Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Double Your Money)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

U.S. Treasury Employee
moving $75,000 of mutilated currency to the vault (ca 1909)
Library of Congress

Long, Long Ago
My family and I have been getting prepared for a long time, over (OPSEC) years, so we have seen some changes in survivalism.

First, it is easier to get information about different types of preps. In an instant, with an internet connection, you or your partner can find a good whole wheat bread recipe, find a video on how to change your car's flat tire, order a book on raising chickens, and many other skills.

Second, there are many more vendors, providing a wide variety of supplies and services. You family can find organic whole white spring wheat (better for baking cakes), meat substitutes [textured vegetable protein (TVP)], reuseable canning lids, and many other items.

Third, you can interact with a wider range of people that share your interests, firearms (Well Armed Women), farming (Women of Agriculture), freedom (Electronic Freedom Foundation), and many others.

Lastly, the 'Prepper' movement has legitimized getting prepared for the tough times ahead. Heck, for a little while, it was even trendy and hip.

However, ...

We, Katniss and I, have noticed higher price that haven't gone down.

.22LR ammunition is about $2.50 for a box of fifty cartridges. They use to be 97¢ for a box of fifty.

Whole hard red winter wheat has increased; from $30 for a case, about 33 pounds; to $40 a case.

Quality work trucks run $50,000, while gasoline is $2.57 and climbing, again.

Silver was $4, $8, or $12 an ounce. Now it is $20, an ounce.

However, ...

There is good news, firearms are cheap, compared to a few years ago. You and your family can purchase a good, solid AR-15 type rifle for $700 and quality metal magazines or polymer magazines for $10 to $15

Needless to say, folks are getting prepared for a variety of tough times. Some families are only worried about the 'Big One' hitting someplace in California, while other families are getting prepared for that 'Killer' Tornado. Some families are worried about bigger issues, like reduced hours, unemployment, or even ... a job promotion to a different town.

Of course, (almost) everyone is worried about the world economy, especially these United States' financial future, so they wonder what will happen in the near future.

Let me tell you!

We can't tell. That's right, nobody knows, including the so-called experts because we, as a nation, will make that choice.

That's right, your extended family, friends, neighbors, and a lot of people you have never met will decide the fate of these United States because the economy, especially here in this country, is a consumer's economy. If people are buying, we are flying, financially.

But, ...

If people are holding tight, to their money, we are in for some rough nights (weeks, months, and possibly years)

The same goes for hyperinflation. The minute enough people think their dollars are worthless, they will start spending them, trying to buy anything and everything of value. As thing become scarce, more people will begin to join the super-rich (as they buy Impressionist paintings), the rich (as they buy gold), the middle class (as they buy silver), and the poor (as they buy televisions, refrigerators, and other consumer products) and everybody will flee the stock and bond markets, until a single roll of toilet paper is worth more than a hundred dollar bill, maybe even a stack of hundreds.

And, ...

Food may become more valuable then the owners' life.

Nothing Changes
As you can see, the world over, when governments make bad decisions, the people suffer, but you and your partner can prevent that for your family and maybe a few friends, by learning from these many years.

First, have a secure home, secure from villains and secure from the ravages of Mother Nature.

Next, store water and have several methods of finding and treating it, so you family will have water to drink, during good times and bad.

Third, store food and lots of it because food is what disappears first, in a crisis.

Next, store a supply of any required medications then get physically and mentally fit. Be strong in your health, as best you can, and strong in your mind because we don't know the future. Make sure to get training to save a life by taking a CPR and first-aid class

Fifth, your family needs a means of defending yourselves. A handgun with enough ammunition is the best method (with good common sense to keep you out of trouble) of defending yourselves, and you also need to make sure your children know how to safely handle a firearm.

Next, your family needs a means of receiving information. It doesn't matter what it is, newspaper, radio, internet, so-called 'smart' phone, or ... talking to your neighbors. It just needs to work before, during and after an event, so make sure you have several reliable methods of receiving information.

Seventh, individual shelter, better known as appropriate clothing. You can wear cotton and camouflage (Cotton Kills!!!), but you have to understand. Like everything else, there are limitations.

Next, ....

I apologize. I want off on a tangent there, so back to my point.

Higher prices have become the norm. If we look back these last few decades, we see rising prices and only going back down, just a little bit, very slowly.

So, ... My point?

You and your partner are going to have to double your money, that you spend on the equipment and supplies, that you and your family need for survival.

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