Monday, March 12, 2018

Volume Four: Number Eleven

Autumn Leaf
Mitzi Humphrey


Doom and Gloom

Attorney General



Federal Reserve

Global Warming



Mylar Balloons


Puerto Rico


Synthetic Identity Fraud


U.S. Air Force


Things You Might Want to Think About

Cool, ...

 The terminator robot will probably be patented, too

If they are anything like his, paid for, speeches, folks are going to hear a bunch of I ..., I ..., I ...

I hate the idea of 'Boogie Men' because they can be used, by the so-called Deep State, to manipulate the people.

With that said, ...

Our governments need to investigate these Confucius Institutes and their connections to academia

Let me get this straight, ...

- Over half of all firearms' deaths are suicides

- 90 mass shootings from 1966 to 2012, in these United States

- Only 20% of Australian firearms were turned over to the government, in 1996

- The Second Amendment is touted as the right of any individual to own firearms

- We must have laws that keep Americans safe from gun technology that the Constitution’s framers never foresaw, from manufacturing techniques to laser gun sights to automatic weapons.

- Plus, the author wants to ban all civilians from owning, carrying, and using firearms.

In other words, ...

There's a whole lot of stupid in this opinion piece.

I have nothing more to add.

Wooow, ...

Prices are going up.

O.K., But, ...

Who gets the 'extra' money?

In their effort to discredit the president, the Left has discredited themselves.

In other words, ...

The village isn't going to respond when the boy really cries 'Wolf!'

He's probably a good guy, worried about the future of our country, concern about the working family, and ... willing to compromise to get stuff done.

The only problem, ...

We have been compromising for far too long

Police Officers
If you're going to get the nifty military toys like M4s, sniper rifles, armoured vehicles, and armoured vests, you're going to have to adhere to the military way.

Which is, ...

Follow your orders.

Space War
Like nuclear war, a war in space will be catastrophic on many different levels.

Yeap, ...

It's coming down in early April, give or take a week, in Michigan

Yellow Rectangles
We, as a nation, need to watch for anti-Semitism because all religions are equal under the law.

However, ...

Yellow School Buses are Yellow Rectangles


"Every time Marxism has tried, it resulted in abject economic collapse or a repressive police state"

"How many are you giving money?"

"Screening for prostate cancer does not save lives, and may do more harm than good, ..."

"It’s time to sit down and have a little talk."

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Main street

Main street corner

 Paying the check in restaurant

Wheel of fortune

Slot Machine Players

Roulette players

Bingo game

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