Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday: 11 April, 2018

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

The Thinker (ca 2011)
photograph by
Aaron Zhu

I would like to add a few more reasons why your friends and family won't get prepared, ...

* Don't See the Dangers Ahead

* Herd Mentality

* Other Priorities

* Lack of Funds

* Etc.

YouTube: Emergency Food Warehouse - Emergency Preparedness: What's Stopping You?

Lack of Funds
Needless to say, the speaker, from the above video, is trying to sell you and your family supplies and equipment, some of it unnecessary, like ...

These are probably the most expensive method of storing water for your family to drink. (O.K. there might be others, but ...) At $369.95 to store 56 gallons of water that works out to $6.60 per gallon before you even fill them with water. Ouch!!!

A less expensive method would be a ...

Water Tank
No really, ...

'Cause for the same $199.99, you and your family could purchase 55 gallon barrels, for $89.95 each.

Or, ...

For about the same money, you could buy three 55-gallon barrels for $67.15 each.

Either Way
You need a drum wrench because the cheap inexpensive method, with a pair of pliers, is a pain in the arse.

US Plastic - Container Wrench for Bung Plugs & 3/4" Slotted Drum Plugs

Or, ...

US Plastic - Drum Wrench

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