Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Threat Analysis Thoughts)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

painting by
Karl Briullov

I am trying to convey a logical sequence for your family to get prepared, so you and your family don't waste money and time on unneeded preps, but there are limitations to this method.

So, ... diverging from last week, here are various thoughts about your family's threat analysis.

Your family's threat analysis will be a so-called living document. This means the threat analysis is updated periodically and under certain circumstances, such as when one of your children goes off to school or your family moves to a different part of town.

Your children have been indoctrinated educated on many different subject, including disastrous events. Heck, sixth graders, I think, have a whole year of cataclysmic events for science. They study supervolcaneos, global warming (should be global climatic change), earthquakes, and other similar types of events. Plus, they have been taught Brainstorming!

So, ... They are probably more educated on some subject than you or your partner.

So, ... Your children should be included in your family's prep discussions. Plus, they will be there when 'it' happens.

F.E.M.A. and S.E.M.A.
Like any group, the federal, state, and local emergency management offices and their staffs may not be there for you and your family, after an event. That's right, the government won't be there to help save your family.

So, ... You might be on your own, for weeks or months.

The Heritage Foundation - The Truth About FEMA: Analysis and Proposals

Yeah, you should read this because even conservatives get it right, every once in a while ; - )

It's Easy
Surviving an event is easy, just remember the priorities, get out, get shelter, get water, get food, and ... get started ; - )

You'll Live
During most disastrous events, most people live.

Yeah, you and your family might be stuck in the Super Dome with backed up toilets, no food, and little water, but you'll survive.

Just remember, ... There have been events where only the prepared survived, and some of them died, too.

Already There
Lastly, you and your family already have many items that can be used for your family's survival. All you have to do is ... that's next week

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