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Volume Three: Number Sixteen

Bursa Görünümünü
Hale Asaf
(before 1931)

As the problems facing our country evolve, I have posted articles that point out the dangers of some groups, like 'blacks' and Muslims. These articles, sometimes, point out the inadequacies of these two groups and many others, by highlighting the achievements of 'whites.'

These arguments are flawed.

First, so-called minorities have had great achievements in the past. We can see this in China's Great Armada, of 1405; the building and staffing of Timbuktu, from 1230 until 1600; 'Black' Wall Street, from the early 1900s to 1921; the colonization of, what will be called, the Americas; and many others.

Second, individuals in these groups have had great success. Many have become doctors, lawyers, nurses, school teachers, police officers, engineers, ... The list is truly endless; while, others have made stellar achievements as astronauts.

Lastly, some members of these minorities are also pointing out the problems facing their ethnic and religious groups.

But, ... There is a problem. Really, many problems.

As a group, these peoples aren't making the achievements, like they have in the past. This includes, so-called, 'whites.'

Doom and Gloom


$1,000,000,000,000 and, ... Growing


British Petroleum



Motorized Vehicles

Modern Dangers

Potato Chips

Tobacco Companies

Washington D.C. 

Things You Might Want to Think About

Kansas recently held a special election to replace Mike Pompeo in the House of Representatives. The Republican candidate won by 6% of the vote while Mr. Pompeo usually won by 30%.

The Democrats have called it a 'victory.'

Needless to say, it should be a wake up call to the Republicans.

Around 1930, there was this 'Great Depression.' In response to banks going out of business and taking their depositor's money with them, a law was enacted in 1933. The part I'm concerned with is called Glass-Steagal. It prohibits banks from speculating with depositor's money

In 1999, it was repealed.

Around 2008, there was another great depression (no one called it that, but that's what it was) with people losing money left and right. Needless to say, another law was passed Dodd-Frank

It seems, some folks think Dod-Frank needs repealed.

Hate Crime
I thought every crime was a hate crime

Folks, this isn't policing.

Some of us can't carry a firearm for various reasons.

With that said, there are several other options.

Repeating History?
Several years ago, two countries united after decades of separation that was thought to be permanent.

Could it happen in Korea?

Folks, ... someone has a few questions that you might be interested to know about.

I don't care, so should you. Unless of course, ... you have family, are a friend, single, married, divorced, dating, 'straight,' 'gay,' man, woman, 'transgender,' 'black,' 'white,' 'red,' 'yellow,' 'brown,' live in a poor area of town, live in a rich part of town, live outside of town, saint, sinner, born again ...

So, .... You need to buy a firearm, learn how to safely use it, and carry it.

Virginia Tech
The killing of over two dozen people was recently remembered, so a bunch of politicians and other folks got together to remember the murdered.

One former dirtbag politician even had the gall to "vividly remembers the horrors of that day" when he was sitting in Richmond, 200 miles away, as unarmed students and teachers cowered as the scumbag walked from room to room killing people that had obeyed the law.

Needless to say, nothing has changed except a bunch of people got to gather to feel bad that they haven't increased the number of opportunities for a similar attack.

Folks, as you and your family get prepared for the tough times ahead, some of y'all are thinking about 'resisting' an invader, building a 'fortress,' or some other violent actions.

So, ... When it comes to the warfare, always remember, ...

Warfare is always changing


"How is it in America’s interests to promote Islamic jihadi theocracy?"

"Recognizing the phenomenal achievements of your own race is no reason for arrogance. Arrogance usually betrays inner doubt. The successful do not need it. No, success does not justify you in looking down on others. It does suggest that you need not allow yourself to be scorned. You, as a member of way-and-gone the most successful and creative race and culture the planet has seen, should not put up with it. Don’t brag about our achievements. But know of  them.."

"The [AR-15] rifle is the modern equivalent carried by the Framers’ ‘well regulated militia’"

"None of this is to suggest that Trump is going to be good for our team, however you interpret that. It’s just that using the old metrics to assess Trump is a category error. He’s not a regular politician and these are not regular times. No one should have imagined Trump as their white knight. At best, Trump flips over the tables and creates enough chaos to give those outside official Washington a chance to join the fight. Trump the Destroyer of Worlds is going to be exhausting for everyone. That’s just part of the deal."

"This tactic is simply another way for Islamists and radical leftists to “get at” white people, hoping that the white guilt narrative will continue to be an effective deterrent to speaking rationally about Islamic terrorism."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Woonsocket, Rhode Island (ca 1940)

General view entering the business section of Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Christmas trees for sale at a gas station.

Children getting out of school at three-thirty

Tenement houses in the working class section of town.

Textile mills seen from a bridge

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