Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday: 19 April 2017, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

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When we (you and your family) get to talking about firearms, we come from a certain perspective. For some it might be previous military experience, law enforcement, or just plain ol' plinking with our mothers and fathers.

So, ...

When I say the best defensive firearm for you and your family is a .357 magnum revolver, you might have more money to spend on a nicer, more expensive 9mm pistol, or you might not have as much money, so you must purchase an used .38 Special revolver for your family's protection.

Either way, ...

Here is someone else's perspective.

Say Uncle - The Cartridge of the Century

Needless to say, I started clicking to read the other articles ; - )

LuckyGunner - Feed Your Revolver: .38 Spl & .357 Mag Ballistics Gel Test Overview

What to Purchase
For Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness, I'm cheap, so you can be better prepared for less money. Plus, you and I have a life, so we (you and your family) can't spend a bunch of money on our preps.

So, ... Buying an EAA Windicator is preferred, but some of us have a little bit more money to buy a ...

LuckyGunner - Ruger SP101: The Shooter’s Snub Nose

I earned a bonus for my performance, last year. It was $400, so I got to thinking about 'upgrading' our pistols.

But, ... What to do?

Lucky Gunner - Snub Nose Sights: Do They Matter?

Click, Click, and ... Click
Hey, what can I say?

Lucky Gunner - You Can’t Use Your Sights in a Gunfight: Another Myth That Just Won’t Die

Lucky Gunner -  Five More Ways to Improve Your Defensive Shooting

Lucky Gunner -  Training for the Worst Day of Your Life

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