Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday: 4 March 2015, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

West Midlands Police

You and your family's first firearms will need cleaning, during an event.

YouTube: Humans4targets2 - How To Clean A Revolver

And, ... The SKS Rifle, too

YouTube: - Russian SKS - Complete Overview, Disassembly, Reassembly, and Cleaning Tips

YouTube: BJCN100 - Preventing Slam-Fires with the SKS Rifle: How to clean your bolt and keep your firing pin healthy 

1911 and Glock
Sorrrry, it's not a video, but here's one for you folks that have purchased the most popular pistol for preppers ; - )

Maddened Fowl - 1911 and Glock Maintenance

Wednesday: 4 March 2015, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

National Library of Norway

Most of us, at least me, never really think about the cold. Yeah, I might check the weather forecast on my weather alert radio, dress for the walk from the apartment to the car, and other simple things, but that's it.

Well, ... If you're going to be out in the cold, even for a few minutes, you need to consider the windchil.

National Weather Service - Windchill Chart

Wednesday: 4 March 2015, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

drawing by

Just Not for Water
There is much to like about this article.

Except for, ...

Do Not, Don't, Never apply WD-40 or hairspray to a plastic bottle (storage container) that you plan to store water, food, or other items; you and your family are going eat or drink.


The WD-40 will go through the plastic contaminating your food.

In other words, it's like storing your food in a used oil bucket.

Or, ...

It's called penetrating oil for a reason!

The Survivalist Blog: Dallas S - Plastic pop bottles a cheap and effective prepper food storage container

Wednesday: 4 March 2015

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Irish Defence Forces

Former Republic of Yugoslavia
Scout, one of my brothers, served in these United States Army. One of his deployments sent him to Yugoslavia, with KFOR.

While he was there, they rescued a child from a minefield.

Yeah, it's the classic (made for t.v. movie) child chasing a ball into an open field. Mom walks out, sees her kid in the minefield, and shouts for him to stop moving. She flags down a passing convoy that proceeds to rescue the child.

Yeah, they rescued the kid's ball, too ; - )

And, ... Located some weapons caches, thanks to the grateful locals.

So, what does this have to do with you and your family?

Personal Libery - One Year in Hell

Survival Monkey - Sarajevo Survival Guide (excerpts)

You might be able to borrow a copy of the book from your local library or through the inter-library loan program : - )

I haven't looked at this site to 'mine' for information, so you're on your own, for now.

If you plan to sign up, you might want to open a burn e-mail account with Yahoo: Mail, MSN: Mail, or Google: Mail ; - )

SHTF School - Home

A burn e-mail account allows you to remain anonymous, especially if you use an assumed name

And, ... Avoid spam, too.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Volume One Number Nine

Oriental Landscape (ca 1918)
painting by
Jazeps Grosvalds

Jāzeps Grosvalds was born April 24, 1891 in Riga, Latvia. From an early age, he was educated in foreign languages, piano play and painting. 

After serving one year in the Russian Imperial Army, in a cavalry regiment, Jāzeps Grosvalds studied at several private academies, in Paris.  He was able to immerse himself in the flourishing art scene of the time, studying both modern art as well as the masters. 

With other rebels (Konrads Ubans, Voldemars Tone and Aleksandrs Derevins), Jāzeps Grosvalds was determined to create something new; an exciting, challenging Latvian art movement. 

In 1915, he was mobilized by the Russian army as a cavalry officer. After Imperial Russia withdrew from the fighting of WW I, Jāzeps Grosvalds joined the British army.

As an officer in the British Expeditionary Group, he traveled through Arabia, Persia and the Caucasus. His experiences were documented in more than a hundred paintings and drawing.

In the summer of 1919, Jāzeps Grosvalds was demobilised. He joined the Latvian delegation at the  Paris Peace Conference.

Jāzeps Grosvalds died from Spanish flu in February 1, 1920 in Paris.

You Have Ten Minutes
I want you and your family to leave your home, right now! Get the children dressed, grab your warm coats and emergency evacuation kits, and leave the house. You have ten minutes and that may not be quick enough.

Oooh, ... Don't forget your handgun, if it's legal.

If you're planning to take the family vehicle, I want you to get in the car and go for a drive to a local park, not the mall, hospital, fire station, school, or other place that could be a target.

If you're taking public transportation, I want you and your family to take the train, bus, tram, Underground, or ... to your 'retreat,' but don't go there. Go to a local park, if it's safe.

Either way, after you arrive, I want you and your partner to let your children run around and have a good time for half an hour, forty-five minutes, or whatever works for you and them. While the children play, I want you and your partner to 'pull security' by looking around, observing people, and bein aware of your family's surroundings.

After the thirty minutes is up, I want you to give your children a snack and drink from your emergency evacuation kit. No cheating by buying a drink and snack from a gut-truck, snack joint, or other food vendor.

That's it.

Now go home and start asking a bunch of questions.

First, I want you to be truthful with yourself. Did you and your family leave the house? Did your partner make excuses about not wanting to leave? How about your children? Did they go with you?

Next, were you and your family able to carry your emergency evacuation kits? Easily? Did you stick out with the camouflage backpacks? Or, did you blend in with the solid 'earth-tone' colored backpacks?

Next, did your children and partner like the snack? If not, why? How did the drink taste? Did you add something to your water? Or, drink it plain? Would a hot drink have been better such as tea, hot chocolate, or coffee?

Lastly, what would you change?

 Things You May Want to Think About

Ahead of the Crowd?
It seems Jews in France, Britain, and other areas of the world are making plans to leave their home country and emigrate to foreign shores. I wonder if that's because the Muslim populations have increased in these countries.

How small can you go?
A smaller home means less stuff to buy, less heating or cooling to provide, and less work to clean.

During an event, your children are going to be in more danger than you and your partner, combined.

So, ... They will need to listen to you.

A 'Poser' is a Poser. No Matter Who They Are!
When Brian Williams was being outed as a possible "Poser," I listened to his explanation, giving Mr. Williams the benefit of the doubt, because it sounded good.

And, ... I applauded when Mr Williams was suspended by CBS from his position as a newsreader, and again when Mr Williams took it like a man.

Now, Mr. William (Bill) O'Reily is being outed as a possible poser. What does he do? He threatens the reporters, 'spins' the article into a conspiracy, and acts like a jerk.

Well, ... Argentina wasn't a war zone, so that makes you a 'Poser,' Mr. O'Reily.

Truth in Reporting:
I don't watch Fox News Channel or "The O'Reilly Factor" because, I feel, they are too liberal in their views, just like CBS, NBC, NPR, and ex certra. Plus, I feel that Bill 'Poser' O'Reily is a fake libertarian.


"There’s no reason why such a pastiche of technologies from different eras couldn’t work."

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

"Get Out, Secure Your Location, Defend Yourself"

"We are no better off than India" (Part Two)

"... the ATF will now be authorized to seize property related to alleged drug offenses and initiate administrative forfeiture proceedings all on its own." (Say Uncle)

That's Just the Way it Was

New York City (ca 1936)