Monday, April 9, 2018

Volume Four: Number Fifteen

A Village Street
Helen Allingham

I am the NRA
I am a member of the largest organization on this planet that teaches everyone to shoot safely.

I am a member of the largest civil rights organization on this planet.

I am one member of an organization that has over 4,000,000 people on its membership rolls.

And, ...

I am embarrassed because ...

In the last 20 years, you, me, and a lot of other people have introduced more people to the shooting sports, expanded concealed carry across the nation, donated time and money to people that believe in freedom.

But, ...

We, the NRA, have failed to hold these elected representatives accountable. Let me explain.

Right now, there is talk of banning a mechanism that can make a semiautomatic rifle fire faster. This device manipulates (squeezes) the trigger every time to fire a cartridge. In other words, the rifle is still a semiautomatic firearm.

But, ...

No one in congress is putting up a fight when the president suggests the Justice Department will look into the device.

And, ...

We, the NRA, aren't fighting this by downgrading the representatives and senators. We arn't calling for different candidates in the primary, or ...

Also, ...

There are calls to limit our rights to sell and trade, within our states.

But, ...

Once again, nothing from Congress.

So, ...

It looks like we will have to, once again, write those letters, send those e-mails, and hold our elected representatives accountable this November.

Doom and Gloom




Race Cars




Tractor Trailers

Things You Might Want to Think About

Chemical Warfare
Just thought you might like to know. You and your family may need to add chemical warfare to your threat analysis.

Why are you still using FaceBook?

Great Britain
How's that freedom gun control working, for y'all?

Our Fight?
Instead of telling the president to violate the Constitution, Senator McCain should write a bill asking for a declaration of war.

So, ... It's all legal. Plus, we can know who to blame, if it goes badly.

It doesn't matter if it's Muslims, Jews, Communists, Socialists, or ...

Dang I can't think of a terrorist attack by a Conservative, but back to my point.

People need to be armed to defend themselves, against mentally ill people.

If at first you don't succeed, try a different method.

In other words, ...

If explosives are banned, terrorists will use guns. If guns are banned, terrorists will use trucks. If trucks are banned, terrorists will use knives. If knives are banned, terrorists will use ...

 Either way, ...

The freedoms enjoyed by us are eliminated, all in the name of safety.


"Interestingly enough when I requested more government regulation I said 'on guns', not on my backpacks. Thanks for trying to speak for me, though."

"The left doesn’t pull down statues because they memorialize racist men. Marx, Che, Margaret Sangers and the rest of their heroes could give the most bigoted Klansman a run for his sheets."

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The good machines of America's arsenal of democracy must have good men to work them. The power hammer that forges shells for the Army is operated by experienced hammer-smiths who, a short time ago, were turning out parts for a well-known American automobile.

It's hard to recognize the production layout of a well-known auto plant in machine lines that win with wartime production. It's shells instead of auto parts now--but American industry can turn out the orders for war as well as for peace.

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