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Wednesday: 15 March 2017

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

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We (you and your family) need to be careful, for several reasons, in your family's preparations.

First, your family is going to acquire a large amount of supplies and equipment. If you are planning for a severe long-term event, you will have a lot of stuff. Heck, a family preparing for a medium-term event will have a lot of stuff.

Second, this equipment and supplies will need to be properly stored to prevent theft and damage.

Third, these supplies will need to be organized, so the food and other supplies will be used before its expiration date.

Lastly, if you're irresponsible, your supplies and equipment will become a mess of chaos and clutter with truly useless equipment and uneatable food as your family's emergency supplies.

How Much  or How Many?
Needless to say, you and your family are going to decide how much and how many for each preparedness item, like toilet paper.

For my family, more is better, so we store a year supply of TP.

For food, we do the same. More is better, ... within storage and shelf life limits.

For firearms, ... There is a limit, one handgun and one rifle (for each family member) for defensive purposes to protect ourselves and our supplies. We also have several .22 rifles for 'hunting' and target practice.

WeaponsMan - When is it Time to Cull the Herd?

Of course, like most families, we are shooters too, so we have several firearms that are traded and sold as the whim moves us, except  the 'family heirlooms.'

The current collection includes a single shoot Winchester .22 rifle from the 1930s. A gun that has been used to teach generations, for ... generations ; - )

A Ruger MKII .22 pistol with ... two magazines taken in trade for some long forgotten item.

An AK-47 clone given to us, as a gift, with six magazines.

Lastly, a Mossberg single shot 20 gauge shotgun, from the 1950s, waiting for the stock to be refinished, so another generation of folks can learn about firearms ; - )

So Remember, ...

You and your family have your defensive weapons that are never sold or traded and a separate gun collection that can change as your family's wants change, over the years.

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