Monday, February 25, 2019

Volume Five: Number Eight

Home Half Finished with a Treeless View
Travel to Broken Hill
photograph by
Sheba_Also 43,000 photos

I will be ending my efforts, on Monday's, to inform you and your family about the impending events, facing your family and friends. There are many reasons for this decision.

First, .... Lack of time.

To keep up with posting a bunch of links, I have to incessantly surf the internet, trying to find articles that might give an indication where we are headed. As you can see, these last few years, it isn't good, which leads to my next reason.

Second, ... An event will happen

Disregarding the minor, reoccurring, everyday events, like a vehicle crash, workplace accident, minor illness, unemployment, winter storm, power outage, hurricane, heatwave, tornado, earthquake, and so one; we are facing serious financial and political events here in our country.

Third, ... My family and I need to prepare

Writing takes away from my preps. Preps that will allow me, my family, and those I am responsible for to survive. This includes getting an education, so I may increase my salary, clearing land, so we may plant more food, starting and expanding several businesses, so we may have alternate income, and trying to prevent some of these political and economic, so we may have a few more years to prepare.

Lastly, ... Others

There are many other people and groups, highlighting the forces of the coming chaos, like Ol' Remus, The Z Man, Charles Smith, James Kunstler, the writes at Ace of Spades, and The Federalist, and many others. Heck, even the BBC has started asking questions about the forces facing our individual and collective survival.

Doom and Gloom:




Global Warming











War, Again

Things You Might Want to Think About:

Ha, ha, ha ... for a jacket that he could have bought for $50

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Wow, ... She is just like David Hogg, claiming she was targeted by a mass shooter.

Child Molester
The scumbag should never have made it to prison, except to swing from the end of a rope.

I am glad the Atlantic thinks like me.

In other words, ...

The New Green Deal is about control. Control of you and your family.

Gun Control
My condolences to their family and friends

Ha, Ha, Ha
No one noticed until they got into record-breaking snowfall.

Yeap, ... We gave him a green card, for being a refugee.

Yeap, ... We gave him citizenship fro being a good person.

Yeap, ... We should take his life for being a combatant

There is a difference from making a mistake and telling a lie.

The first will cause the media to lose some of their reputation. The other might cost them millions.

These United States are a horrible, terrible, evil place.

Until, ...

You see the rest of the world, especially the Middle East.

True Story
As you read this story, I want you to think about the ways you will provide medical care for you and your family, during a violent conflict, like a civil war or invasion.

And, ...

Always remember, War, including Civil War, is about killing and dying.

There is so much going on in this article, so I want you to think about some of it.

If you were investigated, what would your internet search records show? Prepper or Terrorist?

If you home was raided, how many firearms and how much ammunition would they be able to display for the media? What about your kit?

With that said, ...

Notice, the article's writer calls them illegal weapons.

The writer fails to mention that Tramadol is addictive, so the dude could be a junkie, along with possibly being a crazy dude.

Notice, the dude is called a white nationalist, not a supremacist.

Lastly, ....

This will probably be used to bash white people, as White Supremacists

I have a question, ...

Muslim or Christian?

Black or White?

Liberal or Conservative?


"... and the result will be... more of the same as central banks are forced to monetize even more debt to keep interest rates from rising to a level that sends the entire house of cards tumbling down."

"... only a nut would accept the story at face value."

"Despite the anything-goes quality of American culture, one thing remains verboten to say publicly:the U.S. Constitution has failed."

They are the canary in the coal mine, (scroll to 'Demographic Imperatives:')

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Research)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Stoughton Tornado (ca 2005)
photograph by
Colin McDermott

We have talked about how you and your family need to focus on the common events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, winter weather, unemployment, and other common disaster.

But, ...

Do you know how hot it gets? How about how cold, in your home city?

What about the places that you might evacuate to?

National Weather Service - Finding past weather...Fast

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Past Weather by Zip Code: Data Table

Old Farmer's Almanac - Weather History

Now, ... I have a reason to ask that question.

Earlier this week, I was walking from my car to the apartment and got to thinking, ...

What would I need to survive for a day when the temperature was 9°F?

Needless to say, ...

That got me to thinking about the monthly average highs and lows, and what are the extreme highs and lows for each month.

Well, ...

Link: - Home

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs,
in pyramid form with explanations and examples (ca 2007)
illustration by
Saul McLeod

The Priorities
You have probably heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. If you haven't, read the first two paragraphs of the link. It explains it.

If you're interested in learning more, read further.

With that said, ...

Simply Psychology - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Rule of 3 to 5
Similar to the hierarchy of needs is a general rule found throughout prepping.

It goes something like this:

Now, ... There is more to this rule, but I'm not going to bore you, with the details, yet. Maybe later.

You are probably wondering where I am going with this, so let me ask you a question.

What are you and your family going to do when you home is ablaze in the middle of winter?

Ya, ya, ... I know you and your family are going to immediately leave the house., you have homeowner's or renter's insurance, so you have money for a hotel, ...

But, ...

What are you going to do to stay warm, as you wait for the fire fighters to show up?

Where are you going? The next door neighbors?

Do they know, you're coming?

Do you have warm clothes because, like me you sleep in a thin pair of pajamas?

I'm going to take a break, so I'll see you next week.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Volume Five: Number Seven

A Winter's Day
Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov

There are many threats facing your family, friends, and coworkers, some more likely to happen; such as accidents, divorces, stress, earthquakes, house fires, unemployment, vehicle crashes, credit fraud, sickness, inactivity, slips, trips, and falls; those last three are for you safety professionals, while others are less likely to happen; such as civil wars, asteroids, financial collapses, cyber attacks, exploding supervolcanes, invasions by another country, nuclear attacks, and ...

But, ... Did you know that you and your family are a threat to yourselves?

Yes, it is true. Your family's thoughts and actions could be a danger to you and your family during an event.

Let me give you some examples.

* You are driving down the street and see a young lady standing next to the rear of the front vehicle while a young man is standing next to the front of the rear vehicle. They appear to be talking to each other.

Do you stop to help or call the police?

* It is tough times. A child, say in their early teens, comes to your door asking for food.

Do you give them some food or do you send them to the local church?

* You and your partner see the coming disaster that well start in the next few years.

Do you suggest to your co-workers to get prepared? How about so-called friends, more like acquaintances? Close family that are a little shady or ne'er-do-wells?

* Some countries, including ours, are on the road towards Socialism.

Do you embrace it or do you fight it?

Needles to say, there are many events where helping your fellow humans will be a positive for you and your family, but there are certain events where helping, in any way, could get you and your family killed.

So, ...

Understand, there are threats that you and your family can not see because we live such a prosperous life

Doom and Gloom:

Artifical Intelligence

Boston, Washington, and Chicago












Things You Might Want to Think About:

Many people failed in their duty before and on that day, the school district, the Sherref's Department, the teachers, the Sherrif's Deputies, and ...

But, ...

Nikolas Cruz pulled the trigger, and he killed those children. Not you, and not your partner.

3 Decades

14 Weeks

With the introduction of the internet, people were able to easily share information about a variety of subjects, mainly academic research. Once the internet exploded, almost everyone was able to learn from others, about a multitude of subject.

Well, ...

The internet has also allowed people to provide services that provide pleasure, even relief from medical conditions, for profit.

Wow, ... Such a big effect for such a tiny island.

But, ...

When a group of people start saying globalization is the wrong path for their country, other people start looking to see if the same is true for their country.

As Ol' Remus says, .. Stay Away From Crowds!

They didn't ask her to step down, resign her seat, or ...

Like they do to Republicans

Ha, Ha, Ha
So, .. A state is suing the federal government because the federal flood-control program stops the Mississippi river from moving to that state.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Again
So, .. There are a group of people that confront armed people, to see if they will get shot or arrested.

Illegal  Immigrant
Yes, ...

That is a tattoo of a cross on his forehead.

Yeap, ...

We need to allow Muslims from England, Iraq, France, Syria, Germany, Iran, Israel, and any other country because we need to have more car bombs in our cities, a driver plowing down pedestrians on our streets, shootings at our Christmas parties, ...

I'm glad that people are recognizing that London has a crime problem.

I'm also glad that people are offering suggestions to reducing their crime problem.

So, ... Here's my suggestion.

Allow citizens to exercise their right to carry a concealed firearm.

Magic Sign
You see them everyday, but ...

They don't work, especially for criminals

I'll wait a few days, before making anything of this

With that said, ...

Leading up to the American Revolution of 1776 and the Civil War of 1861-1865, our country became more violent and more partisan as we grew closer to these events.

The New York Times made a mistake, ...

Mark Kelly, the former astronaut, is gun-control an anti-freedom activist.

99% chance they are 'Black'

Of course, ...

The most likely killer of a so-called Black man is another Black man. The same goes for so-called White men and women.

Recession 2019-2021
Has it started?

Nope, ... Not a Superpower, not even close.

Sometimes, ... We need to just leave it alone.

Are you and the company you work for prepared to lose the ability to easily communicate with distant offices and customers?

How about navigate or make deliveries without GPS?

Ha, ha, ha, ...

I guess we need to only show 'Black' people in February, since it is so-called Black History month.

First, ... If possible, help identify these people.

Second, ... Women are targets, even in 'good' times.

Third, ... People like this deserve to die, a long, slow, very painful death.


"I had to chuckle at the idea that less than half a million Federal LEOs will voluntarily go out and get ugly on at least 80 million gun owners who have a low ball 300 millions firearms and between a trillion and 2 trillion rounds of ammunition in their stashes."

"Most of the data we put online is now siloed on the servers of companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, and used to sell us as an audience for targeted advertising."

"... and now some light may be about to shine on them."

"History books may airbrush out the Left's ubiquitous failures, thus enabling their fatal resurgences, but the lamp-posts remember how once they dangled their morbid ornaments."

"The fight for freedom will be long and require patience too."

"The Federal Reserve's sudden return to "accommodative" dovishness in response to thestock market's swoon telegraphs its intent to fire up QE once the recession kicks into gear."

"Shall we begin?"

"If I had known this, I would hire somebody to give Dianne Feinstein a box of Godiva Chocolates and a mercy fuck."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Chicago, Illinois (ca 1939)

Abandoned real estate development.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday's Thoughs and Other Stuff (Thinking)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Shannon's Office in disarray, after an earthquake (ca 2018)
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

Last week, we dealt with buying things in a spiral to make sure you and your family have the basics to deal with an event.

Well, ...

I got ahead of myself because you and your family should do an inventory first.

That's right, you should know what you have, before you go to the next step


You and your family probably already have some, if not most, of the stuff that you will need for an event/ Yes, even a collapse of these United States financial system.

So, ...

Getting Stated
Like the Threat Analysis, you start with a sheet of paper, however; you're going to need several more sheet of papers, maybe lots more.

Now, ...

You can ask your family to help, or you can do this by yourself because this is a big project.

So, ...

I suggest you ask for help from your family.

Now, I'll be honest, there are several ways you can do this. You can take those sheets of paper and label them, Air, Water, Emergency Evacuation Kit, Protection, Food, Medical, and so on.

In other words, the headings from a Wednesday Websites of the Week

Or, ...

You can label each sheet of paper by a location, such as Eldest Daughter's Bedroom, Kitchen, Garage, Youngest Son's Bedroom, and so on.

And, ...

You can use technology, like a spreadsheet and a computer, to capture the information.

Either way, ....

Now, let's say you have chosen the category method; Air, Water, Food, and ...; you give everyone a sheet of paper with a category written across the top and they go out to find where everything is in the category.

Let us use Protection as an example.

You partner would walk around the house, the garage, the yard and outbuildings, then write down everything that could be used for protecting you family.

He would note kitchen knives, in the kitchen, baseball bats, in the garage, gasoline and glass bottles, in the storage shed, and handguns with ammunition, in the nightstand.

For Medical, your children might write down, ...

6 - Toothbrushes, in storage    3 - dental floss

2 - tubes of toothpaste             4 - bodywash

3 - boxes of pantie liners       10 - tampons

1 - bottle, half empty, of aspirins

But, ...

There are drawbacks to this method, especially when it comes to personal items, like clothing, so you might want to use the location method.

So, ...

You give your eldest daughter a sheet of paper, and she goes into her room and inventory everything in her room.

                  Margie's Room

3 - pairs of jeans          2 - cotton hodies
5 - T-shirts                   3 - bras
2 - blankets, cotton      1 - sets of sheets, twin size
2 - pairs of sneakers    1 - pairs of boots, fashion

And, ... So on.

Needless to say, an older child may need to help a younger child, to complete this task.

Once you and your family are finished with this inventory, you and your partner, and maybe even your older children, go through the list and make a master list, so your family understands what you really own.

Next, ...

Monday, February 11, 2019

Volume Five: Number Six


Whether it comes after a great defeat, to liberate the peasants, or a Great Leap Forward, socialist governments have killed millions of their citizens.

First, they imprison those who oppose them then they kill them.

Next, they imprison those who do not conform then they kill them

Third, they imprison their own then they kill them.

Their methods are widely known. They humiliate, beat, starve, torture, and kill, all in the name of a greater good that turns into a great evil.

Doom and Gloom:






Flooding and Crocodiles










New Green Deal


Red Flags




Snow, Again




Things You Might Want to Think About:

Yep, she's a Bimbo

With that said, ...

The gentleman needs to resign for being a pussy.

Here's another reason to have some cash on hand.

Oooh, ...

Just think what would happen if this happened to every bank, in the country.

Yeap, ... It's a great deal for the hedge fund

O.K., the patient met the screening criteria for Ebola, but the patient was negative for Ebola.

So, ...

What did the patient really have?

Just so you know, ...

Some folks will harm animals before they start harming people.

And, ...

The lady should have shot the sumofabitch.

Now, these United States just needs to change some laws and regulations on importing firearms, parts kits, ammunition, magazines, and other firearms related items.

Government Shutdown
Something else that I learned from the recent government shutdown.

Folks, when you pull the pin on a grenade, you either throw it or put the pin back in.

Well, ..

The Left has pulled a pin that they can't put back in.

Ha, Ha, Ha,
Don't laugh. They are serious about changing the nature of this country.

In 3, 2, 1
The Left and Democrats will be embracing Iran

Magnetic North
You will probably be hearing about this world-ending disaster, in the next few months.

Someone, very high up in the company, gave the o.k. to produce these napkins.

Besides the whole, “disgraceful breach of trust”

Some folks are using this leak to attack the President. Attacks that have only been leveled against Republican Presidents.

I'm conflicted about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It's important for so-called good folks to ban together against the villains, but Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia have been battling with each for centuries, killing each other by the 10,000s of thousands.

Also, ...

Our country's only duty is a duty to our citizens.

Payday Loans
Folks, they are a bad deal, even with the implementation of Obama-era regulations.

Police Officers
I hope you and your family are planning to face a smart, intelligent, and ruthless adversary.

With that said, ...

Don't expect the security services to prevent Democrats and certain Republicans from taking your rights to own, use, and carry a firearm.

People are concerned about Blackface.

Me, .. I would like to know:

Who designs this stuff?

Who decides to manufacture this stuff?

Who decides to sell this stuff?

Who buys this stuff?

Here's at least one person that used to buy Prada and Gucci.

Notice, I didn't call him a smart person.

Because someone willing to pay $980 for a wool sweater, well ...

You get my point.

Since the Special Consul can investigate anything, this means Mr. Stone can't say anything.

Got to love the mass media, ...

Now they are complaining about a problem that they didn't cover under Obama/Clinton.

Sell Out
Needless to say, ...

Democrats and Some Republicans don't want to keep your family safe.

They will probably omit the part of her being part of a murdering cocaine trafficking organization, and how she helped them launder money from the drug deals.

How about a repeat of Iraq, with a few lessons learned?

The Wall
Notice the spin, ... "another devastating government shutdown"

If the government is giving people money, whether individuals or corporations, it's welfare and needs to stop. 


"In the past, this sort of grumbling over imperfectly woke books has sometimes grown into a five-alarm social-media fire replete with vote brigading, form-letter writing, and petitions to cancel publication."

"The Fitzgerald was now at war, the enemy the sea."

"It’s not lost on her colleagues, however, that the group that helped vault her into place—and who have two founders leading her office—is the sworn enemy of the establishment she needs to work with."

"The behavior of the American elite changed too."

"I’m not sure what’s worse, that people believe it? Or that they probably believe it themselves?"

"Other telltale signs of recession include: ..."

"Vote for the most pro-gun measures and oppose the anti-gun bills and damn the consequences."

"In summary: brace for impact"

"The disappointment over it will be epic when we discover that the laws of physics override the bright ideas of politicians."

"Long article, but well worth it ..."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Kansas City, Missouri(ca 1943)

 General view of part of the stockyards

General view of part of the stockyards

General view of part of the stockyards

Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Purchases)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Capt. Robert Rosebrough, 66th Rescue Squadron,
Staff Sgt. David Janossy, 57th Operational Support Squadron,
U.S. Air Force, uses a PRC-112 Survival Radio
for a communication call (ca 2011)
photograph by
Airman 1st Class Daniel Hughes

As I told you in the past, ...

I have lost my internet, so I am limited to the library.

So, ...

I want you and your family to think about prepping as a long journey. Something that may take you many years.

So you need to make sure you have balanced preps.

A Circle
One way to do that is to start at one of the 16 areas of prepping and go around in a spiral, so you have a set of basic preps.

So, ...

You and your family have everything you need to survive an event.

To use this concept, you draw a circle and around the outside you write or print the 16 areas of prepping.

Next, on the inside of the circle, you put one thing you and your family are going to do to get ready for an event.

Once you have completed those items, you go on to the next spiral.

You will notice, the next set of purchases build on the prior purchases.

Take, ...

First, you buy a tarp, the most important item in constructing a shelter. The next time around, after doing or purchasing everything from the first spiral, you purchase rope, something that could be improvised.

This method just isn't about acquiring 'stuff.' It's also about learning how to do things; like making a fire from a firesteel, building a tarp shelter, splinting a broken arm, and ....; so you and your family can survive an event.

This is a great way to make sure you have balance in your preps, but there may be a crisis or a buying opportunity that may force you to accelerate a purchase, such as the coming freedom gun bans, financial collapse of these United States, or other disaster.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Volume Five: Number Five

Snow at Argenteuil
Claude Monet

A Matter of Time
Folks, ...

Doom and Gloom:




Climate Change





Nice People

Peaches, Nectarines and Plums



Things You Might Want to Think About:

Repeat after me, ...

Big Tech is our adversary

The Cold
My condolences to the young boy's family and friends.

With that said, ...

What is your plan to provide heat and proper shelter for your family?

If someone shows you a video, you believe them, right?

Well, ...

What happens when 1% of videos are fake? 25%? 50%?Even, ... 75%

Due Process
Your rights are being violated by so-called civil forfeitures.

This includes everyone, including so-called 'whites', 'browns,' and 'blacks.'

Seriously, ... Someone is paying a school to get a PhD in latrinalia

We have falsely accused so many people with being Nazis, it has become fashionable.

The Gander
Another reason for so-called Intermediate Nuclear Forces was to counter the ability of a hostile nation to mass their troops for a concentrated attack against a weaker defender.

So, ...

Exactly what we need for the coming war with China.

It's all good and well, until someone engineers a superbaby that grows up to takeover the world and kills all the 'normal' people, including its parents.

Group Reliance

An interesting question, ...

If half of your assets are fake, how much are you worth?

Mass Media

I'll bet you, ...

Businesses will lose more money when conservatives boycott them, then if liberals boycotted them.

Wow, ... Mind Control

Or, ...

How are you manipulated, in your daily life?

Shouting "Death to the Klan," Burning a Klansman in effigy, and carrying signs that proclaimed "Death to the KKK" quicken my heart.

The only problem, ...

Democrats think they are protesting Republicans when it in reality Democrats are protesting against the ills the Democrats introduced in the south.

Yep, ... The children probably died because the adults didn't put them in car seats.

You and your family look at the illegal immigrants crossing our nation's border as criminals, so we try to stop them.

While others look at you and your family as racists, for wanting to stop these criminals.

It's been 100 years since WWI started and 70 years since WWII started.

But, ...

We are still finding deadly devices, from those wars, even today.


"Bank of America Corp. worries flooded homeowners will default on their mortgages. The Walt Disney Co. is concerned its theme parks will get too hot for vacationers, while AT&T Inc. fears hurricanes and wildfires may knock out its cell towers."

"But this incident has already been politicized, and it's unlikely that prudence and caution are going to prevail until more facts are known."

"Meanwhile, I’m wondering about something else. Of course, Mr. Trump eventually caught hell on the government shutdown. But in reopening it for three weeks, does this allow for the confirmation of William Barr as Attorney General? And when that happens, might it change the flow of events in the RussiaGate show?"

 "If you are doing long term planning for the EU or a European government, you have to be looking at America and thinking about the Crisis of the Third Century."

"Their job isn't to report any truth that lays waste to the self-serving interests of the ruling elites; their job is to protect the ruling elities by "reporting" politically-correct narratives and playing up cututally divisive incidents to distract the masses from any awareness of their political invisibiliy and lack of financial independence or agency"

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That's Just the Way it Was: Bella Glade, Florida (ca 1939)

Migrant packinghouse workers' shack or "lean-to" made of old rusty pieces of galvanized tin and burlap. It is beside a canal in the "muck" and "swamp" cane." No lights or furniture, no water, only that which they haul from the packinghouse. Twelve people from Tennessee live there.

Children of migrant packinghouse workers, living in a "lean-to" made of pieces of rusty galvanized tin and burlap. They are left alone all day and often until three a.m. Both parents work when possible.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Fridays Thoughts and Other Stuff (Thinking)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Destroyed Home,
Oklahoma County, OK.  (ca 2010)
cropped photograph by
original photograph by
Win Henderson

Last week, I talked about how to determine the events and disasters that you and your family are going to get prepared to survive.

Supplies and Equipment
The next thing you and your family are going to need to do is fiqure out what you are going to buy, things like water storage containers, long-term food storage, first-aid supplies, weather alert radio, fuel cans for spare gasoline, and many other items.

Well, ...

As you make your list, I want you to think about ...

Several weeks ago, there was an article, at Defence and Freedom, about the Belgium military. In this article, "S O" writes about the capabilities that the Belgium military should be trying to achieve. He suggest ... Go read the article, if you're interested.

But, ... Back to my point.

At this moment, several freeze-dried food companies are advertising on television, the internet, and radio. These companies suggest, you and your family should purchase long-term freeze-dried food because the country is headed to a disaster.

Now, ... Some families are going to fall for this fear-mongering, so they will send these companies hundred, if no thousands, of dollars for food.

But, ... These families have made a mistake.

First, it is true, these United States and many other countries are headed to a financial cliff. This disaster will see prices soar then fall, soar again, and fall again until no one, including the super rich, are unaffected. Families will lose jobs, their homes, retirement savings, and much more, if they are unprepared.

Second, this is my point. Families need to look at the events that they are getting prepared to survive.

So, ... If you and your partner want to feed you family for two-weeks, you look at what will give you and your family that capability.

If bagged, bottled, boxed, canned, and frozen food that you normally purchase, on sale, will provide a two week food supply, that's what you buy.

If you're thinking about feeding your family for three months, you build some shelving and buy the normal bagged, bottled, boxed, canned, and frozen food that your family regularly eat, every day.

You and your partner want to protect your family.

Some folks are going to go out and buy an expensive AR-15 from La Rue Tactical for protection. At $2200 that might be a mistake.

Think about it.

Do you live in the big city then a EAA Windicator .357 magnum revolver might be a better choice. It's inexpensive, concealable (so you avoid police scrutiny), and ... you, your partner, and adult children can have one with a comfortable holster and some ammunition.

The same goes for folks living in suburbia because you will stick out carrying an AR-15 to the grocery store.

Other Examples
Needless to say, there are many more examples, take ...

You and your partner want to make sure your family has adequate shelter for a financial crisis, so the capability you are looking for is a paid for home that is inexpensive to heat and cool.

So, ...

Instead of buying a MacMansion, you and your partner purchase a modest home in a nice neighborhood with people like yourselves. You take the next few months or years to adequately insulate your home, install photovoltaic panels with several batteries, add a wood burning stove, develop the soil for a garden, and ... Live in a paid for home.

Another Opinion
Now some folks are going to call me crazy because the LaRue Tactical 16.1 Inch PredatOBR 5.56 is a better rifle then the SKS rifle, for $450. The five bedroom house with separate guest house on 50 acres is better then the 1965 four bedroom home on a third of an acre in a small town. The Wise Company, Mountain House, and other freeze-dried food is better then the bagged, bottled, boxed, and frozen food your family normally eats for meals. The ...

You get my point because ..

They aren't better because they are more expensive then so-called bare bones survival. This means, depending on your financial abilities, your family doesn't have everything needed to survive.

Don't Panic
Instead of rushing out and wasting precious money on 'stuff.' Take a hard look at the events you and your family are getting prepared to survive, in the days, weeks, and months ahead, and purchase food and supplies that proved capability to survive, just not make you feel good.

Lastly, ...
Think about the things that your family can use right now, in their everyday lives.

Take sheets, blankets, and other linens, like towels

Do you have replacements?

How about snow shovels?

Extra toilet paper? Shampoo? Soap? Feminine hygiene products?

Now, don't go out and immediately purchase these and other items. Wait 'til you see a gently used one at a local charity store or when they go on sale at the end of the season.

With that said, ...

The Future
Depending on the situation, ...

You may want to accelerate certain purchases, take firearms, detachable magazines, and ammunition.

Currently, these United States House of Representatives is controlled by Democrats. Some of these Democrats have stated they will introduce gun-control freedom-control bills.

And, ...

They did.

So, ...

You and your family may want to purchase several of the more controversial firearms, such as the AR-15, AK-47, or semiautomatic handguns, like the Glock 19, Smith &Wesson M&P 9.

And, ...

Some ammunition because a firearm with ammo is a very expensive club.

To quote General Erwin Rommel, ...

In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine.