Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Civil War)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Luca Polpettini

Civil War
As some of you know, there is a possibility these United States will descend into a civil war in the next few years.

Not really, but it's pretty good justification for buying ...

That's what British soldiers call 'Tactical Gear.'

The Reality
Before I begin, like any other event, it sounds cool to be getting ready for a civil war, when in reality, a civil war sucks, lots of civilians (what you and your family are), terrorists (what you and your family are), refugees (what you and your family will be) and many others getting killed, maimed, raped, sold into slavery, and many other bad, bad, bad things.

So, ...

Run Away
Your families first reaction is to get out of town, the state, or the country.

You can do this a few different ways.

First, make arrangements with friends and family in a safe area. Don't think the so-called 'Redoubt'  or 'Eastern Redoubt' will be a safe place for your family. Look at Syria, anywhere and everywhere is being bombed or attacked by one side or another.

The Same City
As we have seen in the past, when folks start to riot with homes and businesses burning then it's all downhill for that side of town.

So, ... Have a packed emergency evacuation kit that you and your family can grab and go, across town, when it happens.

Depending on the situation, you and your family (Don't forget the pets) may be gone for a few days. Needless to say, you will still need to go to work, and the children will need to go to school. Unless, it's cancelled for the duration.

These requirements, work and school, may require your family to have a cache of clothing, copies of important documents, and other items stashed in your friend or relative's basement, garage, or shed.

Now, some of y'all are thinking 'Hey, I have a credit card with a few thousand dollar limit; we'll wing it!'

That's possible, but ... You and several hundred thousands of other families are going to try it, so save your family the hassle.

Important Points
I'm going to sound like the racist, bigot that I am, so ...

Make sure you and your family are evacuating to a place across town that is the same or close to the same ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, cultural and other important issues as you and your family.

Remember, you don't want to be the only white/black/brown/red/yellow family in the predominantly white/black/brown/red/yellow neighborhood or the only Jew/Catholic/Protestant/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist in the predominantly Jew/Catholic/Protestant/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist neighborhood or the only Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Socialist during a civil war along religious/ethnic/political lines; - )

Next, please, be grateful to the neighbors. They are going to have to put up with the additional traffic from your vehicle, new suspicious people in the community (with the other side of town burning), your children playing in the street, and many other real or imagined problems your family will create for them.

But, ... Don't be a pushover, either.

Lastly, like I have told you, practice your plan, so you can solve the problems, now!

Another State
Folks, if you and your partner are planning to move your family across the country, in a improvised or deliberately manner, during an event, like a civil war, you need to work the heck out of your plan, now!

That's right, practice your plan and the backup plan, to the backup plan.

Another Country
Leaving your home country is going to be difficult for several reasons.

First, you and your family have been beaten to the punch because millions of refugees are already in the 'good' countries.

Now, don't get me wrong, Japan is a nice country, if you like being considered an outsider that will never be trusted by your neighbors. Plus, it's expensive, even today.

The same goes for Sweden, Finland, and the other Nordic countries.

Second, this option is going to take planning. You will need a passport, visa, and meet other requirements, like a job for some countries.

Third, depending on your color skin tone will determine which country you will blend in.

Take Panama. I work with a 'white' guy, and his wife is Panamanian. She says Panama has very good healthcare, it's inexpensive for retirees, and there are really nice gated communities for U.S citizens and other 'whites.'

The same goes for black, brown, red, and yellow skinned people. All you need is the monthly income, about $1.000 to $1.500

Outside those gated communities, not so nice, so you have to do that research too.

FerFAL, at The Modern Survivalist and Surviving in Argentina, is kind'a dark-skinned. He, his wife, and child immigrated to Ireland a few years ago. Because his parents were Spaniards, they had European passports.

These passports allowed him to easily settle there.

Another option is Great Britain, blacks and yellow skinned people have been accepted there for decades. Not so much for brown skinned people.

I think, they're still pissed at India for gaining independence.

Now, some folks are thinking, 'I'm 'black.' I will go to Africa.!'

Have you been there? I haven't, but ...

The whole continent is having problems. Just look at all the refugees fleeing their home countries. The same goes for the economic conditions.

Libya - Civil War; Egypt - Religious Violence; Algeria - Terrorism; Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Niger - Fighting each other or someone else; Mali - Religious Violence; Senegal, Ivory Coast, and many others - Economic Crisis, and ...

There is a reason these United States is sending troops to many African countries.

'What about India?' you ask.

Nice place, and I have family that want to go there.

But, ... Don't be a Muslim in a Hindu neighborhood or a Hindu in a Muslim neighborhood. The same goes to those pesky 'castes.'

Yeah, I know India outlawed them many decades ago, but they are still around.

Oooh, don't be poor in India.

Korea - Can you say homicidal maniac, to the north? China - Can you say totalitarian, communist country or the other China (Taiwan) - In the cross hairs of that totalitarian, communist country that I just mentioned.

Australia, New Zealand, and Micronesia - Gun banning, earthquake prone, global warming poster children for places to avoid.

Canada - You need a job.

Russia - Really?

Of course, the list goes on and on.

Wrong Impression
Now, don't get me wrong. There are many nice areas of the world to travel, visit, and even emigrate to, but you to do the research to make sure the area is right for your situation.

Now, ... If you have the cash, you can disregard all of my concerns.

For an example, here in these United States, a family can 'buy' a visa for a $500,000 investment in these United States, just see an immigration lawyer. They'll help you, for a fee.

The same goes for other countries.


U.S. State Department - U.S. Passports and International Travel

U.S. State Department -  Country Information

U.S. State Department - Americans Traveling Abroad

The Modern Survivalist - Relocating: The Great life experience of living Abroad

Borrow the book from your local library ; - )

The Modern Survivalist - Real-World Bugging Out and Bug Out Locations

The Modern Survivalist - Hurricane Matthew: Ready to Bug Out?

Global Security - American Military Bases in Africa

Mother Jones - The Startling Size of US Military Operations in Africa

8 October, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday (Civil War)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Rafael Robles

I forgot a few things, such as ...

Do you and your family speak the local language.

Headed to Spain? Do you speak 'real' Spanish? Not, Mexican Spanish

How about Icelandic? Danish? Flemish? Portuguese? Dutch? Japanese? Korean? Mandarin? Standard Chinese? Polish? Turkish? or ...

I can't remember, if I have mentioned this before. But, ...

Way back in the '80s, a survivalist newsletter writer recommended starting a banking account in the Royal Bank of Scotland. His thought was to establish a financial reserve that could be used 'If' you and your family evacuated to a foreign country.

Well, ... The bank was taken over by the United Kingdom, in the 2008 financial difficulties.

Of course, another thing to think about, as you contemplate moving to a foreign country.

Here in these United States, we have some very liberal firearm laws. In most other countries, you are going to need permits with examinations, show a need to the local security forces, and have expensive secure storage for the firearm.

In other words, no guns for the foreigner.


Lastly, you and your partner have bonds with people, in your home country. Bonds that may be hard to break, such as taking care of older parents, caring for the family business, and others.

Wikipedia - List of languages by number of native speakers

9 October, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Sunday (Civil War)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

graphic by
based on original .gif by
Robert Simmon

Hurricane Matthew
Jumper lives on the east coast, around Florida, so we have been attentive about Hurricane Matthew.

The Kit
Jumper is an essential government worker. He has to go in no matter what, so he grabs some things to put in his truck, just in case.

You know, the usual ... water, food, sleeping bag, and other stuff. Fuel up the truck then he drove into work.

Now, they aren't possibly getting hit for another 36 hours, so he's in meeting all day, talking about the on-coming storm.

Well, ... He forgot his lunch.

Since the storm is such a big deal, no one is going out to eat. Plus, all the local food joints are closed. Needless to say, he walks out to his truck and grabs one of his meals. Not a big deal because he has enough for a week or two.

Really, ... he is that prepared

The meals are shelf-stable, all-in-one meals. I forgot which ones, but he has eaten them before, a few years ago.

Guess what?

They suck; he hates them; and on and on

We're Evacuating
My brother's family has already left. His wife and in-laws are headed to a wedding in Ohio, a pre-planned event. The sons are going to various friends that live a few hundred miles inland, and his daughter is working. She is a nurse, and she is considered 'essential' personnel, too.

Oooh, now it's 24 hours before the hurricane is expected to make landfall, so Scout and his employers are watching the weather when Hurricane Matthew is predicted to strengthen.

The decision is made to evacuate, so off go the firefighter with their trucks and rescue equipment; medics with the ambulances and emergency supplies; public works with trucks towing trailers full of emergency repair supplies, boats with every fuel can the city owns, full of fuel; city staff with back-up servers full of court documents, utility records, city personnel records, and other information; police officers in police cars with 'extra' firearms and ammunition and personal trucks towing trailers full of emergency supplies; and my brother (in his truck because he doesn't rate a city vehicle) as he turns out the lights, literally.

Where are we Going?

You got it right, a pre-planned site, hosted by a community that has a written agreement with the city.

Everybody drives into the parking lot, walks in, and waits because an advance crew and the host city had already set everything up for the city staff. Cool.

By now, some of y'all' think I'm lying. I'm not. It's the truth.

Think about it.

Hurricanes are a predictable disaster, so thoughtful, responsible people get prepared, like the City of ... Thought I would tell you ; - )

However, there were some hiccups.

First, Jumper was implementing his rehearsed plan when he realized the new software wouldn't load the 'old' emergency information.

It seems all the city's information had been upgraded to the new standard, except for the emergency information.

So, ... Sweat, cursing, and a little computer magic and everything is a o.k., so the back-up servers are loaded with all the city's current data.

Next, the back-up servers are loaded on the bread truck.

photograph by
Dwight Burdette

Really, it's a bread truck that was used to carry the police department's S.W.A.T. team's gear to emergencies. My brother and his staff modified the truck with desks, chairs, computers, generators, external electrical hook-ups and other cool stuff.

Next, he didn't bring a tent in his personal emergency supplies. Not a big deal because Jumper has a poncho with bungee cords, in his truck. He can improvise a shelter, just in case.

Lastly, that wedding I mentioned earlier. The plan was to go on a six day vacation with his wife. By the time the hurricane has arrived, left, and any recovery started, she will be back and he'll want a shower ; - )

First, have a plan

Second, believe the local weather forecasters and evacuate and evacuate early.

Third, no plan works all the time. Be prepared for problems.

Fourth, have a place to go, during a disaster.

Fifth, buy your supplies before the disaster

Six, practice your plan in advance.

Seventh, ... I don't know. What do you think?