 can opener to the bottom of the can.


If you don't have access to a can sealer, you could just use the plastic lids from coffee cans and a little bit of tape to securely seal the can.

Plus, make sure you read the comments at the end of the posts.

Food Storage and Survival - The Kid’s Emergency Boredom Buster Can

The last links, for today, are two blogs shared by Karin. The first blog is Karin's titled "The Bushcraft Wife Project." The blog has many neat posts. I particularly like the posts on items that have multiple uses such as dental floss, ziplock baggies, bandanas, and ...

The second link, provided by Karin, is another blog on bushcraft. The blog is titled "Bushcraft Plus" by Caleb. Caleb has many good posts with embedded video on his blog.

Thanks Karin for sharing with us.


When you visit Karin's and Caleb's blog, tell 'em thanks for their hard work.

The Bushcraft Wife Project - Home

Bushcraft Plus - Home

I have been writing about patrolling these last few weeks. Even though, I believe, it is an important skill, there are many other skills that I believe preppers and survivalists should know. Many of these skills can be learned through learning and practicing bushcraft.


Don't just focus on the current/future financial crisis because prepping and survivalism is about having a better life even if nothing happens. At least according to Jack Spirko, over at The Survival Podcast.

Wednesday: 20 April 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Normally, I don't highlight articles or links from Survival Blog because evvverybody reads James Rawles and et al.; however, I am going to start pointing out links to important articles. At least the ones I think are important.

Paul Brians: Common Errors in English Usage - Et al.

So here's the first link from Survival Blog, I would like to emphasize to you.

Casey Research - Keeping Capital in a Depression

In the above link, Mr. Casey mentions a book titled "The Alpha Strategy." I have provided a link to an explanation of the book and a link to the book, in pdf.

Financial Freedom - The Alpha Strategy: A Complete Explanation

The Bio-Rational Institute - The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley

The next link from Survival Blog is about an emergency medical manual and a .pdf of recommended austere medical care resources for the survivalist/prepper. Make sure you download the .pdf files from the second link in the article

Life Hacker - Download Emergency Medicine Manuals for Free!5791174/download-emergency-medicine-manuals-for-free

I would like to add some links to this article.

FAS - U.S. Public Health Service: The Ship's Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea

The next links are primarily for health professionals, such as doctors and nurses. I suggest downloading them, just in case, because you might have access to doctors or nurses that could use these references to study up.

Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments: Volume 1

Medical Aspects of Harsh Environments: Volume 2

The next two links are to the other titles in the the Textbook of Military Medicine series and to the USARIEM download page. The download page has some informative articles on other health issues.

Wikipedia - Textbooks of Military Medicine

United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine - Downloads

Wednesday: 20 April 2011, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I have been reading Suze Orman's books lately. She has a lot of good advice for the prepper/survivalist; however, her advice and recommendations are for "regular" times.

OK, that's not going the way I planned to start, so let's try again.

I have been reading different folks' predictions when the "collapse" is going to happen. Some folks say we have 50 years. Other folks say we have 5 to 10 years before the wheels come off this bus. Other folks are more pessimistic; they are predicting that we have less than 5 years to prepare. Lastly, there are folks saying that we have less than 2 months to get ready.

Well, James Dakin from Bison Survival Blog is imploring us to get ready sooner, a lot sooner, than later.

Bison Survival Blog - Panicking Late

Ryan, at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest, has two pieces of sage advice for us. The first article deals with not losing your focus. He reminds us that a lot of real-world events are long-term events.

I would like to second his advice.

The longer the possible economic collapse takes to happen; the longer we have to get prepared. But just like Mr. Dakin said, we need to be getting prepared, not waiting for the disaster to happen then get prepared.

The next article by Ryan doesn't have a link; it's just the date "Saturday, April 16, 2011"

In this article Ryan reminds us to watch those opinions, especially if someone is going to be making money off you and your family. He also makes a point about "core holdings" of precious metals (I think that should include the inexpensive copper coins, pennies and nickels) that I would like to expand on.

First, in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Era, poor folks/the lower-classes didn't have regular access to gold and silver; they normally had access to copper coins. The middle-classes had access to copper, silver and some gold coins, and the upper-classes had access to large quantities of silver and gold.

Next, silver and gold coinage could purchase all manner of tools, land, labor and ... to make life more profitable and easier, if spent wisely.

Lastly, if you and your family are planning for a multi-generational (many, many decades) or a very deep depression, you may want to save your silver and gold, instead of selling it as the price increases. Additionally, y'all may want to make buying silver and gold a priority the next time, if, it goes down to reasonable levels ($5 silver and $300 gold), again.

As always, remember my opinion on Buying Silver and Gold, especially at these prices

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - The Long Haul

Next up is an article from Ol' Remus, Yer Ol' Woodpile Report, about OPSEC.

Note: As of Sunday night, this link doesn't work. Ol' Remus may or may not fix it, so I include the link from the article for Apple Safari, Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, Opera and Twitter.

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - No. 211 - 12 Apr 2011

No Geolocation [Fred de Vries] - [02] How to Disable Geolocation in Specific Programs

Wednesday: 27 April 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

One of my brothers recently purchased some property; the property is going to be his family's "Summer Home." They, he and his wife, plan to improve the property over the next few decades and retire there. My brother is also planning a slightly different use; he is planning to use the property as a retreat, just in case.

Because of this recent purchase, we have been talking about caches. One method we have been looking into is buying then burying a septic tank. The water proof septic tank would be buried near a potential future home site as a cover story. The tank would be filled with 5-gallon buckets of food and other supplies. Because of the expense, we probably won't do this.

Another method, I learned about a couple of years ago, uses pallets to make the cache. A large hole is dug. A pallet is placed in the bottom of the hole then the sides are lined with pallets. The space created by the pallets is then filled with filled 5-gallon buckets. A final pallet is placed on top of the other pallets and covered with soil from the hole. any excess soil is removed or spread around the area.

The Epicenter has more details on this method in the article titled "Emergency Food Storage: The Pallet Root Cellar."

Needless to say, Wednesdays are about other bloggers ideas, so I want to point out an article by James Dakin at Bison Survival Blog. The article is titled "Fuel Cost."

Mr Dakin's idea is similar to The Epicenter's, but it uses 2X4s, plywood, and plastic sheeting. This cache idea is larger and could be used as an emergency shelter. He also has some recommendations on what to put in the cache.

The Epicenter: Tip o'da Week - Emergency Food Storage: The Pallet Root Cellar.

Bison Survival Blog - Fuel Cost

Wednesday: 27 April 2011, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Last week, Ol' Remus gave his take on the difference between a Prepper and a Survivalist.

According to Ol' Remus, a prepper is getting ready for the downside of good times while a survivalist is getting ready for the downside of bad times. (Sorry folks, for some reason, the link to last week doesn't work)

This week, at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report, Ol' Remus has two articles links; I would like to highlight.

The first is titled "Precious Metals Security." The article covers some of the basics of hiding your precious metals. His ideas could also be used to secure your other valuable stuff such as guns, knives, and ...

The next article, "A Guide to Looting ..." lays out a plan for how to loot. Needless to say, you will want to do more research on securing your stuff.

Accept The Challenge - Precious Metals Security

SHTF Plan - A Guide to Looting When the SHTF (and Your Counter-Strategies)

Wednesday: 27 April 2011, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Next up are two articles from different blogs about firearms.

The first article is a long, technical, and informative link about "Assault Rifles and Their Ammunition: ..." from Say Uncle. If you want, you can scroll down to "The Lessons" (about 3/4 of the way down) to read about the limitations of current rifles.

The next article is from Ryan, at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest. He writes about some of his "Random Thoughts on Rifles."

I would like to add my thoughts. First, you size the rifle to the person. My eldest daughter is never going to carry a FN FAL rifle, but her younger brother will carry one when he is older. That's why I like the SKS rifle; it is a good inexpensive compromise for almost everyone in the family.

Next, if you need to carry your rifle, you need at least three filled magazines with you. The only way to do that effectively is having LBE or a chest rig. I think the little pouches that you sling over your shoulder are a bad idea. You want the magazines to be easily accessible not flopping around on your shoulder.

Lastly, your need a no nonsense sling to carry your rifle, over your shoulder. The United States military black nylon silent sling, that has two metal slip buckles, that you can buy for less that $10 is a good sling. The single point, fancy two-point, and complicated three-point slings take training. Training that you may not have time for.

Anthony G Williams - Assault Rifles and Their Ammunition: History and Prospects

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Random Thoughts on Rifles

Wednesday: 27 April 2011, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

First up is a funny post from Sharon Astyk, at Casaubon's Book.

Casaubon's Book - On the Subject of the Previous Post: More Reasons to Stay Together in Tough Times

Next up is a quote I found at Safely Gathered In. Don't forget to check out last week's recipe, too.

Safely Gathered In - Motivational Monday

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Friday: Black beans & Quinoa

FerFAL has an article titled "Run to the Hills!! Now!! Just Run!!" at his blog The Modern Survivalist. Please make sure to listen to the video at this link becasue FerFAL has many good points in this post.

The Modern Survivalist - Run to the Hills!! Now!! Just Run!!

Lastly, to remind you of the wonder that this country, and many other countries, have to offer.

io9 - How to Spot the Space Station in the Sky!5795140/how-to-spot-the-space-station-in-the-sky

Wednesday: 4 May 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Many months ago, I mentioned our chickens. Well, we finally gave away our excess roasters. They went to a ranch; yes, a ranch; to help control flies. The rosters will run around with the cattle and eat the maggots that form from fly eggs laid in the cattle's poop.

Our remaining flock, two rosters and the thirteen hens, is let out of their pen for about 4 hours a day, through mid-Spring to early Fall. The colder parts of the year, they are let out to run around for about two hours. Because they hate the snow, we hardly let them out in the deep Winter.

The thirteen hens lay from 6 to 8 eggs, a day, and my partner is selling them for $2.00 a dozen at work.

So, we are finally seeing a profit (Not really, but we can wish ; - ) from the chicken flock.

To be truthful, the hens are starting to pay for themselves since they forage on bugs during the Spring/Summer, but they will probably never pay for their coop. Oh well, they are still fun to watch as they run around the yard at night.

Just to remind everyone, you only need hens to get eggs. You need rosters and hens to have baby chicks, so you can increase/replace your flock of chickens.

So, this leads to my first link for today.

Backyard Chickens - Home

The next link isn't really a link; it is a conversation Spartan and I had over the weekend.

Spartan has been overwhelmed these last couple of weeks. He bought a new tractor (new to him) and it has needed some work. He's been out to his family's summer home/retreat clearing the land of scrub brush and trash trees, using a buddy's skid steer. He's started a new project at work, and the list goes on. Plus, he wants to start a few other projects out at his place.

Well, I told him about an article that I read from Mother Earth News, many years ago. It could have been Backwoods Home, too.

But, back to my point.

The article suggested to start only one new project a year. The author made it a point to emphasize that there is a learning curve, and many new tools to purchase to be successful, in a new project.

Needless to say, Spartan laughed and asked why I didn't tell him that a few years ago.

Mother Earth News - Home

Mother Earth News has a CD/DVD archive that you can buy.

Backwoods Home Magazine- Home

Backwoods Home has print anthologies that you can also buy.

For $70, Mother Earth News is the better buy, money wise, but the magazine was kind'a freaky in the 80s and it's a CD/DVD. You will need a computer to use it and reliable electricity

The Backwoods Home anthologies are more expensive, but all you need is the ability to read and some light to access all that great information. Plus, if you don't have $200 for the special on the anthologies or $280 for the Whole Shebang, you can buy a yearly anthology every month for just $21.95.

Lastly, I was looking for my article where I originally mentioned the chickens. I couldn't find it but I did find a few links you might be interested in.

Aus - EMP Protection

Hardcore Preppers - Week 1.5 Communications

Hardcore Preppers - Alternative Power - The Many Uses for Ammo Cans

Wednesday: 11 May 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

It's official!!!

United States' government officials have stated that on May 15th and June 1st a possible disaster that can effect this whole country will start.

Mark your calendars folks because we have less than four days to get ready before the first potential disaster hits and less then three weeks for the second one to begin.

Don't believe me?

Here is the quote!!!

"Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th and also ends November 30th."

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: National Weather Service - National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center - Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week - Be Prepared

Wednesday: 18 May 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The first article for today comes from Sharon Astyk, at Casaubon's Book. It's kind'a a long read, but well worth the time.

Casaubon's Book - How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

No matter the disaster, including a Zombie Apocalypse, the basics will be needed, so check out this link from the Centers for Disease Control for a review. Thanks to Say Uncle for the link.

CDC - Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

Lastly, FerFAL, at The Modern Survivalist, wrote an article for another site on preparing for an economic collapse.

If you think, as I do, that the United States is headed towards an economic collapse, the article is a must read, today.

Chris Martenson - Preparing for Economic Collapse

Wednesday: 18 May 2011, Part 2

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Ryan, at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest, has a point.

TSLR - Stay At Home

MD Creekmore, at The Survivalist Blog, has a short list of his favorite blog, books, and products.

I especially like his three products, a knife (protection), a grain mill, and a water filter. Only the knife is inexpensive, about $20. Both the grain mill and the water filter were about $225, each.

What's cool, in this article, Mr Creekmore gives you a link to instructions to make an inexpensive water filter.

The Survivalist Blog - 22 of My Favorite Blogs, Books and Products

Lastly, I was researching the price for a Wonder Mill Junior Grain Mill, follow this link to find an authorized dealer, and I found an article at Food Storage Made Easy on the excuses of not storing long-term food storage.

What's great about this article, Jodi and Julie provide ideas to overcome these excuses.

Food Storage Made Easy - 4 BIG Food Storage Excuses: And how to overcome them!

Wednesday: 25 May 2011

Dear Friends, Family, and Guests:

I am still very much alive. The recent weather related disasters didn't kill me or my family; however, the havoc at work (because of the weather) has caused me to neglect the blog and you.


Thanks for understanding and I'll be calling to complain about all the overtime these last few days.

Enough snivelling.

First up is a quote (He says it a lot because it's important to remember) from Ol' Remus over at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report.

"Rule One: stay away from crowds"

This is important for the prepper/survivalist because crowds have a mind of their own. A group of law abiding people can quickly turn into a deadly mob, or they can easily turn into a panicked herd crushing each other as they try to escape from a perceived threat.

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - No. 217: 24 May 2011

The next quote is from James Dakin, at Bison Survival Blog.

"Be a gentle tree hugging farmer, ready to whip out a machine gun and smite the zombie biker attackers."

This is another illuminating article from Mr. Dakin that points out the logical faults in most peoples preps.

Remember, the "basics" first, then the "nice to haves," later.

Bison Survival Blog - Five Years

I  ignore  scan through the first one or two paragraphs in Mr. Dakin's articles.

Lastly, a link from Blacklisted News.

Blacklisted News - Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation

If you feel that these United States is having difficulty, you need to get involved.


Don't confuse the Patriot Movement with prepping.

Prepping/Survivalism is about getting ready for a disaster (Remember your "Threat Analysis") not about running around in the wood/cities killing federales.

Memorial Day: 30 May 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Memorial Day is a day to commemorate the men and women who died while in military service to these United States.

No one else

No police office hit by a drunk driver. No firefighter having a heart-attack on the job, and definitely no politician dying of old age, after 49 years in office. This also includes the veterans dying in their homes with the family gathered around.

Memorial Day is a day to remember those that will never grow old, always young in our memories, fallen during military service to this country.

So, on this day, please take a moment to remember those that have died in military service, rightly or wrongly, to these United States at 3:00 pm local time.

Wednesday: 1 June 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

These United States federal government has many agencies concerned with emergency preparedness. Most people know about FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), but most people don't know about the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) or the OPM (Office of Personnel Management)

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

The OPM has three guides. The first guide is for a federal employee's family. Even though you might not be a federal employee, the guide has some good tips that you will be able to use.

The next two listed guides are specifically for managers. The first one is a general overview of a manager's responsibility for emergency preparedness. The next manager's guide is for handling traumatic events.

If you are the head of a household, you might want to include the second guide in your reading list.

OPM - A Federal Employee's Family Preparedness Guide

OPM - Federal Manager's/Decision Maker's Emergency Guide

OPM - A Manager's Handbook: Handling Traumatic Events

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The next two links are the same thing. The first link takes you to the .html page for the guide, and the second link takes you directly to the .pdf file for the document. The last link is a list of management planning guides for businesses.

CDC - Guidance for Protecting Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks

CDC - Guidance for Protecting Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks

CDC - Emergency Preparedness for Business

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

The first link, for FEMA, is a short guide, about 12 pages. It is an overview about getting prepared for a disaster that you can send to friends, family, and coworkers. Be prepared for questions; it's short on specifics of what to stock.

The second link is to I am providing this link because the pages are translated into 12 different languages!

The last link is the complete .pdf of "Are You Ready?"

FEMA - Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now


FEMA - Are You Ready?

Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Lastly, here are two links from HHS. The first is the main site. The second group of links is one I found in the Individuals and Family section. It is titled "Emotional Health and the Flu." - Home - Emotional Health and the Flu

Wednesday: 8 June 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I'm optimistically pessimist. I think good times are coming down the pike, but there may be very, very bad times before than. It's just who I am.

One guy, who kind'a agrees with me is John Greer (more likely, I agree with him ; - ), and his recent post proves it.

All joking aside.

Mr. Greer makes a point about the times ahead will be different, so read his post and see what you think.

Archdruid Report - In The World After Abundance

Another thing about me; I love predictions. Here's one from Doug Casey writing a guest post over at Zero Hedge.

Pretty interesting and he's optimistically pessimist. Just like me!

Zero Hedge - Guest Post: Our Economic Future - From Best to Worst Case

Almost lastly, a post from last month by Charles Hugh Smith.

Of Two Minds - Don't Despair, It's The New Normal, Part II

Lastly, I believe that times are a changing, so we need to be ready to adapt to survive (and possibly thrive) in these new situations, and these three links give us an opportunity to explore new 'realities'

So make sure you read these links; even though, they don't give you and I a concrete answer to our questions about the future.

Wednesday: 6 July 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

One of the methods of building up your supplies is buying in bulk. One quick purchase allows you and your family to have a modest supply of certain items. Plus, you might save some money, if you shop wisely and buy what you use.

Free Money Finance - 10 Things You Should Always Buy in Bulk

And this leads to the next article.

Bison Survival Blog - Prep Compromise

Which leads to the next article

Of Two Minds Blog - July 4, 2011: The Cycle of Dependency and the Atrophy of Self-Reliance

And ends with this article

The Arch Druid Report - How Not to Play the Game

Wednesday: 13 July 2011
Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

"When someone threatens to kill you and your family--believe them."

Many years ago, I saw this quote, so I need for you to remember these words as you read the next few links.

Say Uncle - Killing Over Stuff
Note: Please make sure to read the links.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) - Death by "Gun Control"
Note: For the reality check.

Marko Kloos - Why the Gun is Civilization.
Note: Gay man, Black man, Jew, White couple, Muslim, and ... this article is for you.

Sorry folks for the short post, but it is sweet. Get it? Short and sweet ; - )

Ok, Ok, I'll say a little more.

There is the possibility that the next few years will see an increase in violent crime (Just read FerFAL at The Modern Survivalist) even in the "good" neighborhoods. As preppers and survivalists, we will need to be armed and trained (our family's, too) and ready to react to this violence. The best way to do that is to be armed and trained.

Remember! Armed first then trained.

I suggest a .38 special or .357 revolver, first. (with 50 rounds of semi-jacketed hollow points)

then firearms safety training for everyone in the family (trust me, eight-year old children can learn firearms safety)

then a SKS rifle (with 250 rounds of ammunition)

then just follow your spiral.

Wednesday: 15 June 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

One of the 'traps' Preppers and Survivalists fall into is getting distracted by guns, a lot (A whole lot!) because guns are easy to acquire, fun to talk about/show off/impress their friends.

Well, Chris Byrne over at The AnarchAngel has a great post on how to limit your firearms purchases.

It's a good read.

Thanks to Say Uncle for the link.

Anarch Angel Blog - The basic 3 (or 5, or 6, or 7, or 8) gun armory

For a very, very, very, long-term emergency, you and your family are going to need seeds because you will need to replenish your food supply.

Now, don't think you will be able to buy some seeds and just start a garden to feed your family after a long-term disaster. You are going to have to practice gardening/farming and seed-saving, now, before the disaster.

This isn't going as I wanted, so I just give you the link to the article.

Stealth Survival - Seeds for Survival: The Emergency Seed Bank

If you plan to purchase this "Emergency Seed Bank" please click through the link at Riverwalkers' blog. I think he'll get credit for the sale.

Lastly, a link to a guest article over at Bison Survival Blog.

SemperFido has some good points for you to ponder in this guest article.

Bison Survival Blog - Guest Article

Wednesday: 22 June 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Ryan, over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest, has a post (Yes, it's from last week) about some of his thoughts on physical fitness.

It's a good read.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Functional Fitness

Some of my thoughts.
- You and I don't need fancy equipment or a gym membership to get fit

YouTube - Fitness & Exercise Tips : Army Basic Training Exercises Military Fitness - Lose the Love Handles

- You and I need to start sooner than later because an emergency can happen at any time.

- You and I need to get a good nights sleep, every night

Next post is from Charles Smith at Of Two Minds.

I like Mr. Smith for many reasons. One of these reasons is I usually take something away from his complex articles that seem very simple. Take this one.

Corruption is common, in other nations.
- As we become poorer, people will need to find ways to supplement their income. Theft, bribes, and other wrong doing will increase.

Bribery, even though most people hate it, will be used to influence government officials, insure proper medical treatment from doctors, and change people's views.
- The rule of law will change to the rule of the connected/rich and it will be considered "normal," for a while.

Having an offshore banking account and a second home overseas will be sought after by government officials and the rich.
- When the people have finally had enough, the rich/government officials will flee the country, and the poor will inherit a broken country when the sh*t hits the fan (SHTF)
- If you have the cash and resources, you might think about having a bugout plan that includes another country with a local bank account for you and your family.

There is no guarantee the current situation will continue. To be in fact, the current situation can change relatively quickly to something no one/few will foresee
- So hold on because we might be in for a wild ride

Of Two Minds - Is 2011 the Present Era's 1979?

So far we have two theoretical entries for today, so to finish up let me leave you with a kind'a how-to article from American Prepper Network.

American Prepper Network - The Bug-Out Plan

Wednesday: 29 June 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The first article, that I will be highlighting, is from Riverwalker at Stealth Survival.

Riverwalker has a really good point in this article. Plus, you really need to teach this survival technique to your children.

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Tips: Leave A Note

M.D. Creekmore, at The Survivalist Blog, is having a non-fiction writing contest, and he has received many great articles. One of these articles is written by Edward R.

The Survivalist Blog - How To Build A Survival Fishing Kit That You Can Count On

FerFAL writing at his new site, The Modern Survivalist, has a relevant article about surviving a 'flash mob'

The Modern Survivalist - How to Deal with Flash Mobs

Wednesday: 20 July 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There is a famous saying, it least it's famous to me, that goes something like a 'A hungry man is an angry man.'

Ooops. Wrong saying.

It's really goes something like 'Man does not live by bread alone'

With that said.

A prepper or survivalist and her family (and his, too) should take time off from prepping. Below are some links to a few articles about inexpensive family outings.

The first two articles are from Free Money Finance and The Simple Dollar. The articles are about inexpensive family vacations and outings.

Free Money Finance - Ideas for Cheap Summer Vacations

The Simple Dollar - Eight Inexpensive Family Outings

These next two articles are a little more commercial.

Parenting - Family Activities: Cheap, Fast, Fun!

Grandparents - 10 Cheap Family Dates

Some folks will ask 'Why take time off because the collapse is soooo near?'

My answer.

We need a break. Plus, some of my most memorable childhood moments are the visits to the park with my father, in the middle of winter, sipping tea after a few hours of playing on the playground.

Sorry, got to go.

Wednesday: 27 July 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I can't remember if I told y'all. I was laid off, for half an hour, two weeks ago. (I was lucky)

OK. I remember. I told you.

Well, I am driving more, a lot more. To me that is wasted time, so I have started listening to some prepper/survivalist-type podcast.

Here are some, I have started listening to.

The Survival Podcast

The Preparedness Podcast

Doctor Prepper Show

Needless to say, I do not agree with everything these folks are saying. You need to make sure you and your family do some research before y'all implement any of these recommendations, including mine.

Wednesday: 27 July 2011, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

John Robb, over at Global Guerillas, has a link to an interesting on-line magazine called "Interesting Times: Survive and Thrive in the Cyberpunk Future of Today"

OK. It seems the magazine might really be called "Interesting Times: Survive and Thrive"

Or is it just "Interesting Times"

Either way it looks like it will be a good read.

Interesting Times - Home

Interesting Times - Download Page

Wednesday: 3 August 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Because of a contract nonrenewal, I have moved to a new location within the company, I work for. Well, you guessed it; I work with a newish prepper.

Now, he doesn't have a lot of food, so we talked about the Latter-day Saints. (No, I'm not a member)

For under a dollar a pound, the Latter-day Saints will deliver a case (33 pounds) of wheat to your door. The wheat will be packed in #10 (one gallon) metal cans for long-term storage.

The Latter-day Saints also sell white rice, pinto beans, and quick oats. They also have a starter kit (two cans of wheat, two cans of white rice, one can of pinto beans, and one can of quick oats. The starter kit also has three pamphlets on preparedness)

Later-day Saints - Online Store
Note: At the beginning, you will be asked for your preferred language. After that, do a search for "wheat, rice, beans, quick oats"

If you don't want to order online, you can mail your order to:

Distribution Services
1999 W 1700 S
Salt Lake City, UT  84104-4233

Make your check (I use U.S. Postal Service money orders) payable to the Corporation of
the Presiding Bishop.

There is No shipping charges, but you have to pay state sales tax for the following states

AL, CA, CO, CT, DC, GA, HI, ID, KS, KY, LA, MA, ME, MI, MS, NC, ND, NE, OH, PA, RI, SD, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI, WV, and WY.

It usually takes fourish weeks for my order to arrive. Remember, I mail my order to Distribution Services.

He also asked about how much food I have on hand. I told him it's a secret. (Remember OPSEC) but I told him the Latter-day Saints recommend a three month supply of regular food (the 'normal' canned, boxed, and bottled food) your family usually eats.

And long-term food storage.

Their past recommendations were:

365 pounds of wheat
100 pounds of Sugar
12 pounds of Salt
100 pounds Powdered Milk

The first three will last 25 years+ if stored in a cool, dry place. The powdered milk will only last 3 to 5 years if stored in a cool, dry place. Needless to say the food must be properly packaged, too.

Millenium Ark - Long-Term Food Storage, Page 3

Millenium Ark - Long-Term Food Storage, Page 1
Note: This link starts the articles on food storage.

Lastly, Stan and Holly have a very informative site

Stan - Home
Note: This link is to the home page. It has lots and lots of links to news-type articles/links.

Stan - New Files
Note: The left hand side has great links to a wealth of information.

Wednesday: 10 August 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

In the 90s, there were certain folks that worried about the 'jack-booted' thugs of the UN sending 'their' peacekeepers in to control these United States of America. Supposedly, they would take over the country to insure we payed our debts. ($4, 000, 000, 000, 000 in 1992)

Fast forward 20 years and a little hindsight, we know these folks were wrong.

We also know, now, that the U.N. peacekeepers suck as a military force.

Well, this article is not about the ineptitude of U.N. peacekeepers; it's about a handbook on military symbols that is available as a .pdf from the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG). The handbook covers the basic military maps symbols most preppers/survivalists would need.

Plus, the handbook is easier than FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Graphics to use

United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG) - United Nations Military Symbols Handbook

Riverwalker, at Stealth Survival, has an article on a do-it-yourself battery charger. It looks neat and easy to build. Plus, he reminds us about charging batteries in parallel, (which I didn't know) so make sure you read the article.

Stealth Survival - DIY Solar Battery Charger: Maximizing Your Solar Power Output

Wednesday: 17 August 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I'm going to suggest one link today. It is John Robb's blog Global Guerrillas. He has been doing a couple of things on his blog.

In early May, he started talking about The Second Depression (D2), community resilience, and providing links to a bunch of different stuff the serious prepper/survivalist might be interested in.

Trust me. You need to start at today's post and just start reading and clicking on the links.

Global Guerillas - Home

Wednesday: 24 August 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Needless to say, different folks have different opinions about prepping and survivalism. One such opinion, I found as a guest post at American Prepper Network from Westfalia.

American Preppers Network - Bug Out Bags for Women

Now, Westfalia has a blog at Sibi Totique. The writer has another post about urban bugout bags.

Sibi Totique - Urban Bug Out Bags

The two last articles are about the suggested weight of your child's/children's book bag. This information can be used to calculate the weight of your child's bug out bag. Plus, the second article has some suggestions on purchasing a book bag that can be used in selecting a bug out bag for your child.

Link: Ergonomics - Maximum Weight for a Child's Backpack

Kids Health - Backpack Safety


You thought you were going to leave the kids at home. They're going with you!

Plus, they need to practice those survival skills, just like Mom and Dad, or Mom and Mom, or Dad and Dad, or just Mom, or just Dad, or ... You get the point.

Wednesday: 31 August 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Beginning in September, I will be limiting my internet usage for the next month. I have taken this action to test my preparations in obtaining, accessing information, and just unplugging from the hype.

My absences from the internet will cause a little disruption to the blog. Monday's "Weekly Dose of Doom and Gloom" will be halted because it is usually limited to current threats. Wednesdays' articles will continue, but they will be from older articles found on my favorite blogs and newer blogs to me. Saturday's posts will also continue because I still have much more to say about preparedness.

The Survivalist Blog - Tactical vs. Strategic Shopping

The Survivalist Blog - The 5 must-read books for survivors in 2011

Daily Finance - What Your Disaster Preparedness Emergency Kit Is Missing

Troy Hunt - The science of password selection Finance - Financially Fit

Wednesday: 7 September 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Woooh, I deleted my post, and I just found out about it.

So I'm going to try and recreate it, but I might fail. Either way, here's another post, instead.

First up is an article from Angela, over at Food Storage and Survival. She wrote an article about 101 uses for empty #10 cans. Angela had 14 uses, but her readers had another 15 uses for empty long-term food storage #10 cans. If you have some good ideas, please, post them in the comments.

Remember OPSEC. Have a cover story when folks ask where you got all the #10 cans from.

Food Storage and Survival - 101 Uses for Empty Food Storage Cans

Next is a guest article from M. Roberts posted at The Survivalist Blog. He did some historical research to determine how long you and your family may have to use your food storage.

Needless to say, I don't have enough long-term food storage.

The Survivalist Blog - Estimating Food Storage Duration Based on History

Lastly, is a post about cornbread and beans from Crazy Cooter, at All the Federales

All the Federales - TEOTWAWKI Beans & Cornbread ...

Note: Eating cornbread brings back a lot of good childhood memories. That's one of the reasons we store popcorn in our long-term food storage; we like cornbread.

Remember! Store What You Eat and Eat What You Store.

PS. If you don't like that recipe try some of these from All Recipes

All Recipes - Cornbread

Wednesday: 14 September 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Sorry about that folks.

I've was finishing reading Full Black by Brad Thor instead of reading on the internet. A nice break.

The book, borrow it from the library, was a good overview of the vulnerabilities of these United States and other countries, too. It was kind'a like One Second After by William R. Forstchen short on 'how-to, but a great adventure novel.


The first link is from Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. better known as Grand Pappy. He has a very informative site. The site has a ton of practical information for you and your family.

Grand - The Basic Minimum Necessities for Survival During Hard Times

Before I write about the next link, I have to remind you. Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness is a blog about the basics of prepping. Once you and your family have read the archives (and did the prepping) I want you to move on to another blog.


If you don't like the style/content of the blog. Go find another prepping blog and get prepared.


The next article is from Tactical Intelligence. The article covers 10 sites about prepping.

Tactical Intelligence - Top 10 Most Influential Survival and Preparedness Blogs

There's so much information, in these two links; I going to stop now. Plus, I have to go.

Wednesday: 21 September 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The first two links for today is from The Simple Dollar and Backwoods Home Magazine

Why these two articles?

I believe food storage is the second (after water storage) most important thing a prepper's family can do.


We have to be prepared to use that food, so our families can survive.

The Simple Dollar - The Meal Library

Backwoods Home magazine - 7 Mistakes of Food Storage

The next article is from the current issue Backwoods Home Magazine

It covers a favorite subject of mine.

Backwoods Home Magazine - Stashing Junk Silver for Bad Times

Remember! (from a post way back in May of 2010)

"As you prepare, some people will tell you to buy gold and silver. I disagree, for the family just beginning to prepare. I say this for many different reasons.

One, you can't eat silver and gold.

Silver and gold will offer no nourishment for your family's hunger, only food will do that.

Two, you can't defend yourself with silver and gold.

Silver and gold will offer no protection against the rapist, looters, and robbers, only guns and ammo will do that.

Three, you can't drink silver and gold.

Silver and gold will offer no quenching of your thirst, only water that you have stored or treated will do that.

Lastly, why should I, or any other person, sell you food, water, guns, or the other necessities of life if all I have to do is wait for you to die and then take your silver and gold."

James Dakin, Bison Survival Blog, has a guest post by Survivordan; you might be interested in.

Bison Survival Blog - Guest Article

Wednesday: 28 September 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Before I highlight the three articles for today, I need to remind you of something.

I don't know it all. In fact, I believe, I know very little about prepping and survival.


I think you and I need to focus on the basics of prepping and survival, then research and learn from experts about such subjects as firearms, medicine, and ...


The first article is from Massad Ayoob. He is a very knowledgeable person about firearms and their use. In his recent article for Backwoods Home Magazine, he writes about fitting firearms to females.

Backwoods Home Magazine - Tailoring Guns to Females

The next three articles are (and there are many more) from Riverwalker, over at Stealth Survival.

Stealth Survival - The Best Survival Gun

Stealth Survival - The Survival Arsenal - The Pistol, the Shotgun and the Rifle

Stealth Survival - Guns and Gear

You Will Have to Wait a Little Longer (1 October 2011)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

I have enjoyed my time disconnected from the internet. It was interesting to obtain my daily news from the local paper and early morning news programs.

Needless to say, I still didn't accomplish my (long) list of things I wanted done. : - (

'Oh well,' as Eeyore would say.

But, I did accomplish somethings.

I attended an Appleseed shoot

Cleaned up around the house

Read a book or two

Played cards with friends


Basically didn't worry about the financial difficulties.

With that said, Charles Hugh Smith has an article you might be interested in.

The reason I am highlighting this article is because folks at work are very worried about a collapse of the economy because everybody (at least the 'Right') are pushing gold, food storage, and forecasting a collapse.

Of course, the folks at work aren't doing anything about it. No food storage, no water storage, no saving a little bit of cash at home. Just talk, talk, talk.

"Oh well"

Of Two Minds Blog - The Risks of Forecasting

I still have more to say about "It's Not That Easy (Shelter)," "It's Not That Easy (Shelter), Part Two," and especially "It's Not That Easy (Shelter), Part Three. I'm hoping to have more written with pictures by next Monday.

We'll see.

Wednesday: 5 October 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The first article, on this wonderful Wednesday, is from Hannah over at Safely Gathered In. She and her family have recently moved into a new home, to them, and she explores some possible areas for her food storage.

Plus, for you "handy" folks, she has a link to a tutorial on making shelves with wheels.

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage at Hannah's House

The next article is from Riverwalker, over at Stealth Survival. He has a great article on surviving "Black Friday."

No. Not the collapse of the financial markets, this Friday, he's talking about the day after Thanksgiving ; - )

Stealth Survival - How to Survive Black Friday

The last article is a guest post, by Southern Girl, for The Survivalist Blog. Her article covers some of Southern Girl's thoughts on building up her family's food storage.

It's a pretty neat idea.

The Survivalist Blog - Building your food storage 14 days at a time

Wednesday: 12 October 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Riverwalker, from Stealth Survival, has a review of an inexpensive water filter called the "Lifestraw."

It looks like a great addition to a GHB or BOB, if your travels/routes home will take you close to water.

Remember, after air and shelter, potable water is the first priority in survival.

Stealth Survival - Survival Gear Test - The Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

From a link at Say Uncle

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money - Every Picture Tells A Story

Lastly, it looks like The Modern Survivalist has gone defunked. : - ( You can still read FerFAL's comments on surviving an economic collapse over at Surviving In Argentina. : - )

Update: 15 October 2011
FerFAl was away, in these United States, so The Modern Survivalist is fixed now.

Surviving In Argentina - Home

The Modern Survivalist - Home

Wednesday: 19 October 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Before I begin, I have three things to say to y'all.

First, I am going to start deleting my old posts from 2008 and part of 2009, so you will need to read them and save those posts to your computer. You'll have about two weeks to save those old posts. Say, November 1, 2011 ish before they disappear

Next, everyone would love to be a member of a Special Forces (SF) A-Team during a disaster because they are some of the deadliest, well-trained, and most effective teams in these United States military, but it ain't gonna happen.

We are going to have the folks that we have. The sixteen year old bratty daughter/son, your old man with the 'new' wife, your deadbeat brother/sister-in-law with two hungry kids, and ... are going to be your team. You will have to make due with what you have that includes people.

Lastly, a piont most people forget or don't know, a SF A-Team has a butt load of support. They are taken care of by a Special Forces B-Team. These folks provide the beans, bullets, and band-aids that the A-Team use to accomplish their mission.

So, remember,

"Amateurs talk about strategy. Professionals talk about logistics."

Omar N. Bradley General of the Army (1950 - 1953)


Today' first link is from Say Uncle. As (almost) always it is a link to another blog.

Gun Nuts Media - Glock 21 vs M&P45

The next link is also from Say Uncle, but the others are from Cracked.

Link: - 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) - 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen - 5 Reasons You Secretly Want a Zombie Apocalypse

Lastly, there is no lastly this week. Just a "Have a Great Day"

Special Forces (United States Army)

Wikipedis - Omar Bradley

Take A Quiz, Please (21 October 2011)

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I love, not really, taking those online quizzes. I always giggle to learn something "new" about me.

Well, I found my favorite political quiz called "The Nolan Chart." If you have the time, please take the survey.

Nolan Chart - Survey

I have seen something like the Nolan Chart many years ago, pre-internet.

I have been, I am still, and I will always be a ...


I want to apologize to Allen Patterson, at The Whited Sepulchre and Say Uncle, for failing to provide a shout out for the link

I found the quiz from a link, at Say Uncle, to an article by Allen Patterson at The Whited Sepulchre.

The Whited Sepulchre - You might be a Libertarian

Wednesday: 26 October 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I have a few links for you today that you might be interested in.

First is a quick article from Ryan, over at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - Warehouse Raid

As I was reading the article, I checked out the comments. Since I was interested in who left comments, I clicked on their names, they're linked to their blogger profile page. When I went to Dustin Tarditi page, I noticed some blogs he follows. One of them was Survivology 101.

Needless to say, I checked out the blog, and Norseman has some good posts. I have linked to his home page and two of his posts.

Survivology 101 - Home

Survivology 101 - Ninja Shelter Video

Survivology 101 - Consider Community Education in Your Quest for Self Reliance

Wednesday: 26 October 2011, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Second is an article from Riverwalker, at Stealth Survival. In this article, at the link, Riverwalker makes a great suggestion on using a ...

You'll have to read the article.

Stealth Survival - Survival Resources - Broken Blades - Part One

I have done some metal cutting by hand, many times.

Like ammo and magazines for firearms, hacksaw blades are critical for the use of a hacksaw. So stock-up, if it's part of you and your family's plan.

Wikipedia - Hacksaw

Lastly, I like this type of mini hacksaw for small or close in work.

Kobalt 10" Mini Hacksaw

Yes, I ripped off the image from Lowe's that's the reason for the link ; - )

Wednesday: 26 October 2011, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Almost lastly, M.D. Creekmore has a guest post over at his site, The Survivalist Blog

I would like to thank Michael C for the article. It's very useful.

The Survivalist Blog - Solar Projects that You Could Do

I had seen, many yeas ago, a plan for a similar "Medium System," but it was a smaller system. Instead of a wooden box, it used an old plastic cooler to hold the batteries, had only one battery, and one photovoltaic panel.

Wednesday: 26 October 2011, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Ol' Remus has a look at ...

Yep, you're going to have to go over to Yer Ol' Woodpile Report to read Ol' Remus' thought on the coming hyperinflation.

Yer Ol' Woodpile Report - Woodpile Report 239: 25 Oct 2011

There is a time limit on Ol' Remus' articles, so you better head on over, right now.

Wednesday: 2 November 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There has been a bunch of different disasters, in the news, these last few weeks.
Flooding in Cambodia, Thailand and Italy, an earthquake in Turkey, a hurricane/typhoon in the Philippines and Mexico, and ...

In all of these disasters, especially Turkey, shelter has been the #1 priority.

In some disasters, we (you and your family) are going to have access to human-made material to improvise some type of shelter. In other types of disasters you and your family are going to have to improvise shelter from natural material.

Doug Ritter, over at Doug, has a neat pocket survival guide that you can print and carry in your Bug-out Bag, wallet/purse, or brain. (If you study, remember, and practice the shelters and techniques described in the guide)

Doug Ritter - Pocket Survival Pak Instructions

I also found a blog called Survival Resources on Word Press that had some neat videos on improvised shelters.

Survival Resources - Home: Archive for Improvised Shelter

Just so you know, I went to The Guardian website to refresh my memory about some of the recent disasters, I mentioned.

The Guardian - Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

Lastly, James Dakin has an article on his top twenty ...

Yep, you guessed it. You're going to have to head on over to Bison Survival Blog to find out Mr. Dakin's top twenty ...

Bison Survival Blog - Top Twenty Fiction

Some of the disasters we (you and your family) are preparing for have never happened in our life times. Monetary Depression, Hyperinflation, Super-volcanoes, Zombie Apocalypse, and ... to name a few. Reading fiction will allows us to explore possible situations we may face.

Always remember ...

These are fictional accounts, so the characters will always act according to the authors desires. During a real disaster, the actual people you meet, live with, work with, and ... will act according to their desires and needs.

In other words, your partner may shoot you when that pretty maid/handsome hunk throws themselves at you for some beans and rice.

Wednesday: 2 November 2011, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The next two articles are about the 'Thinking" side of prepping/survival.

The first article is from Daily Finance.

Daily Finance - The 4 Emotional Traps That Are Really Making Americans Miserable

The next article is from Riverwalker, over at Stealth Survival.

Stealth Survival - Survival Resources: Innovative Thinking for Survival

Wednesday: 9 November 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Don't F*ck with Kittens
Like most people, I love kittens; they are soooo cute.

Well, it seems kittens can be deadly.

Needless to say, after a disaster, pets and other animals will be running around loose. We'll have no idea if these animals have had their rabies vaccinations and other shots.

Wired: Danger Room - Pentagon Launches Offensive Against Puppies, Kittens

Needless to say, at approximately 2:00 pm EST, the National Alert System will be tested. The test will last about one minute.

As always, some folks are shouting about the fact that these United States federal government can 'seize' control of the airwaves. Duh. The federal government has always been able (at least in the past 60 - 70 years) to control our access to radio and television signals. It's called jamming.

What's the big deal? ...

Oops. Sorry, I was getting into politics. Back to prepping.

So as preppers and survivalists, it is important to have a shortwave radio, so you and your family can have a method of receiving information during a disaster. If you have more money (and the time) you can obtain a ham licence.

Make sure you buy a battery-powered radio.

National Journal - Test Broadcast of Government's National Warning System Set for Wednesday - Selecting a Shortwave Radio

Guitar and - Shortwave Radio: Radios

Ham - ABC'S of Shortwave Radio Receivers: Shortwave Receiver Reviews Worldband Radio

By the way, I was more worried about this.

Wall Street Journal - Asteroid to Just Squeeze Past Eart

I had three days notice for this event. Three Days!

Wednesday: 16 November 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

You can tell when you're getting old; the time flies quickly by. Well, Abbie and Hannah, at Safely Gathered In, reinforced that point, this week. They have two posts, one from when they first started the posts "Food Storage Friday" back in 2008 and another for the up coming holidays.

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Friday from the Archives: Rosa Pasta

Safely Gathered In - Preparedness Gift Guide

The next article is from Angela, over at Food Storage and Survival. She has some suggestions on what to carry in the trunk of your car since it's getting cold and wintry, again.

Food Storage and Survival - 11 Trunk Essentials for Winter Preparedness

I would like to recommend a place for you to get your polypro long johns, Sierra Trading Post. They have them in three weights, lightweight, medium weight, and expedition weight.

In my experience, the lightweight polypro is good to about 20°F (-6.6°C), but I dress in layers (a pair of canvas Carhartt bibs and a light jacket over my clothes with a stocking cap and gloves) and I am doing physical labor. When it's warmer, around 35F (1.6°C), you'll see me wearing my jacket, gloves and a stocking cap, with lightweight polypro long johns of course.

For my wife, the lightweight is good for her work because the boss keeps it cool in the building during the winter.

I have never used the medium weight polypro except for trying them on. My wife wears them in the winter when we go out to her Mom's house to work in the yard.

I have worn expedition weight polypro, only once, while I was in the US Army. They were very warm, too warm for me.

Now, these polypro long johns from Sierra Trading Post are advertised as 'seconds.' Let me tell you; the only thing I see wrong with them (I have been buying and my wife has been wearing Wickers polypro from Sierra Trading Post off and on for over ten years) is the colors aren't true.

My recent order, (I ordered 4 sets of lightweight and 4 sets of medium weight women's polypro long johns) the tan lightweight sets looked grayish tan, and the berry medium weight polypro sets looked more reddish then berry to my wife. Plus, the sets don't match exactly, color wise. But who cares, no one will see them except me ; - )

By the way, I paid about $188 that included shipping for that order.

Sierra Trading Post has a lot of other stuff, too.

Sierra Trading Post - Home

Sierra Trading Post: Search - Wickers

NOAA - Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Wednesday: 23 November 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The Telegraph has an article titled a "Survival Guide to Global Meltdown."

It's a neat article. Good advice, if you are trying to survive financially. If you're planning to eat, drink, or ..., not so good.

The Telegraph - Survival Guide to Global Meltdown

I linked to this article to give you an idea of what some folks are planning to do for a financial collapse. Needless to say, they're not preppers/survivalists.

Next are two articles from Riverwalker at Stealth Survival.

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Meals: The Advantages of Soup for Survival

Stealth Survival - Simple Survival Meals: The Advantages of Sandwiches for Survival

New Prepper Rip-Off of the Day
Be careful, people are trying to relieve unsuspecting preppers of their money for information; they (your friends and family) can get for free, from Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness and many other prepper blogs on the internet.

Don't believe me? Read the ad.

37 Critical Items -

#1 critical item - probably nonperishable food, but we all know it's shelter, water, then food, ...


The 'report' probably never talks about guns, medical, communications, or ...

Wednesday: 30 November 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Organizing Your Recipes
One of my 'competetors' for the number one spot at Google for the search term "Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness" is Food Storage Made Easy. Well, they have a good article on how to organize your food storage recipes.

Food Storage Made Easy - How to Organize Your Recipes

Hay Box Cooker
Angela over at Food Storage and Survival has a great how-to article on building a nifty, neaty Wonderbox cooker.

This is a must download and printing for the Survival Bible

Food Storage and Survival - Building a Wonderbox Style Insulated Cooking Box

There are many more resources for the Wonderbox cooker.

Kathryn Pratt has another version with some recipes at the bottom of the page, in the document section.

Kathryn Pratt's Wonder Box Pics

Wednesday: 7 December 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Good Point
The first link is from Riverwalker, at Stealth Survival.

Always remember, it's all about you and your family's plan.

Stealth Survival - Personalized Prepping: Part One, Doing It Your Way

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
.., weapon, shelter hold-down, boat anchor, exercise weight, cover (from rifle fire, if big enough), water heater, fire ring, ...

Needless to say, another thoughtful article from Riverwalker at Stealth Survival.

Stealth Survival - Improvising for Survival: Thinking in the Survival Mode

Injured or Killed
Here's one from FerFAL over at The Modern Survivalist

The Modern Survivalist - 10 Survival Tips that will get you Killed.

Wednesday: 14 December 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Christ's Mass Giving and ...
'Tis a few more days before Christ's mass, and Angela, from Food Storage and Survival, has some ideas for preparedness stocking stuffers.

Food Storage and Survival - 14 Great Emergency Preparedness Stocking Stuffers

Note: Angela has another article you might be interested in and a useful tip, too.

Food Storage and Survival - Survival Food Storage Over The Water: How The Europeans Do It

Food Storage and Survival - Preparedness Quick Tip: Frozen Multi-Purpose Water Storage

Non-Fiction Writing Contest Entries
Similar to James Rawles, M.D. Creekmore has a lot of different folks writing articles for his blog, The Survivalist Blog.

He has two that I would like to point out to ya. The first one is from JD, and the second article is from Jason in Virginia

The Survivalist Blog - Preparedness Containers

The Survivalist Blog - Tips for Securing Your Bug-In Location

Tech and You
Riverwalker, over at Stealth Survival, has an articles y'all might be interested in.

Stealth Survival - Prepping and Self Reliance: Limiting Your Dependence on Technology

Have You Read ...

The Archdruid Report - What Peak Oil Looks Like

Wednesday: 21 December 2011

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Depending on where you live, Winter officially starts today or tomorrow.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but Winter officially starts at 9:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) tonight or 12:30 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) very early tomorrow morning.

Either way, Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Enough, merry making.

The first few articles I would like to point out are from Global Guerrillas. John Robb recently has been writing about building a resilient you, by creating a global brand.

Global Guerrillas - Why you need a Global Brand

Global Guerrillas - Example: Personal Brands and Resilience

Global Guerrillas - Question: How do you leverage a personal brand?

What He Said!!!

Wednesday: 21 December 2011, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Winter Storm Safety
Yes, this post is a little late, but it is the first day of Winter ; - )

So, let's get going.

The American Red Cross has a .pdf for a "Winter Storm Safety Checklist."

Red Cross - Winter Storm Safety Checklist

Winter Weather Preparedness
The National Weather Service has a site, paid for with your federal taxes, with a neat slide show on "Winter Weather Preparedness."

National Weather Service: Western Region Headquarters - Winter Weather Preparedness

Extreme Cold
Lastly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a webpage with a couple of links; you might be interested in. Plus, they have a .pdf titled "Extreme Cold: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety."

Centers for Disease Control and Prepvention - Extreme Cold: A Prevention Guide to Promote Your Personal Health and Safety

Please replace the cat litter, that you use for traction on snow and ice, with coarse sand. Clay cat litter turns to mud, mud, mud on contact with water.

Don't believe me.

A few years ago, A young lady was stuck on a sheet of ice. I put down some cat litter and it turned to mush, providing no traction, when she tried to drive over it. If some guy hadn't of had some sand, she would still be stuck.

Remember: Clay (cat litter) plus water equals mud.

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