Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Update)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Virginia State Parks

Last week, I gave you some links, on various subjects, about bushcraft. As you can see, there is a wide range of people out there walking the woods, discovering new methods, and exploring the old ways, used by our ancestors.

So, ...

Whether you like Survival Lilly, MCQ Bushcraft, Ray Mears, Dave Canterbury with Wilderness Outfitter, Bush Girl Karen, Really Big Monkey 1, Emily's Outdoor Adventures, or many, many, many others, ...

Heck, there are even several 'Best of Bushcraft' lists out there, on the internet.

... You have access to a wide range of knowledge about living with what Mother Nature will provide you and your family.

Holy Adventures - 7 Favorite Bushcraft Channels on YouTube
On Point Preparedness - The Top 10 Best YouTube Bushcrafters

Mother Nature is a loving, beautiful mass murderer.

So, ...

Make sure you're prepared when you and your family head into the wilderness. Even "If," it's the backyard ; - )

As you know, from my 'normal' schedule, this blurb should have been here by 4:30 am PDST.

Well, ...

I have been busy with other concerns.

Selling Our Home
The 'old' homestead in a subdivision has been on the market for three months. It has received a lot of exposure, but no offers, yet. This has made Katniss a little nervous.

So, ...

She accused me of holding-on to the house. (Folks into that 'New Age' stuff about feelings, thoughts, and other B.S. know what I'm talking about) because I have been obsessing about getting everything out of the basement, garage, and barn; keeping the grass cut, cleaning up the planting beds around the house, and fixing any problems; and then cleaning the living dickens out of the place.

Well, ... We had it out.

I told her I was ready to leave, the old homestead, the minute she suggested the idea, two years ago!

Needless to say, it doesn't go well when I am upset : - (

The Family Farm
The farm is a mess; we don't have room for the several tons of food (wheat, rice, dried beans, multivitamins, cases of freeze dried veggies) cases of ammunition and firearms, cleaning supplies and clothes washing liquid, clothes, and ...

Thirty chickens, three goats, and two cats!

Selling Our Home, Part Two
The basement is clean. All the shelves are empty, except for repair parts for the house, The floor is swept, kind'a.

So, ...

On to the barn ; - )

Time has progressed long enough that children are becoming adults and heading off to college, work, and ... the military.

We have two family members looking at joining the military. To be in fact, one has accepted a college scholarship, straight out of high school, with the armed forces. Needless to say, parents, grandparents, and siblings have had a quick course in OPSEC to prevent the family member being targeted by villains.

The other perspective military member may have gotten hooked when (OPEC) took a rock climbing class with the R.O.T.C. (OPSEC) loved the camaraderie and positive attitude of the cadets, as opposed to the negative, slacker attitudes of the other 'regular' students. Of course, (OPSEC)'s parents are horrified because they come from a pampered, civilian background.

But, ... What did they think would happen? Especially when, you teach your children about their responsibilities to our country and fellow citizens, leading a life of adventure, and ...

I have some good news and some bad news about work.

The 'Good' News, I have a new job. I was hired, about two weeks after the interview. Plus, I may get my own office! Something I have never had.

The 'Bad' News, I have a new job ; - )

The new position requires me to work five days a week (7:00 - 4:30), something I haven't done for over four years. This will mean that I'll only be home with the family one and half days a week, Saturday and part of Sunday. Katniss is pissed, of course.

Going Ons
Needless to say, a lot of other things are going on nationally and internationally.

The Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, and ... everybody else is acting crazy, even these United States. With the recent chemical weapons attacks, another generation is learning that we (you and your family) can't trust the professional political appointee and their controllers about their statements of removing chemical weapons from Syria, North Korea lacking the ability to hit these United States with a ballistic missile, and the intentions of Russia.

Of course, the new President has learned how screwed up the old President left the country, so he is dealing with all those problems, like expanding the number of troops in the Middle East.

Has anyone thought about purchasing some of these used M-95 Protective masks?

And, ...

Would you like for me to talk about what to do?

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