Monday, August 22, 2016

Volume Two Number Thirty-Four

The Eiffel Tower (1889)
painting by
Georges Seurat

Sorry to tell you this, but you're on somebody's list.

Are you a Jew, Christian, Muslim (Sunni, Shia, or other sect), or Hindu? How about a Catholic or Protestant? Think Ireland, the Middle East, India or Europe for what happens to families on that list.

Are you educated? Have a college degree? Teacher, religious, secular, or public? For your family's potential 'end' see Cambodia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan.

Government employee, police officer, fire fighter, or soldier? You're a supporter of the 'current' regime, during a revolution; you know what happens to them?

Doctor, Nurse, or other public health worker? Think forced labor i.e. socialized medicine.

Have I forgotten anyone, yet?

Ah, receiving government 'assistant' such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Insurance payments, food stamps (EBT card), Section 8, or veteran's benefits. You're on a list, just waiting to be used by someone or some group.

Do you get advertisements for the Humane Society, the National Rifle Association, Code Pink, or other political group? You guessed it; you're on a list. Depending on who is looking, you're a potential ally or an Enemy of the State.

Oh, don't think you're free from suspicion because you family is considered an 'ally.' The Nazis and soviets, two of many examples, are famous for exterminating their friends when it was convenient.

Let's take another look in your mail box.

Do you receive catalogs from Lands' End, L.L. Bean, or other preppie retailer? How about the upscale retailers, Nordstrom's, Sak's, or Barney's? Sportsman's Guide, Major Surplus & Survival, or Emergency Essentials? Brownell's, Cabela's, Gander Mountain, or R.E.I.?

You don't get catalogs; you say?

You're on a list, just like the familyies that have a mailbox. Heck, the scum-sucking, dirt bag named the Unibomber was on a list, in the wilds of Montana. Somebody just didn't have it in their hands, yet.

Oh, I almost forgot!

Registered to vote? Does you state categorize by parties, on the voter register? Then you're on a list, with a political leaning, too.

Written a letter to your elected representative at the House of Representatives or Senate?

Parking ticket? Arrest record? Civil proceedings? Pet license? Driver's license? Business' license? Pay taxes? Don't pay taxes? Water bill? Gas bill? Tax bill? Trash bill? Green card? Visa to visit this country? Passport? State identification card? Student I.D. card? Savings account? Checking? I.R.A. account? Credit card?

The lists go on.

Doom and Gloom


The Fed

Food Crisis




Things You Might Want to Think About

Lebensraum or 'Living Space'
One of the lesson, I learned while growing up, was to tell the truth.

It seems, Hitler told the truth by showing a map to the German people. A map ... that illustrated the actually size of Germany to other countries.

Living in Fear
You and your family have a choice, in the coming tough times, you can passively wait for what will happen, or you can obtain the tools, knowledge, and supplies that will be needed to survive, now.

Truth, Law and Decency
I believe, we have a choice in the coming years (if not now) about the character of our country. We can decide to continue on with appeasement of Iran, acceptance of Islamic refugees, and other current policies of our so-called leaders.

Or, ...

We can decide to say 'Enough is enough,' 'Our laws, based on Christian ideals, are correct and just,' and 'Our country is (basically) good, with good intentions.'


"When push comes to shove (and it will), nothing will have any value except food and the resources needed to grow it: water and energy"

"If we’re going to come out on top as a movement, we have to be intolerant of their intolerance."

"Unrest breeds surprises."

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The Explorer I in flight

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Chris Nystrom

Warning: Graphic Content Ahead

Yeah, You might not want to read this!

Several Days Ago
Katniss and I are moving, so we were at the old home mowing the grass, tearing up carpeting, and loading supplies onto the family's truck.

When, a mother and her young child rode by on a lawnmower.

Several Minutes Later
The mower went out of sight and there was a thud and a woman started screaming. Needless to say, you know what happened, or you think you do.

So, ... I started to run and dial 911 as the woman continued to scream.

For some reason, 911 didn't pick up. You know how many times; I have pocket dialed 911.

Well, I look down, and I had only dialed 91, missing the other 1.

Clear the phone, and dialed again as I rounded the corner.

Seeing a small crowd, gathered around a mother holding the leg of her young child, trying to stop the bleeding. As another person attempted to apply a tourniquet. As another person was dialing 911. As the young child's father came running.

911 picked up and transferred me to the medical 911. Told them what was going on. I didn't know the neighbor's address, so gave them mine. They told me they were on the way.

A blur of activity as people tried to calm the child, reassure the father, help the mother, and ...

Wait for the emergency services when they called back.

They asked again for the address, what was going on (how's the child, what's the extent of injuries, and other questions), and gave advice.

* No Tourniquet, Only Pressure (don't worry about blood leaking through the compress)
* Pick Up any Severed Parts and put them in a clean plastic bag. No Ice, No Water on the parts.
* No giving the child anything by mouth

As more people came to the aid of the family.

The child's mother was awesome. As she held on to her child's leg, applying pressure, she had the presence of mind to have one of the other people to call a babysitter for her baby.

What's Taking Sooo Long
As the father tried to calm the young child, one person applying pressure to the wound, the mother applying pressure to the leg, another person helping the mother, another person and I want looking for severed parts.

Yeah, ... a young child's little toes in a plastic ziplock bag.

It must have taken 5 minutes for the various emergency services to arrive as another neighbor ran to meet them and direct them to the accident site.

Needless to say, the mother and father carried the young child to the ambulance, as they pulled into the driveway.

What Happened Next?
The professionals had arrived, so I Got the Fuck Out of the Way.

I went home, finished loading the truck, and left for dinner, pizza.

After Action Review
First, some lessons are easy and some lessons are hard, so ...

Don't let any children ride on lawnmowers, tractors, or other equipment because they might fall off, getting hurt.

Second, You will not arise to the occasion, but fall to the depths of your training. So, ...

My family and I need to attend current emergency medical training, I didn't know about No Ice and No Water on severed parts.

Third, Time Flies and Drags On, at the same time. So, ...

In other words, during an emergency, you're really on your own. It might be 5 minutes, but it's a long 5 minutes.

Lastly, an incident like this will haunt a family for years, maybe forever, so a family will need to seek professional counseling, so the incident doesn't destroy the family.

A Request
The family asks for your prayers, for their family during these tough times.

An Update
According to Katniss, after talking with the mom. The young child survived, losing enough blood to require two transfusions. The first surgery took place, yesterday and another one will happen today or Saturday. Of course, the child will be fitted with a prosthesis, in the near future.

So, ... Keep those prayers coming.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday: 17 August 2016, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Sgt. David Foley

Inexpensive Pistol
Some folks are going to want a pistol, instead of a revolver. Needless to say, buying four or five Glock 19s can get expensive, fast.

Add 5 to 10 magazines, a good holster and belt, it will add up even quicker.

Well, ...

All Outdoors - Hi-Point C9 pistol

Inexpensive Rifle
The SKS rifle is the 'best' inexpensive semiautomatic rifle for the prepper and their families.

But, ... It isn't the 'best' rifle for everyone, like current or former soldiers, so you might want to purchase a ...

All Outdoors - Picking an AR-15 on a budget

Thanks Uncle
Colt Firearms has a ...

Say Uncle - These Should Sell Well