Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,


Move Along
Nothing to see here.

Maybe, ...

Packing Your Bag
So far, we have assembled some items for the emergency evacuation kit.

So, ...

Let us pack them in the bag.

First, I'm going to need some waterproofing for the gear. A few plastic zipper bags and one or two big plastic bag will work. Most folks use ziplock freezer bags, gallon and quart size, and those black, thick contractor plastic trash bags.

Triple Antibiotic in plastic zipper bag,
with usage instructions from original package
Now, this waterproofing serves two purposes. First, keeping your gear dry from rain, snow, and dew. Second, keeping your gear dry from your other gear.

Take first-aid supplies.

The triple antibiotic is inside a plastic tube that could possibly leak if punctured.

To prevent it from leaking all over your stuff, it is placed in ziplock baggie, rolled up, then placed in another baggie with its dosage instructions.

Needless to say, most of the air is removed from the baggies to prevent the baggies from bursting, if squeezed too hard.

Ooops, there is a third reason for waterproofing your stuff. To waterproof critical items like fire making material and medical supplies.

I apologize about the blurry pictures. I was experimenting with new setting on the camera.

After all the supplies that are critical to your survival and could possibly leak are waterproofed, you need to take everything and place it on your bed. Yep, your bed, or the floor, or a work bench, or the dining room table, or other large flat surface, or ...

Doing this helps you get organized.

Next, you want to load (pack) your bag. Depending on your emergency evacuation kit bag, will determine how you pack the bag.

Some folks are going to use an old suitcase. That's fine, but it's going to suck carrying it, traditionally. If you can improvise a pack strap system, you could carry the suitcase like a backpack.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent.

Like a purse, satchel, or zipper duffel; the suitcase is loaded laying flat. Since the suitcase isn't very deep, everything will be easy to get to. Not so for a backpack.

So, ...

For a backpack, you and your family are going to pack little used items, such as sleeping bags, tents, and other supplies in the very bottom. In the middle, are more commonly used items, and at the top are the most frequently used supplies.

Depending on the bag, you may or may not have pockets on the outside of your pack. The pockets will hold critical items, such as loaded magazines, claymore mines, hand grenades, or ... ; - )

Just kidding. Maybe.

Really, the outside pockets would hold your wet weather gear, liquid fuel bottles (if you carry that stuff), water treatment equipment (water filter, water purifying chemicals), and other critical, frequently used supplies.

If I have a chance, I will add better pictures.

REI - Backpacks: How to Load

Wild Backpacker - How To Pack a Backpack

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday: 30 July 2014, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Malcolm Koo
CC-BY-SA 3.0

All I have to say 'There is the possibility; it won't be easy'

The Survivalists Blog: Contributor - Haven’t Bugged Out Yet? Then This Is Probably How You’ll Die

Read the whole thing

As Ryan notes, in this article, camping and bugging out is different.

Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest - RE: Camping After The Collapse

Wednesday: 30 July 2014, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,


Latin America
With illegal immigrants in the news, I was reminded of a conversation; I had with a colleague, many years ago. She mentioned her disdain for 'Mexican' restaurants in these United States.

Her reason?

They served beef, chicken, and shrimp in their meals.

Later, she explained that traditional Mexican food was based on beans because they are so poor.

Who knew?

What's Cooking - Dried Beans: How to Cook and Use Dried Beans

Five Dollar Dinners - How to Cook Dried Beans

Utah State University: Extension Service - Cooking with Food Storage Ingredients: Dry Beans

Wednesday: 30 July 2014, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

James Gillray

Saving Money
You and your family need to save money, purchase more supplies, and extend your existing supplies

One way to do all three is to ...

ReThink Survival - 10 Ways to Use Less of Stuff We Use Everyday: Frugal Fridays

Not What You Think
A financial collapse, I think, won't bring 'blood in the streets' to most neighborhoods 'cause you and your family live in a nice place, at least most of us.

So, ...

Everything you own will still be there, including your home.

Now, ...

A lot of families already know this. Plus, they know; they'll probably never be able to move, so they're updating their home; or they're fixing up their home, getting the house ready to be sold.

Either way, ...

Len Penzo - 19 Tips for Saving a Bundle of Money on Home Appliances

Living Like the Rich
A couple years ago, one of the recent crop of movie stars was talking about his family's sheets.

Yeah, bed sheets

He, being a 'poor' kid, never had really nice sheets and blankets, so he and his wife went out and bought 1000 count sheets. He loved 'em.

Well, ...

Len Penzo - Why High Thread Count Sheets Are Usually a Waste of Money

Advertisements are everywhere, even at GSIEP, telling you need this and your need that.

Of course, you don't. You and your family can survive without all those fancy 'toys'  such as pistols, semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines, hi-tech backpacks (for emergency evacuation kits), four-wheel drive (fuel guzzling) pick-up trucks, and many other items.

Plus, more likely than not, a collapse isn't going to happen.

So, ...

You might as well get a good nights sleep and save money doing it ; - )