Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday: 7 March 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
The Israel Defense Forces

A lot has been happening on the political stage when it comes to firearms and their accessories.

So, ...

Improvised Weapons
From baseball bats to kitchen knives, glass bottles filled with gasoline to a leg from a broken chair or table, your home is filled with weapons. The same goes for your place of work or business.

Add access to sheet metal, tube stock, a few tools, and some knowledge, your family will never be denied a weapon.

Survival Outdoor Skills - Improvised Survival Weapons

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - Improvised Weapons and Other Officer Safety Concrens
The Home Gunsmith -The 'Zip' Gun

The Home Gunsmith - Expedient Homemade Firearms

The Home Gunsmith - Expedient Homemade Firearms II

The Gun Free Zone - TM 31-210:  Improvised Munitions Handbook

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