Monday, August 7, 2017

Volume Three: Number Thirty-Two

Reply to Red
Yves Tanguy

Bullets and Band-aids
These last few months, I have focused on the priorities of prepping, thinking/mindset, evacuation/evacuation kits, shelter, water, and food.

Well, ...

The next priority is either medical care or guns, depending on your family. Let me explain.

Some folks are going to want to focus on medical care, long before thinking about firearms. This is for several reasons.

First, someone in their family might have medical problems that would affect their survival during a short-term event, say a heart problem. So this family would first gather a 30 day supply of heart drugs, or a person needing glasses would need a second pair, just in case.

Second, some folks aren't into guns, so it's a lower priority.

Third, for most situations, a healthy dose of paranoia would be better to have then a gun and a poor ability for situational awareness.

Next, some folks are going to want to get a firearm, first. They might think that a bunch of people will start shooting up their neighborhood. You know, a gang of ... people getting pay back for some old perceived injustice.

Either way, it's up to you and your family what your next priority will be fro your family.

Doom and Gloom



Auto Insurance









Things You Might Want to Think About

Companies have been using these techniques for decades. Now, they are just get to use computers and your phone, to get your money.

Just like your family, these United States' military creates a threat analysis. Once it's complete, they (just like your family) start making plans to ... complete the mission, no matter what.

Folks, you and your family ooze data that means this information can be used to harm you or help you; more likely then not, to harm you in some way.

Gotcha Ya
I think North Korea just got what they wanted.

Ha Ha Ha
It is said, 'The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions"

More Guns
What Baltimore really needs to do is handout guns, not posters, so the 'good-girls' can cap the 'bad-guys.'

Or, ...

If they don't want to do that, too expensive to hand out 500,000 Glocks, Baltimore could urge its citizens to carry guns, then give ever non-felon a two-for, allow the good-girls to shoot two bad-guys before hauling their asses to court.

Planetary Defense
Dang, ... Earth is just like Chicago, ... No guns.

Seems like an interesting idea, sue the ...

One of the issues facing our world is the lack of a strongman World Policeman to keep everybody else inline.

Needless to say, without someone terrorizing everybody else Policing the World, we'll see more countries arming up to protect their citizens.

Just so you know. someone you don't know and has never met your family, probably a liberal, is calling you a parasite, a drain on this country's limited 'civil' resources, a non-tax paying deadbet.

Wow, ... As if we needed another reason to hate the 'media'


"The most consequential thing I’ve discovered over that time is that an enormous portion of the U.S. economy is little more than a rent-seeking racket. It’s everywhere you look. Throughout every industry, at “think tanks,” and within government, there’s some elaborate scam happening that hurts the many while a handful of parasites win. This is destroying the social and economic fabric of our civilization. It’s basically become a rampant disease, and the recent release of court documents related to Monsanto further highlights the point."

"They are there to kill people and blow stuff up."

"So, these conditions might prompt us to ask the more general question: how much longer do we, as a polity, want to pretend that narratives are the same as the truth? As I’ve averred previously, I think reality itself has to force the issue by delivering circumstances so compelling that it is no longer possible to keep telling yourself the same old stories. And that reckoning is not far off."

"..., there were in fact 1,297 whites lynched in the United States during that same 1882-1964 period."

"My first thought was: I always wondered what Pakistani Intelligence got for giving up Bin Ladens location...
Then I realized: this scandal goes back way farther than that.... and probably explains why it took so long to find him."

"I have nothing to add.—Joe"

"Remember, gun control is not about guns, it is about control.  Anyone who tells you that 90% of Americans want bigger government and more government control over their lives is lying to you."

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