Friday, August 4, 2017

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Nuclear War
I have been writing about this possibility for years. You know, North Korea launching a nuclear weapon at these United States.

So, ...

With the development of a so-called I.C.B.M. by North Korea with the ability of hitting pretty much any place in these United States, I thought I would rehash some information for you.

First, ...

What do you do "If" a nuclear attack is imminent?

KI4U - What to do if a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent!

Second, ....

Lucky for us, as of this writing, a nuclear attack isn't imminent.

So, ...

That's good news.

KI4U - The Good News About Nuclear Destruction

Third, ...

These United States has a policy of retaliating with nuclear weapons after a nuclear weapons attack on our country

So, ...

While North Korea is a smoking radioactive ruin, these United States will need to deal with Trans-Pacific Fallout (Chapter 18).

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine - Nuclear War Survival Skills

Fourth, ...

Like any other event, folks are running around buying up all the copies of Nuclear War Survival Skills.

So, ...

You will need to download it from some place.

Link: - Nuclear War Survival Skills - Nuclear War Survival Skills

Survival Monkey - Nuclear War Survival Skills

Of course, some folks are going to be all "Dude, I read the original copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills. Did you?"

So, ...

Here is an original copy.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Nuclear War Survival Skills

Hard Copy
Needless to say, you will want a paper copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills.

To insure you have an current and accurate copy, order it from these folks.

Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine - Nuclear War Survival Skills

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fteter said...

When we talk about delivering a nuclear missile, there are three components to consider: 1) the ability to create a nuclear warhead; 2) a missile that can deliver a nuclear payload; and 3) a guidance system to assure that the missile hits a distant target. North Korea has definitely demonstrated that they have developed the first two components. But they have yet to demonstrate the development of a guidance system that will hit targets over 1,000 miles distant. Until they demonstrate such a capability, I wouldn't worry too much about a nuclear threat from North Korea. At present, the missile tests are mostly sabre-rattling.