Monday, July 31, 2017

Volume Three: Number Thirty-One

Carrer de Pedralbes
Joan Miró

Repeal, Repeal, Repeal
U.S. Senator John McCain and many others saved these United States the other day, by voting 'No' to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

I apologize for making you spit your drink onto your computer screen, but let me explain.

First, the so-called Skinny repeal is just a water-down version of ObamaCare. These United States' government would have still been involved with healthcare or as some call it sickcare. There would have been very little change.

Second, if the repeal had been implemented, we wouldn't have a chance to get total repeal because Republicans would have been able to say, ...

We repealed ObamaCare. Now, it's tine to move on to ...

Third, these votes in the House of Representative and the Senate allow folks to identify the incumbents to vote against in 2018, in the House races, and 2020 for the Senate races.

So, ...

Write those letters to Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, telling him you and your partner aren't voting for representatives that voted "Yes" to pass RepublicanCare, so they better find someone to run for those seats.

Next, ...

Write your U.S. Representative and Senator to tell them to "Repeal, Repeal, Repeal" ObamaCare, not replace it.

Lastly, ...

Find out what it takes to run for office in your state 'cause we need folks willing to act.

Doom and Gloom

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Fusion GPS


Knife Attack

North Korea

Power Outage 



Vetoing Machines



Things You Might Want to Think About

A Good Deal
Like that last deal, "Hope" and "Change"

I not buying the "Better Deal," either.

Folks, according to NPR, are going 'crazy' over the immigration issue. They're calling newspapers, public officials, and many other people, complaining, making threats, and other inappropriate stuff.

With that said, ...

Just like the family, I would like to know a lot more, too

Islamist-Inspired Plot
Dang, ... I can't believe he said it.

We have a problem in this country, 10, 20, maybe 30 million illegal immigrants.

Another problem, we have, is a lack of assimilation organizations, such as local schools, the military, and our churches.

In other words, ...

All we need to do is rebuild our schools, expand our military, reinvigorate our churches, and assimilate a few dozen million people, so they will vote ... against the Democrats/Republicans.

Mecca and Medina
Mecca is the birth place of the pedophile (child molester) prophet Muhammad, and Medina is the burial place.

And, ... 

Several years ago, it was explained to me, from a learned person, that Islam's holiest sites were considered a 'bucket-list' trip for every Muslim.

The professor also explained to the class that the annual pilgrimage is a huge money maker. 

Do you remember when, ...

The F.B.I. caught the villains?

Welfare was for the poor?

Social Security was for the old?

Rich people gave away their money?

Churches were almost full, every Sunday?

Nuclear Triad
Some folks; usually the same people, year, after year; want to remove these United States' nuclear missiles from our country's missile silos, and they make a pretty good argument. Until, you look at their arguments.

First, ... "Submarines All But Eliminate The Need For Land-based ICBMs"

Really, the Minuteman III warhead is 300 to 400 KT, at the upper limit of the Trident II warhead.

Ooooh, there is that "But" thingy, in their argument, too

Next, ... "Funding Land-based ICBMs Is Financially And Politically Unsustainable"

Really, The new Columbia-class submarine is projected to cost over 100 billion dollars.

Ooooh, there is that "Who's Politics?" makes it unsustainable thingy, too.

Next, ... "Getting Rid Of Minuteman-IIIs Will Force Putin’s Hand"

Really, Last time I checked, these United States hasn't done a very good job of forcing Russia or any other country to do anything.

Oooh, can I, can I, answer that very last question?

Three, ... Land, Sea, and Air

First, near the end, one of Police Officers was getting ready to shoot the so-called madman.

Second, getting hit in the head, hard enough, will kill you just as dead as getting shot.

Three, ...

Why do some people say madman when the so-called lunatic is shouting "Allah Akbar?"

Shouldn't it be 'alleged' Muslim Lunatic?

Serial Killers
Did you notice, ...

Some of the victims didn't notice.

Oh, and ...

The whole giving sandwiches to their neighbors.

Yeap, they're overpaid and under worked. They push the Leftist, Liberal States agenda, and they ...

Really care about their students.


"This may seem rather obvious, but the concept of the limiting principle is easy to take for granted. This is a core feature of most religions and it easiest to understand by considering our laws. ..."

"I concur. It’s pretty much theft." (Both Links)

"And when the moment of clarification arrives - the instant of cosmic price discovery - the clueless elites will have to really and truly worry about the value of their heads."

"There is only one global empire: finance."

"Whenever I get a bit bothered by the incompetent, lying, corrupt and horrible Republicans, I just remember that Obama is no longer in office and that Hillary Clinton will never, never, never be president of the US.

There, doesn’t that feel a bit better?"

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Cooking utensils used by migratory agricultural workers

Improvised stove used by migrants

This pump constitutes the only supply of drinking and wash water at the grading station


Ladies "rest room" at the grading station

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Comments)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Photograph by

Actions, Not Words
Folks I have been busy. The new position has regular hours, no overtime, so it allows me to be home every weekend. The only problem, now I'm not 'stuck' at home away from home (HAFH) writing for you and your family.

So, ...

Interdependence Day
Way back in July '17, Irish Dutch Uncle left a comment which I thought was very insightful and ... terrifying.

Insightfully, I thought Irish Dutch Uncle was right. We, these United States, are dependent on you, your family, your extended family, your friends, your acquaintances, your ..., so on a so forth, to be 'good' citizens; to question our elected representatives, so they are honest; to hold the news media accountable, so they accurately report local, national, and international event; to question the security forces, so they stay within the law; to report the criminals in your neighborhood, so the community is held to the law; to raise your children as 'good' citizens, so our country will continue to thrive; and ...

We, as a country, are dependent on you and your family to get prepared, for tough times, so our country can survive the tough times.

It's also terrifying to think that so many people have become dependent on us, our government, to keep them feed (food stamps), to keep them housed (section 8), to keep them well (medicaid), to keep them funded (disability insurance). Plus, this is also true for businesses.

Savage Rifles
A few months ago, June '17, Fteter wrote a short note on a rifle that he owns, the Savage Axis II XP. He said it comes in various calibers and is a "Phenomenal rifle for the price point."

At under $400, the Savage Axis II rifle sounds like a good deal; however, he advises, ...

"The synthetic stock is fine for .223. But in .308, the synthetic stock is likely to flex and compromise accuracy (hey, they had to cut corners somewhere to hit this price point). So add in another $100 for the hardwood stock option."

The Invisible Hand
I don't mind people writing comments as 'Anonymous' because people have various reasons for withholding their identity (Hey, I do it ; - ) especially when they leave some practical or personal experience, like this person.

So, ... Let's talk about this.

First, if your Mom and Dad showed up to live with you and your family, what would they bring with them? Where would it go?

Where would they go? You know, to sleep?

How about your children? With their children? And, ... Their Partner?


I have never been in a long-term event, like a famine, war (as a combatant or noncombatant), financial collapse/depression, or other 'Great' event, so I would like to get a professional opinion from a Dietitian.

So, ... Thanks for the idea.

Now all I need to do is find a Dietitian to ask some questions ; - )

Kill Them All
This comment, makes me feel bad. Not the actual comment, but how long it took me to write something about it : - (

First, ... I agree. I think all life is important, ... All Lives Matter!!!

Then, ... We get into the politics or what I like to call the Practical Applications.

So, we make abortion illegal.

When we (the government) do this, we are telling someone, they can't have a medical procedure. In a short time, the government might start telling certain people, like 'Old People' they can't have a pacemaker.

Second, what do we, as a country, do with a child that isn't wanted by its mother or father. Do we force the parents to care for the unwanted child?  What happens when an unwanted child is abused? Do we take the child and put them in a foster home?

How about orphanages? Do we have enough orphanages to house the thousands of children that are aborted, each year?

So, ... Like the Death Penalty, these issues have ramifications for our country, no matter what we decide to do.

To the folks that have taken their precious time to write a comment, ... Thank You.

To the folks, that have taken their time to read my words and the words of others, on getting prepared, ... Thank You.

To the folks that a making the effort, take the actions to get better prepared for the tough times ahead, I say ... Good Luck

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday: 26 July 2017, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
John Lloyd

Pretty Neat
Here's an interesting article, from Ol' Remus at Yer Ol' Woodpile Report, about ...

Ask a - 24 Prepping Items I Don’t Spend Money On

Needless to Say
This article lead to another article, about ...

Ask a - 50 Low-priced Items That Will be Invaluable when SHTF

Of Course
That lead to this article, about ...

Ask a - 23 Things a Prepper Should Never Throw Away. Why?

Besides that whole, 'I'm a Prepper, Not a Hoarder' vibe from the last three articles, I have to give you a word of caution, about ...

Read then Think about the article.

Next, Ask, does the article reinforce what you have read in the past, slightly modify, or contradict what you know, like this article.

Let me explain.

First, the article says that you and your family need to be protected or evacuate for the first two weeks after a nuclear attack while, later in the article, the author suggests protecting your face and body with a poncho, face mask, and googles as you walk around as the fallout is arriving.

Yes, ... I know, I know, The author is giving you an example to make a suggestion to save your family's lives "If" you're out when the fallout is arriving.

But, ...

It's something that you have to be cautious about.

Ask a - What To Pack In Case of A Nuclear Attack