Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Wednesday: 12 December 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

One Month
I am in a hurry, so I will be brief.

Democrats will control the House of Representatives in January.

They won't wait until March to push their anti-freedom Gun Control policies.

So, ...

Wednesday: 12 December 2018, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

In a few short months, Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness will be ten years old,

In honor of this event, ...

I have collected, every Wednesday for the next year, a few blurbs from various places, such as ...

Safely Gathered In
Hannah and Abbie with Brittany, Aleasha, Sarah, and Tiffany provided wonderful advice and suggestions about gathering, storing and using food storage for you and your family. The six women also provided great, delicious recipes based on their food storage that their families eat at family meal times.

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Friday: Roasted Chickpeas

Food Storage Made Easy
Jodi and Julie have a wonderful blog with lots of information, so they also have many tips, tricks, and recipes, for you and your family.

Food Storage Made Easy - Canned Meat: Scary or Delicious?

Wednesday: 12 December 2018

Welcome Preppes and Survivalists,

Santa Claus in Chicago (ca 1902)
photograph by
A Chicago Daily News photographer

The Christ's Mass
Folks, my older coworkers and I have been talking at work about the changing attitudes that we see in the younger generation. It seems they can't show up on time, have deadline issues, and are antireligious.

But, ...

They love getting Christmas presents.

The Prepping Guide - 12 Practical Christmas Gifts for the Prepper and Survivalist in Your Life

Homestead Launch - The Best Gifts For Preppers [Updated 11/18]

Backdoor Survival - 2017 BDS Best Prepper Gifts – The Best Gifts for Preppers This Year

Survivalist Prepper - Unique Prepper Gifts for Christmas and Holidays

Happy Prepper - Prepper Christmas Gifts: 2018

Survival Life - Survival Gift Guide: 9 Christmas Gifts For Preppers

True Prepper - The Best Prepper Christmas Gifts

These articles are shared to provide you an idea of the items that are available for you and your family to use during tough times.

Some of these items are inappropriate, such as the self-draining bee hive because it removes too much honey. In other words, the bees starve.

Also, ...

Some of these items are too expensive. You can find places selling them for less.

So, ...

You have been warned

Monday, December 10, 2018

Volume Four: Number Fifty

The Banks of the Fjord at Christiania
Claude Oscar Monet

Set Back
As you know, the Democrats will control the House of Representatives, this January. This poses challenges for preppers and survivalists. Some of these challenges are obvious such as freedom-control gun-control, higher taxes, and others; however, there are less obvious ones like nationalize health insurance, increase in welfare rolls, and many more.

Now, ...

Some folks, Rawles of Survival Blog comes to mind, says we don't need to worry about firearms, especially so-called antique firearms. He is mistaken. The Democrats and their Republican stooges will not stop with banning popular firearms like the AR-15 series of rifles, the semiautomatic AK-47 and AK-74 series of rifles, the Glock series of pistols, M1911 series of pistols, Smith & Wesson M&P rifles and pistols, and many others. They will come after so-called sniper-weapons, in other words every firearm with the possibility of mounting a scope, including handguns.

Needless to say, ...

President Trump handed the Democrats one of the tools for these coming bans, outlawing Bump Stocks.

Doom and Gloom

2 Hours

100,000,000 People






Climate Change






Hackers, Again


Material Aid

New Jersey


Oligarchs and Monopolies





Security Services 



Tesla and Ford

Thames River



Things You Might Want to Think About

Before President Nixon's administration, these United States prohibited 18 year olds from voting, then in 1971, the 26th Amendment was ratified, lowering the voting age to 18.

Needless to say, ...

Many of these new voters supported President Nixon, in 1972, for his efforts to get the vote for them.

I bet it would be a lot cheaper to keep the memorial right where it is.

Reminding everyone that Democrats owned slaves, supported slavery, and the oppression of blacks and poor people, for over 100 years.

Ha, ha, ha, ...

Now, the politicians get to point to a computer and say, "It's not my fault, the terrorist wasn't stopped from getting on the plane/bus/ferry with a bomb. It's the computer program's fault."

We are blessed to live in these United States

Black Guy
And, ... The Media wonders why we hate them.

If it had been a 'White' Guy, the media would have mentioned the fact, in the first sentence

Yes, ... It's funny that Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Mr. Donald Trump, Jr. are having a Tweeting Songbird fight over a meme.

But, ...

Numerous times, Socialists have come to power and they have used that power to kill 10s of millions of people, ... for far less

Folks, ... We have a choice. We can decide to lose the coming world war, or we can decide to win that war before it begins.

I would like to thank all of the people that have donated their money and time, no matter how small, to make our country a greater place, such as Tyler Perry, Kid Rock, Dolly Parton, ...

Comet 46P/Wirtanen
Check out the second picture in the article. It looks like the comet will hit Earth.

Data Breaches
Wow, ... I didn't know there had been some many intrusions.

So, ...

Follow those tips

Ooops, ... He's a politican, so you already know he's dishonest.

It's true. We have stopped trusting the so-called elites.

But, ...

It's because they have failed to abide by society's rules, not technology or political upheavals.

Cry all you want.

As long as you remember, ...

A Man's job is to protect his family and his Nation, no matter what.

Yes, that includes killing

Yeap, ... It's a matter of time, especially if we add government regulation, taxation, and all the other ills, likely to happen in the next few years.

Food and Drug Administration
Folks, ... make sure you check any frozen beef, in your family's deep freeze, this week.

"Police Arrest Pedophile Posing as Santa Claus"

There is the possibly that Iran could stop the flow of oil through the Persian Gulf, thus affecting our country.

And, ...

Lead to another war.

The Israelis can't get a break.

First, they shoot terrorists, and everybody complains about the killings.

Next, ...

Instead of killing everyone, they shoot them in the legs, so the terrorists survive.

But, ...

People still complain

Folks, ... Terrorists will change their methods, so you and your family need to be prepared for that.

That will teach those pesky protester, ...

That burning cars, destroying shops, and other violence will make the government cave to your demands.

Los Angeles
It's not 'If.' It's 'When,' including the New Madrid fault area.

I get it. We're in a space race.

But, ...

These United States should be going to the Moon and Mars, at the same time.

Welcome to the new normal.

So, ...

You better start getting ready.

Northern Shield
Israel is a small country. They have a wall protecting their country. Plus, Israel's military protects their border

So, ...

Why doesn't these United States, a big country, have a wall, and why isn't our military protecting our border

At work, we have a hard time finding 'good' employees

The local and state governments failed to protect the citizens and guests of their area

The powers that be are after more then your firearms.

Many decades ago, ... It was said, the soviet union was like a thief, walking around checking doors to see if any were unlocked. It is still true, today.

Social Media
Repeat after me, ...

The Internet, especially Social Media, is forever.

Just so you know, our country's military has some villains.

Folks, ...

You have probably seen this liberal propaganda, masquerading as a test, circulating around the internet these past few weeks.

U.S. Postal Service
Make America Great Again

Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is angry, our country didn't receive any return on our investment in Tesla.

Well, ...

I'm angry we have only received marginal returns on forty years of welfare


"People don’t defend land. They defend the life that can be built and lived on that land."

My parents are thrilled,

"Such a change may be on the horizon; Trump may be its vanguard. But whether it comes, and whether the U.S. is preserved as a free society, will be up to us."

"Californians should demand the project’s immediate cancellation."

"Harvard's sanctions policy seeks to dictate the sex of people with whom men and women may associate and the gender norms to which men and women must conform,"

"To be republican is more difficult."

"Ryan Murphy is a bigot. He openly mocks people for their faith and then demands that people of faith toss aside their religious faith and openly embrace his homosexuality."

They’re trying to make people feel guilty for being white.

"Surveys have shown that cuts to SNAP benefits are extremely unpopular among registered voters."

"Yes, it’s insane."

"Many of China’s richest men and women are [Communist Party] members of the country’s parliament or its advisory body."

"This is how a country loses its mind, bit by bit."

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The courthouse

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wednesday: 5 December 2018, Part Four

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Protest at John F. Kennedy International Airport (ca 2017)
photograph by

Sorry about that folks. I thought I had enough time to get some stuff done before this blurb was posted.

Oh well, ...

Before I begin, please notice handgun is plural, as in Handguns.

First, ...

You need to purchase a handgun. I suggest a .357 magnum revolver. If you disagree that's o.k. You just need a handgun with several magazines. I suggest five, at least.

Second, ...

Your partner needs a handgun. Once again, I suggest a .357 magnum revolver. If you disagree, blah, blah, blah. You need at least five magazines.

Third, ...

You and your partner need holsters. Outside the waistband are the best because you don't have to lose weight or buy larger sized pants for an inside the waistband holster to fit, inside your waistband.

Fourth, ...

You and your partner need to take some training classes, notice class is plural.

So, ...

Start off with the basics like safety, the Law, and how to draw your handgun, holster it, and do the other basic things.

Fifth, ...

Stop, take a breath, and save some cash because ...