Monday, June 18, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Five

The Mysteries Of The Horizon
Rene Magritte

On this day, Slaves were freed by a Republican-led U.S. Military. The Freedmen and Freedwomen quickly started an annual celebration to commemorate this day.

A day that many people have failed to accurately remember.

Doom and Gloom



The Border


Domestic Violence







Vehicle Crashes


War, Trade

Things You Might Want to Think About

I guess folks are starting to realize, ...

The federal government doles out millions of dollars in charity every year, food stamps, Section 8 housing, tax breaks for businesses, and, many others, even for rich folks.

So, ...

They don't need to donate to charity.

Illegal Immigrants
I don't care who they killed, illegal alien, legal immigrant, or citizen.

Them boys need to go to prison for the rest of their lives.

Mental Health Problems
We will probably start seeing similar mental health issues, in the next few months, in our gun-free zones, such as schools, malls, grocery stores, and any place with two or more people.

Because, ...

Some folks still don't approve of the cure.

Proof of Concept
If it works, do it again and again and again.

Margaret Thatcher is famously known to have said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”

Or, ...

The other people leave town, so Socialists can't get their money.

You know, ... One or two people talking crazy isn't a big deal

But, ...

One, two, or ten million people talking crazy is dangerous for you and your family.

"I wouldn’t count out the possibility of the original unscrubbed report emerging from deep inside the FBI itself."

"Stone and Caputo’s conspiratorial claims don’t come out of nowhere, on the contrary. The Washington Post has examined the records two men had cited as the reason for suspicion, and they show that the man who approached Caputo and Stone is actually a Russian national who has claimed to work as an FBI informant."

"... a computer-science major, was the only member of the class who had ever fired a gun."

"You know, those same areas where your party has systematically disarmed the population over the decades? In other words, even if people in these areas were willing to rise up and try to respond with violence, the worst they could manage, as things currently stand, would be the riots we saw throughout 2016 and 2017. Let me ask you, Rep. Pelosi, how much was accomplished by those riots?"

"The nine dynamics are mutually reinforcing."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Natrona County, Wyoming (ca 1936)

Herding sheep.

 Sheep herder

 Sheep wagon

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Maintenance)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Timmy Sharp
checks for leaks on an engine before installing it
into a Chevy Coupe V truck in Okinawa, Japan (ca 2005)
photograph by
Photographer's Mate 3rd Class John P. Curtis

Two is One. One is None
If you have been prepping for a few months, you have probably read about the importance of having duplicates, from the statement:

Three is Two. Two is One, and One is None.

Of course, like all general statements, it is informative and misleading.

First, it is important for you and your family to have multiple ways of doing certain tasks. An example is creating a fire. when you and your family are out and about in the wilderness, you and your partner should carry a pack of matches and some tinder, have a butane lighter and know how to make tinder from resources at hand, and a firesteel and a striker and have a cotton handkerchief that you're willing to turn into tinder for a fire. Doing this would insure your family can keep warm, discourage insects and animals from attacking your family, signal rescuers, cook your food or warm a drink for your family, and many other things during an event.

But, ... It is ...

For many other tasks, you and your family don't need three or two of everything.

However, ...

You do need to know how to improvise a solution, take shelter.

First, do you really need two homes to provide adequate shelter for your family?

Maybe, depending on the situation, but probably not, especially if you can improvise a shelter from natural material, have a close friend or relative that will allow you to shelter with them during an event, or have a credit card or some emergency cash to rent a motel room for a few nights as your homeowner's insurance gets up and running.

Another way the "Two is one. One is none." statement is misleading is when it comes to spare parts and maintenance. Let us take spare parts, first.

Spare Parts Shop,
Gambia (ca 2008)
photograph by
Spare Parts
Currently, do you have two cars of the same exact model year? How about, do you or a family member take spare parts off another vehicle, like an oil filter, and put those spare parts on your vehicle?

Well, ... Of course you don't because it would be a waste of money to take parts off one car to fix another car when it's cheaper to buy a new oil filter, v-belt, or other maintenance part.

The same thing for many other items, like grinders. You don't need to buy another quality grinder . You need to purchase some spare parts to replace likely breakable parts.

Take the Little Ark-series grinder, from Retsel. You don't need another grinder, at $120. You need some spare parts.

The same goes for firearms. You don't need another rifle for everyone in the family, you need some spare parts to replace parts that will become worn or broken.

Which this thought, leads to ...

You and your family, also, need the tools and supplies to take care of your equipment. This means you need to store oil and grease. This means, you need to have the skills to use these tools and supplies.

So, ....

What do you think, all of us need to store?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday: 13 June 2018, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

A Spanish Jar, Used for Storing Grain
and other food stuff (ca 1625 to 1700)
Walters Art Museum

In a few short months, Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness will be ten years old,

In honor of this event, ...

I have collected, every Wednesday for the next year, a few blurbs from various places, such as ...

Safely Gathered In
Hannah and Abbie with Brittany, Aleasha, Sarah, and Tiffany provided wonderful advice and suggestions about gathering, storing and using food storage for you and your family. The six women also provided great, delicious recipes based on their food storage that their families eat at family meal times.

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Friday: Tortillas

Safely Gathered In - Basic Cooking Skills: French Fries

Safely Gathered In - How To...Make Whole Wheat Bread by hand

Food Storage Made Easy
Jodi and Julie have a wonderful blog with lots of information, so they also have many tips, tricks, and recipes, for you and your family.


Food Storage Made Easy - Rhubarb Crumb Coffee Cake Recipe

Food Storage Made Easy - Texas Caviar … aka Black Bean Salsa

Food Storage Made Easy - Easy Homemade Strawberry Syrup and Jam!

Wednesday: 13 June 2018

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

An Emergency Supply Kit,
Altus Air Force Base, Okla (ca 2016)
photograph by
Airman Jackson N. Haddon
These United States' Military
I love the men and women of our armed forces!!!

You know why, right?

Yeap, because they are members of the largest organization committed to ... Prepping

With that said, there are smaller organizations committed to getting you and your family prepared for an even, like the City of ...

City of Seattle - Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit

Coloring Books
If you want to get your family involved with prepping, you need to make it fun and interesting that's why you talk about hiking and camping, not bugging out to the wilderness.

Needless to say, the easiest way to get younger children involved is to use ...

Dang. I already told you.


City of Seattle - Quakesafe: A Coloring Book

City of Seattle - Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wednesday: 13 June 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

"If you are good enough for war ..." (ca 1917)
Library of Congress

Good Enough
There is a saying, "The Enemy of Best is Good Enough"

O.K., maybe not, but you get my point, or do you?

Let me explain, ...

I drive a Ford Fiesta S Hatch, not really. It's roomy enough for me and my emergency evacuation + kit during my commute, and it can hold my partner and two kids for an event, if needed.

Well, ...

A better car would be a Volvo v60, at $62,000. It's a little roomer and still has space for an emergency evacuation + kit. Plus, it's a Volvo.

But, ...

Is it really, a better car, or is it a status symbol.

In other words, ...

"Some people just want a little protection, and I’d rather someone with a limited budget has a Hi-Point than go without a gun at all. A good guy with a Hi-Point can still save their lives or the life of someone else. A good guy with a Hi-Point is still a good guy with a gun."

Or, ...

A good gal with a Hi-Point C9, Smith & Wesson SD9VE, .357 magnum revolver, or ... is still a good gal with a gun.

Bearing Arms - Video: Glock Versus Hi-Point?

Monday, June 11, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Four

Jasper Johns

Here in these Untied States, we have many freedoms, the freedom of speech, the freedom to own firearms, the freedom to vote for our representatives, and many more outlined in our Constitution and its amendments, better known as The Bill of Rights.

But, ...

Which one is the most necessary or most important one?

For the National Rifle Association members it would probably the right to keep and bear arms, according to the Second Amendment.

For the members of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, it would probably be unrestricted speech, according to the First Amendment.

For others, it might be the Fourth Amendment. For Lawyers it might be the Fifth Amendment. For certain senators, it might be the Seventeenth Amendment. For illegal immigrants, it might be the Fourteenth Amendment. For 'blacks,' it might be the Thirteenth Amendment. For teenagers, it might be the Twenty-Sixth Amendment.

But, ...

Which one is the most important?

My opinion?

It's the Tenth

Doom and Gloom





Food Poisoning







Status Quo




Things You Might Want to Think About

Yeap, they hate your freedoms, too.

What did they expect after allowing a massive migration into a country that is already having a hard time supporting its citizens, a political scandal involving the former leaders, and ... ?

You might want to dump your FaceBook account and ... stock.

Ha, Ha, Ha
It took long enough, for karma to catch up with him.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Again
What's so funny about this story?

I believed it.

Crime and crime prevention is a complex subject. It takes years of developing a better police and resident relationship, improving opportunities for city residents, and other leftist liberal money wasters.

When, ...

All the city and state has to do is get more people to buy, carry, and use firearms, when appropriate.


I guess everybody was 'black.'

You know why?

Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, David Hogg, and so-called Black Lives Matter didn't say a thing about the shooting.

Only One
Just to set the record straight, former President Bill Clinton is the only president of these United States to be impeached. Former President Nixon resigned before being impeached.

Also, ...

William Jefferson Clinton is a sexual predator. Even Ms. Monica Lewinsky agrees with me.

Also, ...

Who's the other guy in the interview, his lawyer?

Yeap, ... During an event, you're children might die or become permanently disabled becasue, during good times, you didn't think they needed their immunization shots.

Please! Please!! Please Remember!!!

Officer Scot Peterson had no legal responsibility to defend those students and teachers from anyone, including the scumbag Nikolas Cruz.

Aaah, the mean ol' Democrats finally got tired of people taking their stuff without paying.

I wish they would get tired of trying to take my stuff, too.

The nice lady, according to Jon Stewart, called the President's daughter a cunt.

Her exact words were “You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless cunt,”

Well, ...

What do you think would have happened if some, so-called, nice lady had called Chelsea Clinton, Malia Obama, or Sasha Obama a cunt, during their father's presidency?

I bet, Jon Stewart wouldn't have been defending them.

Time Piece
You know, what's so bad about this article?

A bill was written and proposed, the bill was passed and signed into law, and ...

Long before this story started, we went to StarBucks a few months ago.

The restrooms were clean and unlocked.

The seating area was clean and only customers were sitting in the booths.

And, ...

The coffee was still burnt and overpriced

Wheel Chair
Thanks America, ... You just gave our enemies another way to circumvent our nations security.


"Shale oil is not a miracle so much as a spectacular stunt: ... "

"A journalist has named the senior White House aide Sydney Blumenthal as the source of press reports last year that Monica Lewinsky was a predatory 'stalker' obsessed with Bill Clinton, contradicting Mr Blumenthal's testimony to the Senate."

"But there is one thing Barack Obama has on all competitors: treason."

"What you see out there along the Pacific rim of the USA is a giant booby-trap of certain cataclysm. It’s part of the even greater tectonic phenomenon called the Ring of Fire, which circles the whole western ocean from the Aleutian Islands to Japan through Indonesia and up again along the western edge of South America. Things are livening up all over the darn thing right now, including the rumblings of a bunch of big volcanoes in the South Pacific and the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, uncorking lethally as I write. And, of course, none of the foregoing includes the giant magma dome of worthless stock and bond values swelling under the towers of Wall Street back east."

"The point of life is for old men to plant trees in whose shade they will never stand."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Little Rock, Arkansas (ca 1935)



Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Coast Guard Auxiliary Division 7
Flotilla 73
crew academy training (ca 2012)
photograph by
Jonathan James

Thanks for all the comments folks. Sorry about not getting them posted sooner, but I have been busy these last few months.

I have had several questions about starting a blog, sad to say I'm terrible at it, but .... Here's my suggestions.

First, are you doing it for you or the money. Hopefully it's for you because most people don't make any money at blogging.

Second, have a regular schedule that you can work within. Take Uncle from Say Uncle. He writes five, six, seven blurbs a day while

Third, write about something you enjoy. If you like cooking, write about cooking. You like guns, write about guns. If you like politics, write about politics.

Fourth, don't quit your day job. Ha, ha, ha.

Fifth, add value by selling your writing, be it a cookbook, pamphlets, or other stuff (art, charity store finds, or ...) to your readers.

But, ...

Do it directly because the middlemen will keep some of your profit. Please, some do-gooder like me will come along and talk bad about the expensive, useless stuff the blog is peddling like Survival Blog.

Sixth, ... It's late; I'm headed to bed.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Information)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Electrician's Mate 2nd Class Paul Lerret
reads a book in the USS Harry S. Truman's library (ca 2002)
photograph by
Photographer's Mate 2nd Class H. Dwain Willis

I work with a gal that loves the printed page. She likes to have all of her work on a sheet of paper, especially any reference material.

So, ...

She has stacks of folders in huge file cabinets, map cabinets full of maps and deep shelves full of technical drawings, and plans galore, all over her office ; - )

Well, ...

The nice lady is running out of space, so she will be purging her files in the next few years.

A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive,
SanDisk Cruzer Micro, 4GB (ca 2010)
photograph by

Thumb Drives
The Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive (USB Flash Drive) was invented in early 1999. It was first offered in 8 MB. At 500 pages of text per Megabit (MB) that works out to 4000 single-sided sheets of paper or 80 low resolution images.

Now a days, you and your family can purchase 4 to 256 Gigabit flash drives.

Just so you know, 1 gigabit equals 1000 megabits, so a four gigabit thumb drives holds 2,000,000 pages of text or 40,000 low resolution images.

Now, I'm going to stop here with one more piece of information about jump drives. They can last at least 10 years with the possibility of working for close to 100 years.

Wikipedia - USB Flash Drive

Wikipedia - Universal Serial Bus

Micro SD Card, 1 CHF coin , and SD Card (ca 2016)
photograph by
Clément Bucco-Lechat

SD Cards
Secure Digital is a format introduced in late 1999. Currently it has four families, the Standard-Capacity (SDSC), the High-Capacity (SDHC), the eXtended-Capacity (SDXC), and the SDIO. These cards come in three sizes, original, mini, and micro.

SDSC cards can hold up to ??? of information, and SDHC cards can hold up to 32 gigabit of information. SDXC cards can hold up to 2 terabit of information while SDIO cards are used to attach the electronic device to support cameras, global positioning systems, FM tuners, and many others.

These cards can last up to five years.

Wikipedia - Secure Digital

Hard Disk Drive
with cover removed (ca 2004)
photograph by

Hard Disk Drives
Developed in the mid-50s, the first hard drive was the size of two medium refrigerators and stored 3.75 megabytes of information.

Now-a-days, hard drives can be had in sizes of 14 terabits and can last for around 250 years.

Wikipedia - Hard Disk Drive

Disassembled Solid State Drive (ca 2014)
photograph by

Solid State Drives
All I have to say, ... They only last two years in storage.

Wikipedia - Solid State Drive

The Trail to Kalam Lake (ca 2013)
photograph by
Talha Malik

By now, you probably know where I'm going with this information.

And, ...

You would be right.

Trade Offs
First, paper is bulky and can be difficult to properly store. Plus, it is flammable, can be damaged by insects, and it takes knowledge to access.

Second, electronic devices are small but require electricity to access. They can be damaged be power surges, extreme heat, moisture, and other ravages.

Third, no matter your information storage device, including your brain, every device has its pros and cons.

Which One?
Like your food storage, you need to make an assessment

First, ... What are your needs? Are you looking for the basics, then a few books would be fine with some training or practice to cement your knowledge. If you're looking for depth and breadth then you will need the important and critical knowledge in paper with the remainder and backup of the paper in electronic storage devices.

Second, ... What are your resources? Do you have some money then you can buy multiple forms of the information, like compact disks with thumb drives with SD cards with an external hard drive and two devices to access the information, like a laptop with a solar panel and a mobile phone with a card reader. If you don't have excess money then you might request the local library to purchase all the anthologies for Backwoods Home magazine.

Third, ... What events are you and your family planning to survive? Are you planning for a winter storm, hurricane, tornado, or other short-term event then you probably only need copies of all you family's important documents that are normally stored in a safety deposit box. If you're planning for a long-term wide-ranging event then you and your family are probably going to need an extensive base of knowledge. A base of knowledge that would fill a small local library with books, floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

Lastly, ... How long? Because if it's a multi-generational event, you and your partner are going to have to start a school to teach your children and the children of your friends how to read all those books, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and other written material.

Wikipedia - Digital Permanence

Wikipedia - Print Permanence

Wikipedia - Preservation (Library and Archival Science)

Wikipedia - Disk Storage

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday: 6 June 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Stevens 520-30 Trench Gun with M1917 Bayonet (ca 2015)
photograph by

Last week, I highlighted some articles about shotguns that got me to thinking.

So, ...

870 or 500
The two most popular 12 gauge shotguns, in these United States, are the Mossberg Model 500-series and the Remington Model 870.

Which one is 'better?'

You will have to decide.

YouTube: mixflip - Watch this before you buy a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500

YouTube:BlockShawOutdoors - Remington 870 VS Mossberg 500 - which one is better?

YouTube: dochinson - Remington 870 vs Mossberg 500/88 Ultimate Review

Lucky Gunner
Either choice, ...

Both will require you and your family to have ...

Knowledge and Skills

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - Why Use a Shotgun for Home Defense?

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - 6 Features of a Home-Defense Shotgun

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - Buckshot for the Home Defense Shotgun

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - Cruiser Ready: How to Store A Home Defense Shotgun

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - Practical Drills for the Home Defense Shotgun

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - How to Reload a Defensive Shotgun

Hickok 45
With over a three million subscribers and two hundred videos, he has something to say about ...

YouTube: hickok45 - Mossberg 590 vs Remington 870

YouTube: hickok45 - Shotgun Choice: Pump vs Semi-auto

20 Gauge
Back in the day, I would shoot 12 gauge all day, everyday.

Now-a-days, it's ...

YouTube: Gun Talk Media - 20 Gauge Shotguns for Home Defense

YouTube: Paul Harrell - 20 Gauge Shotguns Part One: Home Defense

YouTube: Lucky Gunner - What About 20 Gauge for Home Defense?

If you have a firearm, you're going to need ammunition. Just not any old ammunition, if you're protecting your family.

YouTube:earthling1984 - Shotgun Shells Explained

YouTube:fmgpubs - Home Defense: Buckshot vs. Birdshot

YouTube: Paul Harrell - Bird Shot in your Home Defense Shotgun.

YouTube:nutnfancy - Ammo Carry for Tactical Shotgun: Ways That Work

Wednesday: 6 June 2018, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

A Traditional Ugandan  Meal (ca 2014)
photograph by

In a few short months, Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness will be ten years old,

In honor of this event, ...

I have collected, every Wednesday for the next year, a few blurbs from various places, such as ...

Safely Gathered In
Hannah and Abbie with Brittany, Aleasha, Sarah, and Tiffany provided wonderful advice and suggestions about gathering, storing and using food storage for you and your family. The six women also provided great, delicious recipes based on their food storage that their families eat at family meal times.

Safely Gathered In - Our "Safely Gathered In" e-book!

Food Storage Made Easy
Jodi and Julie have a wonderful blog with lots of information, so they also have many tips, tricks, and recipes, for you and your family.

Food Storage Made Easy - How to Make Omelets Freeze-Dried Style

Food Storage Made Easy - Sweet and Sour Chicken from Scratch (+ Quinoa)

Wednesday: 6 June 2018

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Tudenham House, an abandoned mansion
located near Mullingar, County Westmeath in Ireland (ca 2016)
photograph by
Mike Searle

The 'Rich'
The easiest and probably best method of dealing with an event is to leave the area.

Well, ...

If you're Jewish and can prove it, you can go to Israel.

If you're Spanish and can prove it, you can go to Spain.

If you're Irish and can prove it, you can go to Ireland

Lastly, ...

If you're really rich, you can go to ...

The Guardian - Citizenship for sale: how tycoons can go shopping for a new passport

Monday, June 4, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Three

Green Sky Landscape
Charles Webster Hawthorne

This, so-called, article is from last week. I even linked to it, but it was Memorial Day, so I had more important things to say.

With that said, ...

First, ... Folks that don't know firearms shouldn't write articles talking about guns.

Second, ... Folks with an agenda, especially against your freedoms, shouldn't write an article about firearms.

Third, ... There are people that will believe this article. They will base their beliefs on this article, and they will believe it is O.K. to send other people to arrest you and your family, possibly killing your family in the process.

Lastly, .... These folks are O.K. with being ignorant about our freedoms, and they price we paid, as a nation, to have these freedoms.

So, ...

Take someone shooting, so they can begin to understand the importance firearms play in our country.

Doom and Gloom





Door Jamb








Registration, Again 



Things You Might Want to Think About

But, ... Will you be able get a well paying job with that degree?

I always wanted another son, so I guess I can steal one then fly Southwest to get the kid out of state.

Well, ... I guess they showed who was the dumbest of the group by suggesting that all of the recent so-called school shootings were done by socioeconomic disadvantaged children living in the ghetto.

I think the article's author got her information from Wikipedia

The 'Plan'
O.K. George Soros is a monster.

But, ...

Some of his ideas are pretty good, like ...

"... the allocation of refugees within Europe should be entirely voluntary."

Cool, this means some or all of the European Union can say 'No' to accepting refugees and other migrants.

"By strengthening democratic regimes in the developing world, such an EU-led “Marshall Plan for Africa” would also help ..."

Awesome, we (these United States and Europe) get to destroy corrupt governments, like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, and ... many others

"... the EU needs to transform itself into an organization that countries like Britain would want to join, ..."

Fantastic, this means the European Union needs to promote balanced budgets, local rule by the country, less regulations amoung member states, civil rights such as constitutional firearms' ownership, freedom of speech, and ... The Bill of Rights for all of Europe.

However, ...

Most of his ideas suck, like borrowing money, unlimited migration, and ... pretty much the whole article.

I wonder who will got shot first, Pusha-T or Drake?

You have been paying attention, ... right?

When you're side is losing a war, it is a good idea to quit fighting.

The only problem, ...

The Israelis are winning and they decided to quit fighting.

Just in case, you ever wonder, ...


"The group said that the initial test does not have to be a colonoscopy, a procedure that typically requires a day off from work and an often-unpleasant bowel cleansing routine. Instead, it could be one of several other tests, including home stool tests available by prescription."

"As long as we accept this travesty of a mockery of a sham, we deserve what we get."

When this margin debt is unwound, like it was during the last two bear markets, it’s going to be nastier than before because there is so much speculation in the system... The pain is coming and unavoidable.

"Something lethal is waiting out there to get you and me, too"

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That's Just the Way it Was: Macon County, Georgia (ca 1939)

Landless family of cotton sharecroppers. For their labor they receive half the crop they produce, and the equivalent of ten dollars a month "furnish" (credit) from the landlord. Their vegetable garden failed this year for lack of rain

 Cotton sharecropper family.

 Cotton field and plantation house.

Rolling store which goes from door to door selling groceries, hardware, drygoods, drugs, and a variety of household and farm supplies.

Negro wage laborer and part of his family. He is coming home from the commissary with a week's rations

 House in which cotton farmer has lived for fifty years.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Prepper and Survivalists,

Infantrymen From
Company B, 1st Bn,, 5th Cav. Rgmt, 1st Cavalry Division,
handing out school supplies, personal care items and clothing
to children at an orphanage in Tikrit, Iraq (ca 2011)
photograph by
Sgt. Crystal Hudson

Currently, the economy is looking up, but there are still millions of people out of work, many families receiving supplemental nutritional assistance, and other indicators that the economy isn't that great. Plus, stock prices, home prices, and other assets prices are near all time highs.

Now, ...

In the past, we have talked about depression and inflation. Depression is when money becomes more valuable and inflation is when money becomes less valuable.

Or, ...

Put another way, depression is when stuff is less expensive and inflation is when stuff is more expensive.

Well, ...

These two events can happen at the same time, back to back very quickly, or each event can go on for a long time, several years even a decade.

So, ...

Right now, food, fuel, and shelter prices are increasing while vehicles, recreation, and airfare are decreasing.

In other words, all the stuff (food, fuel, and shelter) you can't live without are getting more expensive which is inflation or money becoming worth less while everything you can do without (cars, boats, vacations) are getting cheaper or money becoming worth more.

Please notice, other items are also increasing in price, items such as ...

ース坂会館 北海道札幌市西区二十四軒3条7丁目
バスクリン & Shampoo Bottles
(エメロン, メリット and others) (ca 2008)
photograph by

Personal Care
Some of the items that my family and I stock are shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, dental floss, and other personal care items.


It's going up in price.

Don't believe me?

Just look at some of the prices and sizes you and your family use to get, several years ago.

For us, we use to get 22oz. for $1. Now, it's $2 for an 18oz. bottle.

The same goes for ...

U.S. Marines dash down the commissary aisles
during a Commissary Awareness Month event (ca 2006)
photograph by
United States Marine Corps

Laundry Supplies
Yes, the above picture is all in fun, but it shows the amount of space you and your family might need for your laundry supplies.

So, ...

I count 22 bottles of detergent and 5 bottles of softener. This would allow my family to wash clothes for probably six to nine months.

Just like your food supplies, your other supplies are rotated with the new bottle going on the back of the shelf with the older item being used by your family.

As always, during 'good' times, you and your family are trying to build up your supplies while your family only uses your supplies and food during times you can't get these items.

Senior Airman Than, 42nd Attack Squadron MQ-9 sensor operator,
operating the Multi-Spectral Targeting System
for reconnaissance and lasing targets for guided munitions. (ca 2016)
photograph by
Senior Airman Christian Clausen

Right now, younger folks are getting rid of their parents stuff, things like glass canning jars, food processing equipment, antique furniture, and other items. Items that you and your family might want to think about getting for really cheap or maybe even free.

Because, ...

What do you need to canned food that you and your family have planted, harvested, and processed for storage?

Glass canning jars and canning lids!

Canning jars have gone from $4.50 a dozen to $12 a dozen back down to $8 a dozen.

So, ...

This is an example of Inflation changing to Depression.