Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Plastic Bags)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Plastic Shopping Bags (ca 2008)
photograph by

Plastic Bags
You're probably thinking, ...

Ooooh Mmyy Goooossssh, Plastic Bags!

How can they contribute to my family's survival during an event.

Well, ... Let me tell you.

Plastic Trash Bag (ca 2005)
photograph by
David Monniaux

Trash Bags
First, you and your family are going to produce trash that will need to be removed from your home.

If you're lucky, it will be the everyday, ordinary trash like food wrappers, empty plastic bottles, paper towels, and ... You know all the stuff that normally goes in your trashcan.

If you're unlucky, it will be the remains of childhood memories, cherished wedding pictures, expensive clothing, and ... all the other things that are destroyed or ruined during a home fire, natural disaster, or other catastrophic event that levels your home.

Either way, ...

This stuff has to make it to the curb, and the cheapest way to do that is in a plastic trash bag.

But, ... Which one?

Zelt eines Hirten bei der Bergsiedlung Obcina (ca 2009)
photograph by

Improvised Shelter
In my family's emergency evacuation kit and emergency evacuation kit +, we have several large, heavy-duty contractor trash bags. These bags can be used to make improvised shelters by cutting one edge and the bottom of the bag to make one large sheet of plastic. Cutting two of the bags would allow you and your family to create an improvised shelter like the picture above.

A Honda CRF250L Motorcycle
with a waterproof bag strapped to the rack and seat,
in Chiang Rai province, Thailand. (ca 2013)

photograph by

As all travelers, military members, and outdoors people know, your stuff will get wet, so you and your family need to waterproof your gear, clothing, and other stuff.

So, ...

You can spend lots of money on expensive dry bags or you can use ... plastic garbage bags.

Since the bag will be protected by your backpack, it can be the lighter, less durable, and thinner plastic trash bags.

SHIT BOX - Portable Toilet (ca 2010)
photograph by

When the 'Shit Hits the Fan,' you need a place to put it, and the easiest place to put it is in a plastic bag ; - )

So, ... How do you do this.

First, you take a plastic shopping bag with no holes.

Second, fill the plastic shopping bag, half way, with some absorbent material such as strips of newspaper, old clothing, or ... Kitty Litter.

Lastly, place the partially filled bag in your empty toilet, lower the toilet seat and poop in the bag.

Now, you don't need to put the newspaper or other absorbent material in the bag, but the newspaper makes it easier and less smelly to use a second or third time.

Needless to say, ... You don't pee in the bag. For that you use a large mouth plastic or glass bottle with a lid ; - )

A Platypus Hydration System Water Bag (ca 2007)
photograph by

Water is heavy, running about eight pounds for a gallon of water.

So, ... Most people don't carry enough water because they (wrongly) think they need to carry other stuff like ...

Ooops, I apologize. I was going in the wrong direction because we were talking about ...

Platypus Bags
A long, long time ago, (about a hundred years, in internet time) a group of people were trying to carry a lot of water in their school packs, but they didn't have the space during 'good' times.

Some folks suggested carrying empty canteens that they could fill up from a drinking fountain.

But, ... As you know, canteens don't compress, very well.

Some folks suggested empty water bottles.

But, ... They don't compress very well, either.

Some folks suggested Platypus Bags

But, .. They roll up into neat, tight packages. They are easy to fill and refill. They are, relatively, inexpensive.

But, ... They aren't as versatile as ...

The 'Zipper' Plastic Bag

I apologize.

I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep ; - )

But, ...

Before I go, do you have any ideas on how to use plastic bags for your family's survival?

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Anonymous said...

Instant poncho. Cut a hole in the bottom for your head and one on each side for your arms. A large garbage bag (think leaf size) will cover your body and a medium-sized backpack in wet weather.