Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Ks0stm/Wikimedia Commons

New Position
It's going well, as expected. I'm overwhelmed, working hard, getting stuff done, and missing my family. In other words, ... The same ol' stuff.

The rumours are flying about the old position and the future, so I'm glad I left when I could.

photograph by
TSgt Bradley C. Church

New Washer
Home Away From Home's washer shot craps a few months ago. Since I could wash clothes at work, I didn't do anything about it. The apartment mate's solution was to use a laundromat then go get breakfast and a drink while his clothes wash and dry, every Saturday.

Great idea for him; bad idea for me.

So, ... Off to find a used washing machine with delivery and set up.

It didn't work out because we live in a small town. Off to buy a new washing machine for $503 with a five year protection plan, just in case.

Ahh, clean clothes.

The Plan
My plan, at the beginning of the year was to stay focused on one subject, each month.

I may need to abandon that plan, as you can see from earlier this week. Just in case you didn't notice, no pictures for the Wednesday blurbs. Plus, only one cheesy entry.

photograph by
TSgt Bradley C. Church

Down Sizing
It's been all over the blogs, that I read; older folks are looking to buy smaller houses. On the east and west coast, I have seen that younger folks can't afford houses, so they are renting apartments or leasing homes.

I don't know how landlords are doing it, unless they inherited the house or bought the house cheap, because rents should cover all the landlord's costs, extra money for upkeep, and a little for the landlord's pocket.

When I comes to older adults, I have gone through a similar situation.

At work, I had two lockers for all my work emergency gear, winter coats, bib overalls, polypro long johns, cot with blankets, sheets, and pillow cases, three day supply of water and food, rain gear, and other stuff.

The new place, nada. We don't work when it's snowing, sleeting, or freezing rain. Heck, I think we get a 'free' day for 1/2 an inch of snow. We'll see.

Back to my point.

First, I think we are going to have to move to where the jobs are. Yep, ... That means the big cities because they are the economic drivers of the economy. Some of us are going to have to swallow our 'pride' and work for .gov, in some capacity. Lastly, some of us are going to need to start 'family' businesses to survive and prosper.

Second, "If" you and your family decide to live in small town U.S.A., you're going to have to embrace small town life, poverty, drug addiction, low academic standards. ...

Ooops, ... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wreck your perception of the rest of America, but small towns and medium sized cities have the same problems as the big cities. You can't get away from slackers, even during the collapse.

Just so you know, our county has had four or five murders this year, usually drugs are involved.

Third, this may be the time to start doubling up. Yep, that means the parents embrace their children's return home (with the understanding, the younger adults are going to significantly contribute, to the household), or the children embrace the parent's living in their home, also contributing to the new family.

If not now, definitely start planning for someone to move in because it just might happen, Baby Boomers ; - )

Fourth, either way, really think about what you do for a living and plan accordingly.

Take a college education. Do you really need one to work?

Depending on the field, probably; however, some fields don't require a college education, like water or wastewater treatment plant operator, electrical utility lineman, natural gas worker, refinery worker, firefighter, police officer, and many others.

These careers and some others will keep a family fed during tough times. With 'normal' expectations, they will allow a family to have a 'good' life and retire.

With expanding inexpensive automation, working a manufacturing line job is waiting for a pink slip. The same goes for other careers, even professional careers. Heck, a 'bot recently wrote a baseball game review for a national paper.

Needless to say, the truly 'Rich and Famous' will always need the latest ... cool, unique, expensive, rare, fashionable, ... experience/item, so give them what they want, for a price.

Think about becoming a farmer. No, not the big corporate farmer, the small specialty farmer that grows and sells items like U-Pick berries and fruit and also has 'events' or 'outings' for big city dwellers, for a price.

Lastly, don't discount the military. They are hiring. Plus, they have good benefits, provide money for an education, and many other things. Plus, they hold dear many of the values you and your family do, honesty, education, loyalty, ...

Be warned, they have slackers, just like everywhere else.

And, ... There is that whole possibility of getting maimed or killed on the job, thingy.

photograph by
TSgt Bradley C. Church

Fifth, having a safe and secure shelter is more important then most people think. You and your family need to have a secure place to store all the supplies and stuff that will keep you alive; for the events that you're getting prepared for, of course, and the ones you're not ; - )

In other words, ... Complete a Threat Analysis

Lastly, I want to bring this around to the beginning. You and your family are going to be overwhelmed, working hard, getting stuff done, and a lot of other things, to get prepared for the tough times ahead.

Just remember, you are doing this for your family and with your family, so get out there and practice your bushcraft skills, for making a  ...

Fire and Shelter ; - )