Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday: 5 April 2017

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The Gun is Civilization
This is an oldie, but goodie from long ago. It is a fundamental article, kind'a like the Constitution of these United States, the first ten amendments, or other important founding document for this country.

O.K. That was pure hyperbole.

The article is more Federalist Papers or Anti-Federalist Papers ; - )

Munchen Wrangler - Why the Gun is Civilization.

Firearms and Liberty - Anti-Federalist Papers

These United States' Congress - The Federalist Papers

Just so you know, ...

No matter who you are; including the lowest scum, a child molester (Gerald Arthur "Jerry" Sandusky, Roman Polanski; Michael Jackson, and ...) I believe you and your family should own defensive firearms to protect yourself and your family, like a ...

SKS Rifle and a .357 magnum revolver.

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