Saturday, August 5, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday

Dear Preppers and Survivalsits,

United States Army

The Kearny Fallout Meter
Just like the book, Nuclear War Survival Skills, folks are running out and buying up all the radiation detectors,

So, ...

You and your family will need to build your own, from these plans

Oak Ridge National Labratory - The KFM, A Homemade Yet Accurate and Dependable Fallout Meter

Of course there are hundreds, if not thousands, of movies showing you and your family how to survive an atomic attack. Such movies as ...

On the Beach, Cloud Atlas, City of Ember, Blast From the Past, and ... Resident Evil.

Not really.

 - How to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout and Survive an Atomic Attack

  - U.S. Air Force Nuclear War & Fallout Civil Defense Film

 - The Effects of Nuclear Fallout

 - Medical Effects of the Atomic Bomb 1949 US Army Training Film; Blast & Radiation Damage to Humans

 - Radiation Effects on Farm Animals.mp4

 - Survival Under Atomic Attack 1951

 - Nuclear Radiation and Fallout Educational Film 1961

 - Walt Builds a Family Fallout Shelter

 - Hiroshima and Nagasaki Effects, 1945

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