Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (.22LR Revolver for Anonymous)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
James Case

I Apologize
I had the wrong date set for this blurb, so here you go.

.22LR Revolver
For the folks that don't read the comments, a reader recently experienced a burglary. The villains stole various items, "food, silverware, dishes, and appliances"

And, ... Their sense of security

Because of this experience, the reader, Anonymous, is thinking about purchasing a .22 LR caliber revolver.

Now, Anonymous says they (He or She) are looking at purchasing a new 10 round .22LR revolver from Smith & Wesson. They didn't say which model so I used a little 'google fu' (Thanks to Say Uncle for teaching me that term ; - ) to search for 'Ten Round .22LR Revolver from Smith&Wesson' which returned ...

S&W Model 617 and a review from Tanner's Gun Reviews with a YouTube Video from 1957Shep

At a suggested retail price of $829, it's an expensive revolver and the only one I found from Smith & Wesson.

So, ... I went looking for other ten round .22LR revolvers and found ...

Ruger Single Ten and a review from American Rifleman with a YouTube video from Haus of Guns

And, .. That's it. All the other .22LR revolvers are eight or six rounds, and some of them are more expensive then the S&W Model 617.

But, ... Like me, Anonymous has a budget. I don't know what it is, but (for me) less expensive is better when the quality is similar.

So, ... Here are some other .22LR revolvers that hold six and eight cartridges from ...

S&W Model 317 and a review from All Outdoors with a YouTube video from Harry Ruger-Six

S&W Model 43 C and a kind'a review at Smith & Wesson forum without a YouTube video

Ruger LCR Model 5410 and a kind'a review from Major Pandemic with two YouTube videos from Gun and Hickok45

I have to stop for now, so make sure you watch the Hickok45 video. Like all the other articles and videos, Hickok45 has a lot of great things to say about using a .22LR revolver for defensive purposes.

.22LR Revolver for Defense
With all that I have written about the choices for .22LR revolvers, there is still more to say.

First, I suggest a revolver that the cylinder swings out because it's easier to reload instead of one with a loading gate.

Next, I suggest a double action (DA) or a single action/double action (SA/DA). A double action only (DAO) is preferred because you will only train with it in double action.

Remember: You don't arise to the occasion. You fall to your level of training. So, ... If your training sucks, you will suck

Next, shoot a hollow point (HP) cartridge over a full metal jacket (FMJ) or lead round nose (LRN) cartridge. With that said, FMJ and LRN cartridges will hurt or kill someone, too

Next, shot placement is very important, especially using a .22LR revolver.

So, ... picture a "T" with a "O" just above the "T." The "O" is someone's head, the cross bar of the "T" is someone's shoulders and the tail of the "T" is the person's spinal column. You want to shoot the villain from the navel, in a straight line up (the tail of the "T") to the head (the "O" on top of the "T") with multiple shots.

Or, ... You just shoot into the persons head, but that is difficult from a distance, even 10 feet, under stress.

Lastly, you need to try and use a larger cartridge such as a .38 Special, 9mm, or even the .357 magnum revolver.

22LR Revolver, Part Two
By now, some of y'all have gone 'Ouch!' on the prices for revolvers from Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and others.

Well, ... You can always go 'previously owned' or better known as a used revolver. You will need to search you local firearms dealers, pawn shops, talk to friends, and visit the on-line dealers such as Guns America, Gun Broker, Guns International, and others.

Just So You Know:
According to WeaponsMan, Gun Broker caved to protests when they tried to sell George Zimmerman's Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol

Another option is purchasing a new .22LR revolver from another manufacturer, such as Taurus, Astra, Harrington & Richardson, or some of the other low cost companies.

Just a Little More
Sorry to tell you this, but ... As you get older, you get weaker.

This means your current defensive pistol, that you're currently able to rack the slide to chamber a round, may become difficult or impossible to shoot. The double action only (DAO) revolver, (with a heavy trigger) that you can shoot, may become impossible to effortlessly squeeze the trigger. This also means the large caliber pistol's or revolver's recoil may become impossible to handle.

So, you (in your 'old' age) may have to switch to a .22LR semiautomatic like the PPK, a .32 caliber Seecamp LWS pistol, or a ... (since we're talking about revolvers ; - )

American Rifleman - Rock Island M206 .38 Special Revolver - Armscor M200 Series Revolver Review

YouTube: FreakinPeanuts - Rock Island M206 .38 Special Review

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday: 25 May 2016, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The Money Changer (ca unk)
painting by
Rudolf Ernst

Saving Money
I have never heard anybody say they had enough money during an event.

America Saves - Saving on a Tight Budget

Financial Literacy
After saving money, you need to know how to be ...

Kiplinger: Wealth - 3 Things You Must Know to Be Financially Literate

Wednesday: 25 May 2016, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Photograph by
Gunnery Sergeant Jay Browne

A .22 Caliber Revolver
Learning about firearms is interesting, like ...

Germania International - Hitler's Gun of Destiny

One, Two, Three, or Thirty
I disagree with this list. First, it should be a concealable revolver or pistol (I can change my opinion. Can't I?) for everyone in the family. Second, it should be a defensive rifle (The SKS, if you must ask) for everyone in the family.

Then, ... You have to decide for yourself ; - )

The Prepper Journal - The Best Prepper Guns List – Must Have Weapons for SHTF

Once everyone in the family has a concealable handgun and a semiautomatic rifle, I would stop buying firearms and stock up on ammunition.