Monday, October 24, 2016

Volume Two Number Forty-Three

Unknown Title to Me (ca 1921)
painting by
Marie Lokke

These past eight years have been difficult for our country, as we have increased the national debt, decreased the military, continued various wars, and badly faced many other challenges.

Will this change after November 8th?

If you listen to some folks, probably not, and if you listen to other folks, maybe so.

Either way, ... you and your family need to be prepared for some 'difficulties.' (That's a euphemism similar to the one used by the Apollo 13 astronauts when they faced almost certain death then radioed NASA and Jim Lovell said "Houston, we've had a problem."

These difficulties may involve rioting, shooting, fires, and other violent events even in your 'safe' neighborhood, so you need to build an emergency evacuation kit (a bag with a change of clothes, a few dollars, any required medications, and have your car's fuel tank topped off) and have a safe place to go, like a relative's or friend's place in the country. You also might want to check your home owner's insurance, just in case.

For some of y'all, you might want to obtain a passport and secure a visa to a 'friendly' country, such as Russia ; - )

These difficulties also may involve seizure of bank accounts and other financial accounts, so you and your family may want to store some cash, at home, away from prying eyes.

Lastly, make sure to vote, on November 8th.

Doom and Gloom

23rd out of 183



Facial Recognition





Single Payer 


Things You Might Want to Think About

Do No Harm
Medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Counselors, and others) have an oath, similar to the Hippocratic Oath.

The only problem, ... These United States' military is supposed to do harm.

Sooner or later, food, fuel, and many other things and services will increase, if they haven't started already.

Everybody knows, you and your family are the facebook's, the tweeting bird's, and many other companies product (selling your information to advertisers)

A lot of people rely on the internet.

Well, ... Some villains have realized these United States' military also rely on the internet


"Fact: the word “child” nor “toddler” can be found at all in the Heller decision. It was about whether a 66 year old security guard was allowed to keep a firearm in the home and ready for self-defense. Hillary Clinton has said she is opposed to the Heller decision. When she claims that this is about the children, she is out-and-out lying."

"... if there’s one thing we learned from Al Gore, it’s that you don’t want to concede and then play takesies-backsies."

"But America is more fragile than it looks. Its people cannot feed themselves. The economy really can collapse. If civil unrest broke the link from farm to cities, in two weeks New Yorkers would be eating each other. Soft white urbanites eeeeking and squealing about guns cannot defend themselves.
It is over."

The thing people don’t get is that cybercrime is becoming automated and it is scaling exponentially,

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That's Just the Way it Was: Sevier, Tennessee (ca 1942)

Riggers bust at work on TVA's new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River.

Gas welding a joint in a line of spiral pipe at the TVA's new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River.

Excavating within the cofferdam of TVA's new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River.

Negro drill machine operator at TVA's new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River.

Cement mixing tower and electric cranes

Negro jackhammer operator at TVA's new Douglas Dam on the French Broad River.

Trailers for housing defense workers

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday (Fighting Load Vest)

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Ed Edahl

Philosophy and Needs
Remember, as non-combatants, you and your family are going to evacuate, not get into a gunfight!

Next, the most important items and supplies, you and your family need to purchase are ...

* Appropriate Alternative Shelter (waterproof tarps, cordage, family-sized tent, blankets, sleeping bags)

* Fire Making Material, Fire Starter

* Water, Water Storage Containers, Water Treatment Supplies, Water Treatment Equipment

* The Bagged, Bottled, Boxed, Canned, and Frozen Food your family normally eats, Long-Term Food Storage, Supplies to Preserve more food

* Required Medications, First-Aid Kit, First-Aid Manual

* And, Much More!

... before purchasing any tactical gear.

Fairy Tales and Military Stories
You know the difference between a fairy tale and a military story. A military story starts with, ...

There I was
I was visiting the military surplus store, ArmyGear.Net while I was traveling for work. I had bought stuff from them on-line and wanted to see what they had in their Columbia, Missouri store

While I was there, I was talking to 'Joe' about dyeing the newer ACU (three shades of gray) pattern gear to a better color, such as green or brown.

Well, ... He mentioned  that he had done an internet search, talked with friends, and ...

Picked a color.

Trigger Warning
If you are former military, especially a First Sergeant or Sergeant Major, do not read anymore. It will drive you crazy because ... Nothing Matches

The First Recipe

2 * Apple Green (the whole bottle)
1 * Golden Yellow (two to three ounce)
1 * Dark Brown (one to two ounces)

First, soak the pouches in three gallons of water with one cup of vinegar, for about 30 minutes

Second, bring three gallons of water to 175 °F (80 °C) then add two bottles of Apple Green, two to three ounces of Golden Yellow, and 1 ounce of Dark Brown, to the water and stir to mix.

Next, place the soaked pouches in the dye mix for at least 30 minutes. Keep the water hot

Magazine Pouches in ABU and ACU

Magazine Pouches in ABU and ACU

Magazine Pouches with Buckles
dyed with first recipe

Magazine Pouches with Velcro
dyed with first recipe

The Second Recipe

Add 3 ounces of Dark Brown

I didn't like the look of the first recipe, so I added another three ounces of Dark Brown to the already used dye mix, soaked the next batch in vinegar water, and dyed them for over 30 minutes.

Magazine Pouches in ACU
(back and front)

Magazine Pouches
(dyed with second recipe)

Another Source for Kit
'Joe' and I also talked about the possibility that surplus tactical gear in ACU (Army Combat Uniform) would become very cheap, since these United States' Army is switching to a new pattern of camouflage.

So, ... I hunted around for better deals on-line.

I found several, but the best one was Uncle Sam's Retail Outlet. This on-line store is an offshoot of Government Liquidation. Both sell government surplus items. Uncle Sam's ... is a retail store while Government ... is an auction.

A Pile of Kit

When you look at Uncle Sam's ..., you will notice that some items have free shipping, especially smaller items, such as canteen/general purpose pouches, double magazine pouches, three magazine side by side pouches, IFAK pouches.

Needless to say, their inventory constantly changes in amount and items.

The Third Recipe

2 * Kelly Green
1 * Coca Brown (two to three ounces)

Just like last time, I soaked the items in a water/vinegar solution (one cup vinegar to three gallons of water) for at least 30 minutes, heated a pot of water to around 175 °F (80 °C) then added the dye (two bottles of Kelly Green and two to three ounces of Light Brown) to the hot water. Lastly, I added the kit items to the dye bath and let sit for at least 30 minutes.

Canteen/General Purpose Pouches in ACU
(front and back)

Now, I'm cheap frugal, so I try to save a buck when I can, so I reused the dye bath and processed a second set of kit.

Three Magazine Side by Side Pouches in ACU
(back and front)

They didn't turn out like I wanted.

The canteen pouches were too green while the magazine pouches were not green enough.

Canteen and Magazine Pouches in ACU
with undyed ABU pouches for comparison

Canteen Pouches
(close up)

Magazine Pouches
(close up)

By now, some of y'all's eyes have glazed over with all the different dyeing recipes.

Well, ... It is important to remember that camouflage is dependent on the colors in your area of the world. Some folks are going to want the browns while others are going to want the greens while others are going to want a mix of browns and greens.

The Fourth Recipe (Wash)

1 * Coca Brown

Like all the others, before I began, I soaked the kit in a vinegar/water solution for at least thirty minutes.


I don't know but 'Joe' had suggested it. Plus, the dye's directions said to add vinegar for nylon and salt for cotton to make the dyeing go better.

Next, I filled a large pot with water and heated it to about 175 °F (80 °C).


'Joe' and the directions, again.

Next, I added the remaining Coca Brown to the water, to make the dye mix.


I'm trying to darken the too green canteen pouches and the not green enough magazine pouches. 

Too Green Canteen Pouches

Not Green Enough Magazine Pouches

I also dyed four Airman Battle Uniform S.A.W. ammunition pouches, from this ...

Squad Automatic Weapon Ammunition Pouches

To this ...

Canteen and Ammunition Pouches

As you can see, the Coca Brown 'wash' darkened all of the pouches, so they will blend in with my local environment.

The Future
Now, all I need to do is find a Woodland, Desert, or Coyote fighting load vest or purchase a 'Battle/War' belt rig for a place to attach all the pouches ; - )

US Grunt Gear - Infidel Padded War Belt

Tactical Gun Review - 5 Unique Battle Belts for Your Consideration

ITS forum/ - Battle Belts - War Belt/1st Line Picture Thread (Page 1 of 145)

YouTube: Danny Ducet - Battle Belt - War Belt Set-up. HSGI, ESSTAC, EMDOM, Safariland.