Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Bushcraft)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Falk Oberdorf

Important Skills
Throughout the year, I will mention certain bushcraft skills, over and over again. The two most important skills, that I will mention, are make a shelter and start a fire because ...

You and your family have three to five hours, depending on the conditions, before you are fatally affected by cold weather. For children and older adults, it can be sooner.

The next few skills; find and treat water, identify nutritional plants and trap small game to feed yourselves, and signaling potential rescuers: are the next important. because ...

You and your family can survive three to five days without potable water and three to five weeks without eating. Except for younger children and older adults.

Needless to say, then there are the other bushcraft skills that would be nice to know like moving through the wilderness, creating cordage, and many others that would make your life easier in the wilderness.

Chris Molloy - Graves's Bushcraft Books: 00 Introduction

Survivor Library - Australian Bushcraft.pdf

Sounds like me.

Bushcraft OZ - Wentworth - Criticism of Survival /Bushcraft Manuals

More People
Needless to say, there are many good places to learn more about bushcraft that doesn't cost a dime.

Bushcraft OZ - Forum

Bushcraft USA - Forums

Bushcraft United Kingdom - Forum

New Job
I cleaned out my old locker, two of them, packed everything in the Preppermobile and took them to home away from home (HAFH).

I have a lot of stuff; two sets of canvas bib overalls with a long canvas insulated barn coat, multiple sets of gloves, hats, and safety gear; two sets of rain gear; three sets of rubber boats; and about three days of food and water. Oooh, ... and five slightly used uniforms

Of course, as I was loading the car, I asked myself how did I get all this stuff.

My answer, ... A little at a time.

Past Lessons for You
The first lesson, from this past experience, is to get your top priorities completed first, water and food.

Next, warm clothing since it was late summer when I started the 'old' job.

Third, add to your capabilities by filling in the holes like spare clothing.

Lastly, use what you have and upgrade/replace, as needed.

Old Tricks, New Location
Like all new jobs, there is some 'good' and 'bad' such as a little office without a storage locker.

To remedy this problem, Katniss suggested I take one of our coloured plastic totes (a tan one since the office furniture is tannish) to hold some emergency gear, like ...

What do you think, I should add to the tote?

I'll post a picture in a few weeks with the final effort.

Yes, ... This is a test.

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