Monday, April 23, 2018

Volume Four: Number Seventeen

Declaration of Independence
Our country was formed by thoughtful men.

Two parts

Doom and Gloom















Social Security Reform




Things You Might Want to Think About

1st Amendment
Corporations don't have to abide by the Constitution, so Google, GoDaddy, YouTube, and many others can censor your music, videos, and e-mails.

You spend countless hours debating Freedom Gun Control with your In-Laws.

Then, ... Along comes an eight year old and proves them wrong in less then 10 minutes.

Don't you just hate the younger generation.

How sweet, but will she hold them accountable?

HA, HA, HA, ...

The modern National Guard receives the majority of its funding from the national government.

If Governor Brown hadn't sent California's Guard to the border, they could have lost millions in dollars of federal funding, units reduced or removed, and/or eliminated from receiving free or reduced cost equipment.

Yep, ... They are right!

The only problem, ...

Where were they for the Obama administration?

My condolences to family and friends of this family. Losing a whole family, especially young children, is terrible.

However, ...

We can learn from this tragedy, by remembering ... Turn Around, Don't Drown

How about 13 or 14 years, in prison, judge?

A secure home and neighborhood, a supply of potable water, a full pantry, a handgun and semiautomatic rifle with enough ammunition for everyone in the family, a three month supply of cash, a healthy family, ...

That's how I define 'Happiness.'

Let me see, ...

- Brought 100s of thousands of Africans to these United States that would, eventually, allow them a freedom never seen in their homeland.

- Allowed our country to open up new territory

- Allowed 100s of thousands of Africans to experience untold economic power, never seen in their homeland

Rape is about power, pure unadulterated power.

And, ...

Until the Women of India arm themselves, ... It will continue

Medical Training
Good Job!


You thought Turkey was friendly to Christians?

One Shot
My condolences to the family, the lost of a child is horrific.

And, ...

They have the right to question the police and their procedures.

But, ...

The young man shouldn't have moved the vehicle. He should have been taught to stop, listen, and comply because a moving vehicle, no matter how slowly moving, can maim or kill a person

Cause, ...

The cops want to go home to their families, too.

Proof of Concept
All I have to say, ...

More 'Good' People with Firearms will help keep the villains away.

Property Rights

The gentlemen were asked to leave

R. Lee Ermey
There is so much to say, ...

First, how will you be remembered?

Second, be careful of what or who you create.

Third, how will you and your partner pass on your knowledge; about life, just not prepping?

Lastly, ...

Let's play my favorite game by substituting Ms. Bush for Ms. Obama

Food? Firearms? Fuel?

Who cares, ... then?

We hate them, but we need them.

Either way, ...

The customer always pays.

War Criminals
Yeap, the Palestinians leading this so-called march are war criminals. They knowing allow civilians to force Israeli soldiers to protect their borders with deadly force.

Younger Generation
I admire this generation. They want to prevent, just not, school violence but all gun violence, by limiting firearms to the police and military.

The only problem, ...

Another nation did the same thing, but ...

Again, another younger generation had different ideas.


"Territory, Money and Contraband"

"There are winners and losers. There are rich-world problems (less cod, more lobster) and poor (drought and pestilence). There are threats to the quality of the world’s basic staples including wheat and corn, as well as such nation-defining luxuries as Bordeaux wine and Java coffee. And whether through dearth or deluge, supply shocks can shake up prices."

"This is not a Black People Only rule."

"Would the FBI have used armored tanks and tear gas in an attempt to protect victims of, say, similarly institutionalize sex abuse in evangelical Christian or Catholic communities?"

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