Monday, February 27, 2017

Volume Three: Number Nine

Pablo Picasso
On-Going Battles
As you have been seeing, the local, state, and national governments are still resistant to the president's agenda of removing illegal aliens. There are still, according to one source, about 30,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country. Our governments are also resistant to greatly limiting immigrants from less-developed and predominately Muslim countries.

As predicted, by others, the Republicans are also reneging on their commitment to eliminate socialized medicine (The Affordable Health Care Act), and the citizen supported handouts to the health insurance industry.

They, the Republicans, are also resisting efforts to rewrite the tax code, reduce federal government spending, and other financial issues, such as stopping the raid on Social Security by Congress.

Of course, there are some elected and unelected officials that are still trying to eliminate your family's rights to effective self defense, by banning full-size magazines and semiautomatic rifles and pistols.

Needless to say, there are many more issues that are not being addressed by the current group of elected local and state officials, too. This means you need to be talking with folks, face to face and on social media about your concerns so you can change the direction of the country away from an European Socialist hellhole.

You can do this a few ways.

First, drop your cable package. Yes, write the cable provider and tell them you and your family are tired of paying for channels, like CNN, HLN, FOX, and many others that don't add value to you lives.

Next, boycott those businesses that have "No Guns" signs. It's a free country, so take your money to companies that agree your freedom is important.

Third, write those letters and e-mails to the elected officials. The closer the official is to you, city, state, and federal, the more important those letters are to the issues.

Lastly, get involved and get prepared because we are headed for some interesting times.

Doom and Gloom




Financial Independence


Regime Collapse



Things You Might Want to Think About

There are words of political wisdom in this blurb, for conservatives and the so-called Alt-Right.

I work with a former police officer. Some of his stories are, to say the least, insightful.

Did you know, the court system is designed to hold people accountable for their actions?

Yes, it's true "If you can't do the time then don't do the crime."

The Courts
As you have probably heard, the 4th Circuit Court upheld Maryland's ban on semiautomatic rifles and regular capacity magazines.

So, ... I have to repeat myself and others. This is a long-term fight for our freedoms, We haven't won anything, yet.

The Gold Standard
Try as hard as you like, there are problems with having a gold standard, for these United States' currency.

No, it's not that people have stolen our gold or it's missing.

It's because everybody uses our currency to pay their debts to us and each other. Without that ability, the world would slow down or stop trading with each other, until a replacement was found.

The writer of this opinion piece thinks we're joking. We're not. They should allow concealed carry in the court house, state capital, and bars.

The Mass Media
All I have to say, watch the local news, so you know which local businesses to write a letter about their sponsorship of bias programs.

Routine Operations
As everybody know, these United States has an Air Force, an Army, and a Navy with Marines that defends our country, along with a Coast Guard and a Public Health Service that protects our country.

What most people don't know, once these United States' Navy leaves port, they are in 'battle' with Mother Nature and the seas, then once our Navy crosses into international waters, they are at 'war' with other nations, non-state actors, and pirates.

That's what they mean by 'Routine Operations'

There are times our country should go to war, such as to protect our interests, to protect our citizens, and protect our country. We should also go to war to protect other people.

But, ... We, as a people, should openly discuss the issues before declaring war. Not, just rubber stamp it.

Where They Stand
Just so you know, where some of your senators stand, on your right to bear arms.


" 'Clearly, gun legislation is not working. They [Chicagoans] have an extreme amount of gun control law and they still cracked 700 homicides last year."

"Methinks the insane hysteria over Russia needs to stop."

"Because it's always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who's going to die. You don't know who's children are going to scream and burn. How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood will spill until everybody does what they're always going to have to do from the very beginning"

"Just as technology made private enterprise more efficient and more ruthless, the world of the Cloud people is about to get smaller and much more ruthless, with one another at first and then with the rest of us."

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Cattle merchants in the Kansas City stockyards.

The Kansas City Stockyards.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday (Evacuation Kits)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Moldy U.S Navy Uniform

Drip, Drip, Drip
Many years ago, I bought a Zarges shipping and storage case to use as a rugged foot locker. Fast forward a few years, I was married and needed to store some family 'heirlooms,' so into the aluminum case they go.

Well, ... The basement's sump pump failed while we were away and the case's interior got wet, just a little.

I was devastated. Katniss' grandmother's quilt was destroyed. Katniss' doll blanket, from her childhood, was destroyed. Katniss's 2nd grade class present, to her, was destroyed. (It was a cloth mural of all the favorite books the class had read). My father's Navy uniform was destroyed (You can't tell in the above picture, but the wool was rotting), and the list goes on. Plus, Katniss was devastated too.

So, ... Why do I tell you this.

First, "If" your cache (buried or unburied) leaks one drop a year, the items in the cache will soon be destroyed.

So, ... Double or triple waterproof the contents of your cache.

Second, place moisture absorber in with your items, to absorb any water that does get in with the items.

You can do this by purchasing moisture absorbing packets, or you can build your own by placing moisture absorber in a coffee filter then tying with a rubber band.

Third, don't rely on plastic bags that you tied or tapped the tops shut, use mylar bags that have been heat sealed. Just like your food storage.

Fourth, think about adding oxygen absorbers in with your items, too

That's it, until I have more for you and your family since I'll be setting up a cache, this year.

E-How - How to Make Your Own Moisture Absorbing Packets

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Evacuation Kits)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
William Strode, E.P.A.

The Past
Our ancestors dealt with similar events, just like us. They faced economic collapse, natural disasters, and having to quickly evacuate their homes and places of business.

Just like us, they used the available resources and technology to protect their families.


United States Air Force

When folks talk about a 'survival' vest, they immediately think of a pilot's multi-pocket survival vest bulging with survival equipment.

Well, ... What about a Cowboy's vest at the turn of the last century.

photograph by

The two or four pocket vest would hold the immediate needs for survival, such as fire making material (striker and flint with char cloth). Plus, the vest would keep the body's core warm.

For the modern person, a four pocket vest could hold ...

* Matches in a ziplock baggie

* large heavy-duty plastic bags

* pencil with bright post-it notes

* a small snack

The matches, butane lighter, firesteel (ferro rod), 9-volt battery with fine steel wool, flint and steel with char cloth, Light My Fire, magnifying glass, water bottle, paperclip with an AA battery, reading glasses, aluminum soda can, sticks and a limpet shell, and many others would be used to provide a fire for warmth, during an event.

The large, 55-gallon size plastic trash bags (I like the 'contractor' garbage bags) would be used to make an improvised rain poncho or tarp to provide shelter, in an emergency.

Lastly, the pencil (really a writing utensil such a marker, crayon, ink pen, pencil, or ) and paper are used to leave notes for potential rescuers. These notes provide the essentials, like who, what, where, when, and why.

An example:
Katniss and I are walking the west trail out at Flintstone park, for fun. We should be back by noon, today.

Needless to say, you and your family leave the note in an easily seen place, before you leave.

Many Options
As you can see, these past few weeks, there are many options for carrying your emergency evacuation equipment.

With that said, I would like to change the subject to ...

Caches are, basically, supplies and equipment that are stored away from your home. These supplies could be at a relative's home, in a storage locker, or other offsite location away from your home.

High Speed
There is a manual floating around the internet. It is titled TC 31-29/A: Special Forces Caching Techniques. This manual, supposedly, was written to teach Special Forces soldiers how to cache supplies for unconventional warfare.

In my opinion, it is a good manual for you and your family to read and heed.

But, ... The manual, if it is authentic, was written for a well funded and highly trained military organization.

With that said, ...

Family and Friends
You and your family probably aren't going to need a super secret cache to survive an event, but you are going to need a cache of clothes, cash, and other necessities at a friends or relatives home, just in case. Remember, your emergency evacuation kit is only designed to get you and your family away from trouble for 72-hours.

The items could be stored in a plastic tote from the local big box home improvement store.

Plastic Tote Cache
stored in a relative’s basement

Of course, your family's relative's don't need a basement to store your cache. The cache could be stored in a garage, outbuilding, or other secure place.

Kind'a High Speed
Some of y'all have heard about using PVC pipe as a cache. The PVC pipe with two end caps are buried providing secure storage for small critical items. Notice, I said small.

For the same price as a large storage tote, you would purchase a length of 4-inch PVC pipe with several end caps and glue with primer. The long pipe is cut down, with a hacksaw, to smaller lengths then one end is sealed with an end cap, by following the directions on the can of glue.

Of course, you have to make some decisions.

First, do you and your family want to recover the whole pipe or just the contents. If you just want to recover the contents, you can glue a threaded end cap to the pipe to allow the cache contents to be easily removed.

Buried Cache with Threaded End Cap
and contents in mesh bags for easy removal

If you want to recover the whole pipe with the contents, you will glue the other end with a regular end cap. Of course, you are probably going to need to bury the pipe on it's side or use a very short length of pipe.

Second, you have to decide what are the critical items that you're going to store, forever, in the cache.

I say 'forever' for a reason. The more often you visit the cache, the greater the chance of the cache being discovered by other folks. Plus, you might die, unexpectedly, and no one will know where it is, so the cache's contents are lost to history.

O.K. Back to the ...

A small (2 inch) PVC pipe cache could hold a few silver and gold coins while a larger 4-inch PVC pipe cache could hold a .22 LR bolt-action rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition. Larger PVC pipe is available, I have personally seen 30-inch pipe, but it cost prohibitive for most families.

The largest, economical, PVC pipe that I have seen is 8-inch with the caps running about $50 each. Ouch.

With that said, an 8-inch pipe could hold a few weeks worth of basic food (white rice and dried beans)

Needless to say, like the emergency evacuation kit, the contents of your family's cache is up to you and your family.

One More
If you're lucky, there is a place that sells open head plastic 55-gallon drums or plastic septic tanks. These drum could be buried for a cache, a very large cache.

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