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Volume Three: Number Ten

Boulevard Montmartre
Camille Pissarro

As you have seen, most events can be dealt with by running away (emergency evacuation), using a thoughtful and controlled method, but what happens "If" you can't leave the area.

Well, ... You and your family need to focus on the priorities, and the first priority is air. An overlooked preparation by most preppers and preparedness writers.

So, ... What do you need?

First, pull out your family's threat analysis (You have competed one, right?) and look at your family's most likely events. One of the first should be ... a House Fire or building fire at home, work, and school.

What's the most important thing (besides cleaning up trash, removing flammables, and correctly storing flammables) for you and your family? Notification from a smoke/fire alarm!

What's the next priority? Having an emergency evacuation plan for your home, work, and school.

Pretty simple, so let us go further down your family's threat analysis.

Does anyone have chemical accidents from factories on their list? How about chemical accidents from railroad or highway accidents? Lastly, another one overlooked by most preppers, does anyone store solid or liquid chlorine for emergency water treatment?

Yep, that one pound bag of sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite that you and your partner store for emergency water treatment could kill everyone in the family, so chemical accidents should be on your list.

O.K. Let's look at that threat analysis, some more.

Anyone have a nuclear, biological, and chemical attack on your family's list? How about a nuclear, biological, or chemical war? If you don't, you should.

Needless to say, a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack is far down the list. Plus, these events will rarely happen, unless you live in some place that people are trying to kill you and your family using these methods, such as Europe (France, Germany, England and Russia, to name a few), Southeast Asia (Korea, Japan, and China to name a few more), Southwest Asia (Syria, Iraq, Iran, and a few more, like Israel) and ... These United States.

Normally, I would just list this link in the Doom and Gloom, but ... Teenagers are taking their lives, and an adult might be responsible!!!

Doom and Gloom








Robotic Soldiers


Things You Might Want to Think About

Armed Forces
These United States' military has a wide range of missions, from counter-insurgencies missions, to emergency aid operations, to fighting a nuclear war, and many more. These U.S. Navy probably has the most difficult missions because they must preform these missions hundreds to thousands of miles from friendly bases.

They do this by bringing a mobile base, called an aircraft carrier. At $13,000,000,000 a copy, the newest nuclear powered aircraft carriers are, to say the least, expensive.

Just so you know, these United States' Navy has 10. The only other country with a nuclear powered aircraft carrier is France, with one.

The Republicans are going to screw this up. A screw up that will allow a more radical faction to take control of our country, and it ain't going to be the Democrats.

Because of the recent ruling, by the 4th Circuit Court, it shows the depths Liberals will go to undermine the rights of your family to protect themselves.

In other words, we (you and your family) are going to be fighting, for your rights, for the rest of your lives. Same for your children.

Nice to See
It always good to see criminals being arrested for their crimes

Personally, I want all illegal immigrants out of this country. They are here, illegally. Simple, right?

Well, ... Then there is the reality, and the reality is going to be harder then we thought.

You can tell the people that don't read this blog ; - )

They spend millions of dollars on home upgrades that aren't going to protect them, during tough times. Plus, none of the folks have a Walther PPK with their 'James Bond' homes.

Some people's freedom fighters are terrorists to others, no matter the lies they tell each other.

Claire McCaskill
I was listening to NPR when Ms. McCaskill was interviewed about Mr. Session's recent statements.

All I could think about was how transparent the witch hunt has become, and how irrelevant the Democrats have become.

Last time I looked, Admirals didn't wear ball caps and flight jackets.

So, ... I'll leave it at that 'cause I try to respect veterans, ... including stupid ones.

Winning, Maybe
I believe, our government has been going in the wrong direction for years. It seems, we might, finally, be moving in the 'right' direction.


"In our misguided efforts to keep the country safe, we have neglected to keep it free."

"Virtue-signaling pronouncements lack any recognition of the moral, political, social and financial crises facing the American empire, and are devoid of any practical, politically/financially painful first-aid measures to staunch the decline."

"And on top of all of that?  Trust is going."

""All of my friends in Washington said, ‘There is one thing you can do. Fight, fight, oppose, oppose,’” Mr Stewart said."

"What could possibly go wrong?"

"We forget so often our place in the world & how we got there that I sometimes think we don’t deserve all the liberties we have."

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The Selective Service registration for men forty-five to sixty-five

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