Monday, March 20, 2017

Volume Three: Number Tweleve

Формула современной педагогики IZO
Pavel Filonov

If you have been around here long enough, you know that I am a single issue voter. Once that issue, gun-control freedom control, has been taken care of; it's time to move on to other stuff, like preparing for the financial collapse of these United States.

Now, some of y'all are going to point out, maybe correctly, that the next big issue is repealing the Affordable Health Care (ObamaCare) Law, but you would be wrong.

Let me explain.

First, the Speaker of the House, Mr. Paul Ryan, has let this fiasco go to committee. Yes, a Republican.

Second, the bill got out of committee, by one vote. Yes, Republicans voted to send this travesty to the full House of Representatives, for a vote.

Third, ... It hasn't happened yet, but the House of Representatives, controlled by the Republicans, will pass this outrageous, piece of sh*t.

Just think about it. A majority of Republicans are willing to bankrupt these United States, providing healthcare, just like a bunch of Democrats.

We're in bigger trouble then you think.

Doom and Gloom



World War III

Things You Might Want to Think About

The citizen's of these United States selected a president that has stated many times his opposition to so-called free trade over a candidate that supported free trade.

Then, ... Other countries are surprised when these United States refuses to sign statements supporting free trade.

When I was growing up (You can tell; I'm getting 'old') the local television stations would run public service ads about blasting caps. They would display the more popular devices, as the announcer talked about the dangers of handling blasting caps.

Well, ... Sounds like they needed to do the same thing, for the cyanide 'bombs.'

President Donald Trump is right, and he is wrong, in this matter.

These United States decided many decades ago to allow Europe to 'free load' support NATO's efforts to protect their citizens. This was a voluntary decision, so Germany and many other countries don't 'owe' these United States a dime.

However, ... These United States, like Europe, failed to realize in the '90s that the world was still a dangerous place that required a strong military. A failure that may cost us our lives.

Russia, a sovereign country, wants to investigate media companies (with ties to these United States) operating in their country, while; these United States, a sovereign country, wants to investigate media companies (with ties to Russia) operating in their country.

Because, ... They're both worried these media companies are meddling in their country's politics.

Folks, we have a problem that can't be solved without destroying our countries liberties (some folks say it has already happened), by our governments. This problem is radicalization, muslim, right-wing, left-wing, or any other.

The only way that we can solve it is to have all citizens strongly armed, in our schools, our shopping centers, or government centers, and ... everywhere else.

As always, Ms. Rodham-Clinton is confused about her politics. She goes to a women's rights organization, to give a speech, and she talks about her grand-father.


"’re kidding yourself if you think there are vast differences in performance waiting to be unlocked in one versus another."

"The agency-by-agency plans include eliminating dozens of grant programs at the Education and Commerce departments—many of them related to climate change. And Trump would eliminate the following agencies: ..."

"The The Council of the District of Columbia came up with this law, and it just is not constitutional!!"

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