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Volume Three: Number Fourteen

Percher de Blanchisseuses
Berthe Morisot

During some possible events, you and your family may have nothing to survive, no shelter, no water, no food, no protection, nothing but your knowledge and skills. In other words, bushcraft.

Bushcraft is defined, by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, as "the skill gained by or necessary for living in bush country"  What this definition means is the knowledge to build a shelter with a fire to keep warm, find water and filter it to drink, identify plants to eat and make traps to feed your family, produce weapons to protect yourselves, and many other skills using few if any tools.

Some folks would dismiss bushcraft as primitive techniques unneeded by the modern prepper with their Berkey water filters, gortex jackes with polypro liners for warmth, AR-15s for protection, cans of long-term food storage, and many other tools and supplies.

But, ... What happens "If" you and your family lose all of your hard earned supplies and tools? What do you do "Then?"

Doom and Gloom

25 Percent




Italian Banks 


Laptop Computers





Things You Might Want to Think About

50 Years
If something has failed for fifty years, why should our citizens continue to to use it, much less fund the failed project.

Oooh, ... Here's the reason; someone else, politically connected, is getting rich

The only problem, ... Government isn't in the business of generating a profit. It's in the business of controlling a country.

Civil Asset Forfeiture
There is a really cool law that allows the security forces to seize money, vehicles, and other property if this property was used in a crime or is thought to have been generated from criminal activity. Even cooler, the security forces don't even have to arrest, charge, or do anything else to keep the property.

Oooh, ... If the person asks for the police to return the cash, they have to prove it wasn't used in a crime.

In other words, if your local police force needs a pay raise, stop more vehicles and take the occupants cash, storm more homes and take their cash, or ... become just another criminal by stealing peoples hard earned cash.
In the fight for freedom, you have a choice, to enrich your enemies or impoverish them.

What is your choice?

We have a problem with healthcare in our country, and it is us.

Some of us want 'free' healthcare because we didn't save for old age or don't have a 'rich' family while some of us want 'free' healthcare because we don't have a job, a job that doesn't offer healthcare, or just can't afford healthcare. In other words, we are poor.

We also have a problem with people wanting to give healthcare to the poor. These people believe that people should be helped when they can't afford healthcare. In the past, some of these people would build a hospital, donate great amounts of money to charities that provided healthcare to the poor, and travel around the country raising donations for these charities. Now a days, these people want the government to provide charity healthcare. In other words, we don't want to personally help the poor.

Lastly, we, The People, have to deal with this problem because, sooner or later, the problem will destroy us.

It's Not When, it's ... Maybe
These United States breaking up along certain lines; ancestor's origin, religious belief, skin tone, and many others; is a perennial 'possible event' for preppers, survivalists, and doomsayers because it's fun to think about the country destroying itself.

Well, ... like all disasters du jour; up there with super volcanoes, asteroid strikes, nuclear war, and other big, but very unlikely events; it pops up every few years, so just wait, it will go away for a few years.

Needless to say, the collapse of these United States should be on your family's threat analysis, just not too near the top ; - )

Mental Health
According to the Chief of Police, the scumbag (appearing to suffer from mental instability) was arrested with two 'possible' accomplices, in the murder of 20 people.

Needless to say, the Taliban might be involved.

The Price of Silver
Needless to say, the folks that promote silver and gold will be shouting to the world that an ounce of silver has increased in value 3 million percent ; - )

I wonder how much it will cost to purchase all this information on each elected official, their families, and certain friends?

South Africa
A man is elected president because he promised to end the control of a great country by an oppressive minority, so ...

Stop me if you have heard this one before.

That's ... Not Me
Hopefully, you and your partner read Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness because it challenges your beliefs (and informs you) about prepping for the tough times ahead.


"I speak my truth. If you don't like it, tough. I will always be honest and stand in my truth."

"(10) Most  of Social Justice Warriorism deals more with feelings than with fact, logic, observation, or actual thought, all of which are regarded as nuisances and probably sexist. Thus there is no hope. We should all go home and slit our throats, leaving the world to bugs and things."

"... these promises made in yesteryear can no longer be kept, regardless of who's in power."

"So why not just flip the switch and require truth and honesty in public pension math? Too many cities and potentially states would buckle under the weight of more realistic assumed rates of return. By some estimates, unfunded liabilities would triple to upwards of $6 trillion if the prevailing yields on Treasuries were used. That would translate into much steeper funding requirements at a time when budgets are already severely constrained. Pockets of the country would face essential public service budgets being slashed to dangerous levels."

"That is, Diversity + Proximity = Violence."

"All this again underscores the blatant fact that leftists would rather pander to the sacred cows of identity politics by embracing and merging with the most misogynistic belief system on the planet than actually maintain and defend classically liberal principles."

"Orwell would be impressed."

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Drill pipe and well being drilled

Mixing mud to be used in rotary drilling operations

 Making test of mud which is being used in drilling

A Derrick man moving pipe into position as it is brought up out of the hole for changing the bit

He is 120 feet above the ground

Putting section of pulled drill pipe into place

 Driller at work

Reaching for descending traveling block while pulling the drill pipe out of a well to change the bit

Unscrewing a piece of drill pipe by means of a rotary table. The pipe is being pulled out of the well to change the bit

Attaching new bit to the drill pipe

Drilling operations at night. All oil well drilling goes on twenty-four hours a day

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