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Volume Three: Number Four

Landscape (Marine, Composition Cubiste)
Jean Metzinger

Katniss and the children lovingly save the local newspaper for me to read. Just before I leave, they hand me the stack of saved papers, so I can read them for the one or two weeks that I am gone from home.

The local paper covers a large geographical area because the low population density doesn't produce enough 'news' to justify a town-only newspaper. Of course, like all papers, they cover the drug arrests, car crashes, and other assorted crimes. The paper also covers the 'good' news that only a county paper would cover, 4H, local high school sports (football, basketball, soccer, and ... shooting), and the efforts of the local charities.

Needless to say, the paper also covers local and state politics.

In local politics, the community is trying to decide how to handle several problems situations. In one of these situations, a community downstream has allowed businesses to build up to the floodplain. With heavy rain, this year, this has led to some flooding in their parking lots, disrupting the business's operations.

Well, ... The downstream communities want to build a $28,000,000 dam to control the flooding, and have the upstream communities help pay for it. Ouch.

Of course, there are other concerns facing the community that I won't go into because the dam highlights some things I have been thinking about.

First, there are annual or almost regularly occurring events that you and your family need to prepare for, such as flooding, hurricanes, winter storms, and other local natural events.

Second, there are many people like you and your family worried about the present situation. Some are helping others by raising money while others are taking a less effective approach by escaping through drugs.

Third, people like us can make a difference at the local level.

Yes, I know the national politics are important because unrestricted immigration and illegal immigration, decrease in the size of the nation's military, and many other problems will affect our country,.

But ... besides voting, writing letters, and organizing under national organization (that may sale out), we don't have a big chance of influencing national policy when billionaires and multimillionaires, upper level bureaucrats, and other very powerful people are fighting for their views.

I apologize, ... Fourth, there are situations that won't get solved, facing your family. They are big, complicated problems that have secondary, tertiary, and quaternary, maybe even fifth-level, effects that won't be anticipated by anyone, except the fringe groups, additionally; they probably won't see them coming, either.

Lastly, family is important, so get prepared for the tough times ahead, for them ; - )

Doom and Gloom

47 Percent


The Future

Lone Shooter



Strong U.S. Dollar


Things You Might Want to Think About

A Matter of ... Minutes
Police officers, all over the world, preform heroic acts every minute of the day, but they aren't suicidal. They will wait for the 'best' time to act.

The only problem, a few minutes may mean your family's lives.

Someone starts shooting, a lot of shooting.

Do you run to the roof tops or seek shelter?

What if it is anti-aircraft guns?

The former president, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., doled out a lot of money, just like George Walker Bush, to rescue failing industries. President Bush (43) did it for Finance, while President Obama did it for Healthcare.

In both cases, it didn't solve the problem.

Herd Mentality
For investments, what goes up, must come down, sooner or later. The only problem, we (you and your family) don't know when the later will happen.

So, ... What do you do?

What else, but buy on the dips because what goes down, comes up, sooner or later, well almost everything.

Damn, ... Liberals
The only problem with Mr. Waugh's plan. They are planning to move to Colorado, a gun control anti-freedom state that limits people's rights.

Folks are worried. You can see this in the media attacks of Mr. Trump, the finger pointing, and other efforts to undermine the incoming administration.

Solutions, Not
Many people, especially Charles Hugh Smith, that I have linked to in the past, have pointed out that doing the same old thing isn't going to work. The same old things suggested by this panel of 'technocrats."

Weaponized Journalism
Leading up to these United States Civil War of 1860-1865, the nation's press was a divided, militant entity. The 'northern' newspapers tried and succeeded in portraying the south as slave-holding heathens. All the while, the 'southern' newspapers were doing the same, except portraying the north as liberty-stealing meddlers.

A similar situation is happening today, the only problem. The national newspapers are irrelevant because several sides in this 'conflict' aren't reading them.


"if you want to rid America's Deep State of toxic neocon-neoliberlism before it destroys the nation, you hold your nose and go with Trump because he's the only hope you have."

 "Radicalism always starts as a rejection of something. It never ends at a clearly defined point."

"I guess the big question is whether the Deep State — and, yes, Virginia, the Deep State does exist, unlike Santa Claus — will tear the country apart in the attempt to defend all its ill-gotten perquisites and privileges."

"We tend to dismiss such calls for civil war or martial coups as childish hyperbole. But there’s nothing magical in American soil, no unique American genotype, that prevents such things from happening here. Indeed, in states that were rocked and even destroyed by civil wars and revolutions, there seems to have been a rapt complacency up to the very moment of calamity."

Just in case,  ...

"Maximilian Robespierre is mostly remembered as the man responsible for the Great Terror."

"It's going to be an interesting four years."

"I’ve been watching the debate unfold, and wanted to address some common arguments I see from people on our side. I’ll address them one-by-one:"

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That's Just the Way it Was: Pittsburg County, Oklahoma (ca 1938)

Family walking on highway with five children.

They started from Idabel, Oklahoma and are bound for Krebs, Oklahoma.

In 1936 the father farmed on thirds and fourths at Eagleton, McCurtain County, Oklahoma. He was taken sick with pneumonia and lost farm. Unable to get work on any Work Projects Administration and was refused county relief in county of fifteen years residence because of temporary residence in another county after his illness.

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