Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Survival Kits)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Shawn D. Torgerson

The Basics
Everybody knows the basic equipment for survival. A brain to think. Air to breath. A warm, safe place to live. Some water then some food. Throw in something for protection and supplies for medical care should see you through almost any event.

But, ...
I forgot one thing. Do you know what it is?

It's important, too. It's right up there, right after a 'Brain to think' and just before 'Air to breath'

What is it?

An Emergency Evacuation Kit
You're probably getting tired of me talking about emergency evacuation kits, but they are important for you and your family's survival during an event. Plus, there are so many different kinds of kits.

Small Tin
The first one is the small metal or plastic box that can easily fit in a shirt, pants, or jacket pocket. The idea is to always carry the basic for survival.

Such as, ...

photograph by

* A method of making a fire or two
* A method of securing or tying items
* A method of signalling potential rescuers
* A method of finding direction
* A method of cutting

One is None
Some people will take me to task for saying 'You only need one way of doing these critical tasks' in these Mini-Tins because of the so-called rule 'Two is One, and One is None' rule.

Well, ...

A small tin is the third method of providing the necessities of survival.

The Prepacked Pouch
I finally gave up, trying to find a good picture of an Air Force survival pouch.

So, ...

Imperial War Museum

According to my research, these United States' Air Force and Navy have prepacked plastic pouches that are heat sealed to protect the contents. These pouches are placed in various pockets of the survival vest. Some of them contain food. Others contain medical supplies, while others contain ...

Of course, the whole idea of heat sealing the pouches is to prevent tampering by the pilots, make it easy to inventory and replace out of date items, and protect the contents from sunlight and moisture.

Pretty cool.

ZipLock Bags
You and your family can do the same thing by using resealable plastic bags to hold a small, compared to a backpack-sized emergency evacuation kit, survival kit.

ZipLock Baggie Survival Kit (2018)
photograph by
Someone You Know at

The kits are carried in your vehicle, backpack, or ..., but they are always with you and your family.

Now, these kits are kind of like the Mini-Tins. They have minimal tools and hardly any supplies, but the kits have bigger and better items, compared to the small tin survival kits.

This particular kit is a work in progress. The plan is to give these as Christ's Mass presents to all of the Nieces and Nephews, so I have a few more months to find inexpensive items for the kit's contents.

I was at the local Farm and Home when I spied knives for a few bucks.

Three Knives for $7.50 (2018)
photograph by
Someone You Know at

As you can see, these knives are different from the other knife because the store didn't have fifteen sets of the same knife.

So, ...

I had to go with different knives for each group of children.

However, ...

No matter what, every child will get a knife with at least a two inch blade.

Signalling Device
You can only shout so long before your voice gives out, so you need to carry a whistle, to signal possible rescuers. That's why the kit has an inexpensive whistle from Emergency Essentials.

Whistle with Lanyard (2018)
photograph by
Someone You Know at

At 95¢ for one or ten for $6.50, they are a deal. Plus, they have a lanyard that can be used for cordage, in a pinch.


No matter where you live, your survival kit needs, at least, one method of starting a fire. I like the ferro rods. They are simple and easy to use.

You just have to practice.

Ferro Rod with Striker (2018)
photograph by
Someone You Know at

I found this one at a local Army/Navy Store. For $3.00 in bulk, I bought more then I need for these Christ's Mass presents.

The 'extra' ferro rods will be used in another project.

The next two items are containers.

The first one, also on sale when I bought it, is a round container from a big box office supply store.

Plastic Two Piece Container (2018)
photograph by
Someone You Know at

On sale, the containers cost $2.00, or there abouts, for three. They were green, blue, and clear. This is an example of a clear container. This container will hold several cotton balls and a pack of matches, to be used to start a fire,

The second container is the plastic baggie. It holds everything in one place. Plus, it can be used to carry water, in an emergency.

Once I am finished assembling the kit, I will take a piece of packing tape and seal the ZipLock baggie.

An Added Bonus
That's right. In a pinch, if a person is careful. The packing tape can be used as first-aid supplies, to seal a wound or stop the bleeding.

Of course, these kits need a few more items.

So, ...

What do you think I should add?

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