Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Bedroom Closets)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Bruce Fingerhood

Old News
So, ... my wife inherited the farmstead when Mom-in-Law passed, last year. We have been rehabilitating the house, into our home.

Right Side of 'Old' Closet

Left Side and Center of 'Old' Closet

Of course, the farm house needed some work for us to move in. Nice closets wasn't one of them.

So, ... They waited and waited some more, as we did other work, like getting our former home ready to sale. (Almost there)

In the Mean Time
We hired a guy to frame out the walls and hang drywall, as a side job, for the closets. Since we live way out in the country, he worked once or twice, and moved on without getting finished.

I was upset, to say the least.

Husband to the Rescue
The farm house wall studs are kind'a rough and ...

Bye, Bye, Old Closets

It's been a challenge, but between the two of us, we got the walls framed out and drywall up.

The Plan
In our former home, we have 'split' closets. One side her's; one side his'. Since we have older children (with spouses or partners) and married family and friends, we thought it would be nice to do the same thing in each bedroom, except the 'master' bedroom (no closets!!!)

'Split' Closets

Of course, most of my friends and family are preppers, so I thought it would be good to add something 'special' to the project.

A quick internet search for "In-Wall Gun Cabinet" got me one from Stack-On.

It's a rugger, metal cabinet with a lock, nice, simple, and inexpensive, compared to a fireproof firearm safe. In other words, it won't stop a truly determined person, but it will stop a curious child, teen, or adult.

How To
Normally, most people would add this gun cabinet, after their home was finished being built. Not for this project.

So, ...

We first framed out the wall between the closets.

Framing for the Gun Cabinet
seen from the bedroom door

At first, I wanted the gun cabinet centered in the wall, but my handyman didn't do that. He framed it close to the front of the closet. Which worked out.


It makes it harder to pry the door open, from the lock side ; - )

Mission Creep
Like all good projects, I added to the project. We placed 2X4's six feet up inside the wall to add strength for any clothes' rods.

Hey, that body armour is heavy ; - )

There are a few ways to thwart villains. Two are strength and concealment (or a combination of the two)

Since I bought the thin metal gun cabinet with a key lock, I decided to 'hide' it from easy view, on the side, away from the door.

I also wanted to easily grab a ready rifle, so the door swings towards the back of the closet. This makes it easy to brush clothes away with the door and reach in, all with the same hand. Plus, ...

Did I say, it only takes one hand to unlock, open, and grab a rifle?

How To, Continued
Next, I poked a hole in each corner, walked to the other side, and started cutting with a box cutter. After drawing lines, connecting the holes.

I also cut the drywall from the other side, using the wall studs, as my guide.

For folks, with a larger budget, you could use a drywall saw, to cut the hole.

Opening in Drywall
P.S. Notice the Bedroom Doorway, on the right

Opening for the Gun Cabinet
seen from the bedroom door

Lastly, I (almost) finished hanging dry wall in the rest of the closet.

Drywall Covering Framing for the Gun Cabinet
seen from the bedroom door

Then, I temporarily placed the gun cabinet in the wall, to get it out of the middle of the room.

Temporarily Mounted Gun Cabinet
with door, partially open

The Future
Once the walls are taped, plastered, sanded, plastered again, sanded again, and painted, I will permanently mount the gun cabinet in the wall.

And, ... Show you the finished project ; - )

More Thoughts
Like most things, there are less expensive and more expensive options. Since I wanted a concealable gun cabinet for two rifles, I didn't get the less expensive one for handguns.

There are also more expensive ones, but I couldn't see spending two, three and possibly four times the amount I paid for an in-the-wall gun cabinet with the same vulnerabilities, ...

Dismantling the wall and carrying away the gun cabinet, to open at the villains' leisure.

I also didn't want a gun cabinet with two locks. I wanted to be able to quickly open and grab a loaded ready rifle. Two locks would have added time and stress to that task.

The same goes for a combination lock. Plus, I don't think; I could have bought one, in my price range.

I also didn't want a piece of 'art' on the wall. Plus, the farm house has small bedrooms. There wasn't room once we added a queen size bed, a chair, and ...

That's it for now 'cause I have to go to bed.

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