Monday, January 16, 2017

Volume Three: Number Three

Черный квадрат 
(черный Супрематическая площадь)
Kazimir Malevich

No matter your family's areas of expertise, y'all will have many exciting opportunities to add to these existing skills. You and your family may also have many chances to learn new skills, increasing your family's chance of survival. Reinforcing old skills and learning new skills, as a family, also allows your family to grow and become a closer, stronger family.

With you and your partner sharing the preparedness and household responsibilities with your children, they will also have a chance to learn leadership skills, such as making presentations, formulating plans, leading small groups, and many more. (I hope you didn't think you were going to be the family preparedness expert, on every subject!) Skills that are badly needed even in 'good' times.

You and your family can also have fun, if you are frugal with your preps, by combining family events such as visits to museums (to document historical machines), travel to expos (to document new procedures), camping (to practice bushcraft skills), family walks (to gain physical fitness), gardening and canning you family's food (medium-term food storage), and many others. You can also save money by distancing yourself from the common affliction 'Keeping Up with the Jeffersons' (It's like 'Keeping up with the Joneses,' but the neighbors are preppers)

Lastly, most people think preparing to survive an catastrophic event must be the sole goal of a family. That isn't true. You and your family, if your prepare for the common and more likely events, will have most of the skills and supplies to survive an event, like an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), or other world changing event.

Doom and Gloom



Bird Flu, ... In Cats 



Free Speech

Little Brother and Again 

The Numbers


Mr. Soros


Things You Might Want to Think About

Are you prepared ... for the commute?

Intelligence Quotient
IQ is one indicator of a person's intelligence.

An indicator that changes according to education level, environmental factors, and ... the IQ test.

That's right. A Hawaiian can't identify a snake on national tests or understand the word porch. The same goes for an illiterate taking an IQ test that requires reading. Eeven though; they might be very intelligent, the test will show both are morons.

This is one thing that you will always have with you, in an event.

The only problem.

We (you and your family) don't know which knowledge; we will need.

Turn Key
Each President leaves office, handing the country over to a new administration. Some times for better, and some times for worse.

Well, ... The last two (Bush 43 and Obama 44) have given the next president and every one after that, unprecedented power in our lives. A power in the wrong hands that could be devastating.

Whether drunk or sober, setting fire to a place of worship is reprehensible.

Calling it criticism is ... criminal.

For me, technology is a double-edged sword. It can be useful and harmful at the same time.

Now, it seems there is a time limit for which one it is.


"... such holiday should serve as a time for Americans to reflect on the principles of racial equality and nonviolent social change espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr.; ..."

"But undesirable or not, keeping the floodgates open for the teeming masses yearning to loot the wealthy West and then burn it down, turning it into the same inbred Islamic failed states they’re teeming out of, pretty much guarantees a nativist backlash and a police state that, once spun up, is unlikely to stop with the invaders (any more than the Gestapo stopped with its initial targets)."

"So what's truly progressive? We start with four things: ..."

"It won’t be helped by the official organ of the Deep State, The New York Times. Just look at the way they played the other big story last week, the one about the disabled man tortured by four young people in Chicago. Can anyone say what’s wrong with this picture?"

"Reality. It is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it."

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An Indian (mixed breed--"brass ankle") family

Home of an Indian family (brass ankles, mixed breed) with a sorghum cane grinder in foreground

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday: 15 January, 2017 ( Status Update)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Tech. Sgt. Jeremy M. Call, New York Air National Guard

O.K. One of my goals, for this year, is to add another year supply of rice and beans to my family's long-term food storage.

Now, I'm not going to all of a sudden dump a lot of money to purchase 365 pounds of long grain white rice and 183 pounds of dried beans, since we are marginally O.K. on food for a long-term event.

So, I'm going to buy one case of white rice, every month, and a case of beans, every other month, for the next year. At the end of the year, my family will have 396 pounds of long grain white rice and 198 pounds of dried beans.

Needless to say, I am using the easy method by ordering from the Latter-day Saints' store.

So, ... Late last night, I ordered one case of rice and a case of black beans. Next month, I'll order one case of white rice.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Self Reliance: Home Storage

Jews, Latter-day Saints, and Other Groups
The other day, I was reading an article about the alt-right movement and their misdirected hatred of Jews. The writer makes the point that Israel has built a wall, purged its population of 'undesirables,' and enacted other policies, similar to the alt-right platform.

So, ... Why do Neo-Nazis hate Jews, since they are just like them?

It doesn't matter because I want to talk about the Latter-day Saints.

Now, some people feel the same way about the Latter-day Saints (Mormons), even though; the Mormons provide us (you and your family) a shining example of how to be an effective prepper.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Self Reliance: Self-Reliance Guides

Needless to Say:
"If' you hang out here long enough, I will provide similar information for free.

Rain and Cold
I work outside, year round. In the summer, when it rains, I do without a rain suit. When it's cold; that's another story.

Of course, .... This means, I keep several inexpensive rain suits for work, two in the locker [one for work (back up) and one for emergencies (back up to the back up)], one in the work truck (primary), and one in my car, for my emergencies.

I usually get the 'heavy-duty' model from a big box home improvement store because these have a good price to longevity ratio. In other words, I don't mind, too much, when I rip the crouch out of the rain pants, since we provide our own rain gear.

And, this brings up my next thought.

Surplus Gor-Tex Rain Suit
A few days ago, I provided several links to surplus military Gortex rain gear. This gear is, relatively, inexpensive and rugged, even though; it is manufactured by the lowest bidder ; - )

So, ... It may be a good addition to your preps with some caveats

First, all military gear is manufactured or provided by the lowest bidder.

Second, non U.S. military surplus, especially uniform or clothing items, will be different ; - )

Let me explain. The German military doesn't put an emphasis on upper body strength, like the U.S. military, so the shirts and jackets might be 'tight' in the chests. In other words, you and your family might need a larger sizes for a proper fit.

The foreign military surplus will also be made of different material. The U.S. has been using Gortex for decades, while other countries have only recently (past 10 to 15 years) been using the synthetic materials for gear. This means, the older foreign military surplus items like coat weather coats and jackets will be cotton or a cotton blend, rain jackets will be rubber coated nylon, and ...

Now, don't get me wrong. The foreign military equipment is rugged, long lasting, and economical. It can be a good investment for your family.

With that said, British military clothing is cut to a similar standard, as these United States, so their gear will have a similar fit.

Lastly, camoflauge might be a poor idea, during an event.

YouTube: thenewsurvivalist - What NOT to Wear When Bugging Out After a Disaster!

We had a meeting at work, the other day. It lasted one and half hours.

In short, a lot of other people and I probably won't have our current positions in one year, however; ...

After the ifs, maybes, possibles, and a lot of other qualifiers, I still might have a job this time next year .

We'll see ; - )

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Possible Events)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Adam Jones, Ph.D.

Threat Analysis
Last week, I discussed developing a threat analysis and letting it sit for awhile, so you and your family could consider whether to add or subtract from the threat analysis.

Possible Events
Of course, once you have your threat analysis, you and your family will need to research the threats. For school children, this will be a wonderful opportunity to use those skill sets learned at school and home ; - )

So, ... What to research?

First, your family is going to need to know about the immediate threats, natural, technological, and adversarial. I want you to think ...


- Hurricane
- Tornado
- Winter Storm
- Blizzard
- Tsunami
- Earthquake
- and such.

Plus, I want you to forget about Supervolcaneos, Coronal Mass Ejections, and an Asteroid Impact, and other 'low probability, high impact events,' for now.


- Carbon Monoxide
- Vehicle Crash
- Home Fire
- Levee Breach
- Train Derailment
- Industrial Chemical Release
- and others

Remember, disregard the nano-technology, Artificial Intelligence, and other 'science fiction disasters,' for now.

Adversarial (Human-Caused)

- Home Invasion (especially 'if' you live in a marginal (bad) neighborhood
- Burglary
- Rape Attempt
- Riot
- Drive-By Shooting
- Car Bombing
- Knife Attack, Terrorist
- Firearms Attack, Terrorist
- and so on

Yes, you guessed right. I want you to forget the dirty-bombs, chemical weapons attack, and nuclear war scenarios, for now.

Next, Step
Needless to say, I left out many, many different events because your area of the world will have different possible events that might affect your family.

So, ... Assign those disastrous events, and get your family to researching.

Make sure to assign age appropriate events to your children because you don't want your young children researching the effects of rapes on women and men.

During the research, there are specific questions, you and your family want answered.

* Can the event happen here? Yes/No (if a No, stop researching the event because it's a waste of time and effort)

* What is the physical nature of the event? Lots of rain, snow, high winds, random violence, and so on.

* What are the effects of the event on people, material, and animals? Types of injuries, building failures (roof collapse from too much snow), malnutrition, food in short supply, and more depending on the event.

* Preventive Measures to reduce the possible effects of of the event? Build an underground tornado shelter, store water and food, receive personal defence training, and ... lots more.

Now, don't go crazy on this research. A 3X5 or 4X6 card should be enough space to list all the information. Unless, ... You want your children, spouse, and yourself to write two, three, and five page research papers, using the MLA style guide.

Hey, it's good practice for college ; - )

Disaster - Disaster Types

Centers for Disease Control - Natural Disasters and Severe Weather

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies  - Types of disasters: Definition of hazard

FEMA - Multi-Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (MHIRA)

FEMA: MHIRA - Part I: Natural Hazards

FEMA: MHIRA - Part Two: Technological Hazards

Wikipedia - Natural Disaster

Wikipedia - Anthropogenic Hazard