Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Emergency Evacuation Kit)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

drawing by
Johann Christoph Brotze

Last week, I started talking about a project that I'm working on for my emergency evacuation kit.

Well, ...

The Pack
The idea is to purchase a pack that can be attached to the aluminum frame. Since one frame has two 'poles' sticking out the top, I need a pack with several attachment straps.

A Soldier
wearing MOLLE II rucksack (ca UNK)
photograph by

The current U.S. Army MOLLE II pack looks great for this purpose. At $20 to $40 a pack, it seems do able.

The next item, this project will need is a a pair of quality padded shoulder straps. I'm thinking about using the straps from the old ALICE rucksack. They run about $10, a set.

I will reuse the frames' current mesh top and bottom back supports.

Dang it, ...

Back to the drawing board because I could purchase a complete surplus MOLLE II rucksack from ...

Keep Shooting - US Military Large Field Pack

Keep Shooting - German Flecktarn Combat Rucksack

Keep Shooting - British Army PLCE Infantry Long Rucksack

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