Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday: 15 March 2017, Part Four

Welcome Prepprs and Survivalists,

Natinal Archives and Records Administration

There are several organizations, if you have the money, that you and your family should join.

The first one is The National Rifle Association (NRA). It has a long and storied history resulting from the recent conflict, the Civil War of 1861 - 1865, of teaching people to shoot and defending our right to bear arms.

There are several terms of membership; one year for $35, three years for $75, and five years for $100. A lifetime membership is also available for $1500.

Of course, several folks (including the NRA) run 'specials' throughout the year ; - )

National Rifle Association - Join (Black Duffel Bag)

National Rifle Association - Join (UCP Duffel Bag)

Facts or Opinions
Needless to say, most organizations have 'nasty' little facts that they like to conceal or forget; these United States and Slavery, Germany and the Holocaust, Coke-Cola and New Coke, and ...

O.K. That was a little harsh because the members of the National Rifle Association haven't forgotten their organization's past support for gun control freedom control.

Neither should you.

Alternet - The Suprising Unknown History of the NRA

The articles author, in my opinion, cites too many antigun anti-freedom sources.

Whatever you believe about firearms and freedom, you go with it.

But, ... If you and your family want reliable training in the use of handguns and rifles, there is no better source for the money.

National Rifle Association - Search for Training or Instructors

The U.S. military might be a better source because service members get paid to get their weapons training ; - )

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