Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Airman 1st Class Daniel Hughes

Three .22LRs
After purchasing a handgun and a rifle for everyone in the family (.357 revolver and SKS rifle). I suggest your family purchase at least one .22LR rifle for the family. This rifle can be used to teach folks proper firearms safety and shooting techniques. Plus, it can be used to hunt small game.

Oh, ...

It can be used to shoot people, too.

Bolt action .22
There are many makes and models of the .22 bolt action rifle. They range in price from free (I received one from by dad), less than $200 (a used one), to many hundreds if not thousands of dollars (used and new).

My hand me down rifle is a Winchester model 67. It is a simple single shot .22 that can shoot short, long, and long rifle cartridges.

Winchester .22LR Rifle with Scope

It has a scope mounted to the rifle, probably about a 4X. It is the first firearm, I ever shot, badly.

Model 60
My sub-$200 rifle is a used Marlin model 60. It is a semiautomatic rifle that can only shoot .22LR cartridges.

Marlin Semiautomatic .22LR Rifle

The Marlin model 60 has a tube magazine under the barrel that holds 14 cartridges.

The Marlin model 60 is an often overlooked rifle by preppers because there are very few accessories for the rifle.

But, ...

With a few spare parts, over 10,000,000 were manufactured, it will probably last your family for generations.

The last .22LR rifle, between $200 to $300, is the Ruger 10/22 rifle. It is a detachable magazine fed rifle that can only shoot the .22LR cartridge.

Ruger Semiautomatic .22LR Rifle

The stock magazine holds 10 cartridges. There are aftermarket magazines that will hold 25 rounds.

The 10/22 used to be the most popular .22LR rifle, for preppers, until the AR-15 platform was adapted to the .22LR cartridge.

But, ...

That's another article.

Wikipedia - Bolt Action

Wikipedia - Semi-Automatic Rifle

Wikipedia - Winchester Model 67

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Wikipedia - Ruger 10/22

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,


Minor Cuts and Scrapes
Our skin protects us. If the skin is cut, torn, or scraped, bacteria can enter our body, producing an infection.

To prevent an infection, you need to wash the minor cut, dry it, apply an antibiotic cream, and protect the cut with a bandage (band-aid).

If it's a major cut, you know gushing blood and all, stop the bleeding by applying direct pressure and get to the emergency room, quick.

I work with an older guy. He always makes sure to put on a pair of gloves before he starts work.

You and your family should too.

And Guns
After you and your family have purchased a handgun and a rifle for everyone in the family. You might think about getting a .22LR rifle.

Like one of these.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday: 27 August 2014, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Federal Bureau of Investigation

There is an acronym in the military, R.O.A.D.

It stands for Retired on Active Duty.

Well, ...

It seems one of your investments can do the same thing.

CNBC - Don't let your 401(k) retire before you do

We have a 401K at work that limits our investment options to about ten options. Most of these options are target-date funds that I avoid.


I am not an average investor. I want a higher percentage of stocks, exposure to foreign stocks, and a little safety from bonds. Plus, I am planning for a financial collapse that might not happen ; - )

401K or IRA
How about both?

CNBC - 401(k) or IRA: Cramer’s rule to remember

More likely than not, you and your partner will be able to retire instead of dying at a young age from fighting off a zombie attack.

So, ...

Y'all need to be investing wisely for your retirement.

But, ...

Just in case there is a zombie attack, you might want to set aside some water, food, medical supplies, and ...

All the other stuff

GSIEP - 16 Weeks

Wednesday: 27 August 2014, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

National Archives and Records Administration

You're Carrying Too Much Stuff
The Infantry is famous for being overloaded because they may be cutoff from resupply at a moments notice, so they carry excessive amounts of gear and supplies. Plus, they usually have to stay and fight while a prepper and their family will leave for more peaceful climes.

WeaponsMan -

Wednesday: 27 August 2014, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,


A couple of days ago, in the "Weekly Dose of Doom and Gloom" I linked to a piece by Charles Smith titled "Is the $5 Bill the New $1 Bill?"

In the article Mr. Smith points out another example of inflation.

Well, ...

I have been seeing it in table salt. Yep, salt.


I put aside a 5-gallon bucket of salt, about 50 pound (22.7 kilograms), every couple of years.


For preppers and survivalists, we need salt to do various things, like making pickles. Our bodies also need salt for our cells' sodium potassium pump. Plus, some salt has iodine added to prevent goiter.

So, ...

We stock a variety of salt, canning or pickling salt (just salt, nothing else), iodized salt, and kosher salt.

Well, ...

Those little one-pound cardboard cylinders of iodized table salt have gotten expensive. I have seen them go from 10¢ a cylinder (ten years, ago) to over 75¢ (it might be higher, now)

Oh, ...

If you look around, you might find salt on 5 pound bags for less. I did at one of the local grocery stores, in the canning section, so I bought all they had. Came back; did it again, and had over 50 pounds of canning salt for less than, 'If' I remember correctly, 30¢ a pound : - )

Preparedness Advice Blog - Found My Old Dill Pickle Recipe

Dill Pickles

Human Anatomy: Student Edition - Animation: How the Sodium Potassium Pump Works

Simple - How To Prevent Goiter: What Are The Causes Of Goiter Home Cooking - Salt Varieties and Types