Monday, September 26, 2016

Volume Two Number Thirty-Nine

Bauer, Unkraut verbrennend
painting by
Vincent van Gogh

Gift Giving
As you ponder the people on you gift giving list, this year, I would like to suggest you think about their survival.

So, ... Instead of a new tie, give your partner a nice fleece jacket from the local charity store. Instead of a video game, give your son a ferro rod and a pocket knife with a sharpener. Instead of a concert ticket, give your daughter a car bug-out bag (emergency evacuation kit). Lastly, instead of giving your family a new car, purchase a years' supply of the basic foods (dried beans, white rice, whole red wheat, or ...) and a used car.

Doom and Gloom







Things You Might Want to Think About

She Wasn't Wrong
I want you to remember something. William Charles "Bill" Ayers (a mentor of President Obama) was a leader with the Weather Underground (a 1970s organization that planted bombs in these United States) that discussed killing over 25,000,000 citizens to enforce their policies.

In other words, there are still people that want to kill you for your political views.

Super Owners
I always have a hard time when an organization that believes gun-control anti-freedom measures work starts talking about how  firearm's ownership is declining.

First, I never answer questions about how many firearms we own or if we own firearms.

Second, a lot of other people believe the same thing.

Lastly, when I read the article, I see firearms ownership increasing by the hundreds of thousands if not millions by women and 'minorities.'

There are three types of propaganda, white, gray, and black.

Black propaganda is from an unknown or false source that spreads lies and deception while white propaganda is from an identified source that provides accurate information. Of course, gray is between the two, black and white

I bring this up because we are exposed to propaganda, daily, even here.

So, ... This means government, even local government, must also use propaganda to advance their message.

Children and Guns
My thoughts go out to the family; as they grieve the loss of their son.

But, ... You and your family have to remember

An old man with a 100 year old rifle or a little boy with a handgun can kill you just as dead, as a young lady with a sub-machine gun.

I would like to personally thank Ms. Lisa Harris for her efforts in stopping a scumbag criminal from killing more people, this weekend.

I would also like to ask you and your family to stop shopping at Bradford's because these people and others like them don't care about your safety and they don't care about your rights, either.


"Inaction rests nicely upon the cushion of disbelief."

"If conservatives are right about ...then they must believe—mustn’t they?—that we are headed off a cliff."

"If policymakers fail to mitigate the negative impacts of unchecked global market forces, then a turn to protectionism could trigger a vicious downward spiral for everyone,"

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Fridays Thoughts and Other Stuff (Junk)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Photograph by

Your family's threat analysis will determine how much supplies you will need to purchase and store. Planning to survive a three day event? A pantry full of canned food, a few cases of bottled water and you're family is ready. A two week event will require a little more food and a few more cases of bottled water. Plus, your family probably already has all the equipment to survive these short-term events, like warm clothing, blankets, and ... Toilet Paper.

Now, planning to survive a multiyear event is going to require a bigger commitment in time, money, and practice that you will want to skimp on.


You're going to want to buy ... Junk.

Now, don't get me wrong. Junk has its place in your preps, take ferro rods.

Photograph by
Francois Boulogne

Ferro Rods
These things are awesome, for around $17 (L.A. Police Gear), your family can have about 12,000 fires, if you and your family have been practicing.

Or, ...

You can purchase a ferro rod blank (one source is Fire for $5 or $6 and make your own, like this one from 'The Binks' at Instructables.

Or, ...

Another option is to purchase a bunch of strike anywhere matches (250 for $1.00) at your local Farm and Home Store and store them in a fire and waterproof container (an ammo can)

Or, ...

Purchase a few butane lighters from the local China-Mart and call it good.

Where's the Junk?

The cheap, as you checkout display of, butane lighters. They will work until they don't then you will have to improvise a spark from the striker wheel and flint when the butane fuel leaks from the lighter.

You can also find junk in other areas, such as ....

My Junk
A few years ago (O.K. a few decades ago) my brother Scout gave me a pair of gloves with a hole in one glove. The plan was to repair the hole and call it good.

Well, ... I'm sorting through my 'stuff' and I found those gloves. I donated them to the local charity store because I hadn't fixed them, in over twenty-five years.

I also recently received a piece of junk from my employer, one of those combination knife, light, pen, and other thingies.

The Thingy
This 'thing' was given to me by my supervisor, as an incentive award. It has our company logo stenciled to one side (the side you will never see, here ; - )

It has a lanyard ring with an attached inexpensive snap link.

The snap link would secure the 'thingy' to your belt loop, a loop inside your emergency evacuation kit bag, or other location to prevent it from getting lost.

Flipping open one side, there is a pen that could be used to leave a note, if you left your vehicle after a crash, marked the time a tourniquet was applied, or provide potential rescuers with important information.

Flipping open another side, a bottle opener and can opener are revealed.

On the other side is a small knife blade that could be used to cut twine for a shelter, sever a seat belt to rescue a car crash victim, or other 'light-duty' cutting tasks.

On the same side as the small knife and bottle/can opener is a white switch for the enclosed flashlight

Pushing the switch forward, reveals a tiny L.E.D. flashlight that could be used to illuminate your path in the wilderness, locate your dropped keys, or ...

As you can see in the above picture, the little flashlight could also be used to signal a potential rescuer from a distance, in the dark.

Lastly, the batteries, light bulb and reflector could be removed to improvise a brighter light (using a larger reflector), power a device using a similar battery, or ...

I don't know 'cause we're improvising ; - )

It's Junk
No matter how well  I explained it, the thingy is junk. The blades are cheap metal, the can opener and knife attachment points would never hold up to medium stress (much less open a food can or bottle of beer), and the flashlight batteries would easily discharge stored in a hot or cold outdoor environment.

Oooh, the lanyard loop is 'pressed' into two holes. It wouldn't hold up to a lot of pulling stress either.

I Kept It
That's right, as cheap as it is, I tossed it into my vehicle emergency evacuation kit, as a back-up, to the back-up, for the back-up.

But, ... Notice.

I would never, ever purchase something like this because it is junk

This is going to get all metaphysical, philosophical, and comical

So, ... work with me.

First, 'free' junk can be 'good' depending on what it is.

Is it broken? It's junk.

Is it immediately useful? It's not junk.

Is it big, bulky, cheap, and might be useful? It's junk

It it 'trash'? You know, like metal food cans, aluminum foil, broken glass, and ... It's junk or recycle, so get rid of it.

Second, don't buy or store junk.

That's right.

Don't buy cotton long johns. They are junk.

Don't store 'extra' clothes for when you lose weight. They are junk because that is one thing in abundance after a disaster.

Third, don't buy cheaply made durable products.

It's O.K. to purchase 'cheap' paper towels, toilet paper, and other similar product but don't buy new items like automobiles, washers/dryers, and other long-lived product that are junk, including stocks, mutual funds, and houses.

Lastly, you really don't 'need' a back-up, to a back-up back-up, for a back-up back-up back-up for your preps.

Got To Go
Jumper phoned me, so ...

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