Monday, June 4, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Three

Green Sky Landscape
Charles Webster Hawthorne

This, so-called, article is from last week. I even linked to it, but it was Memorial Day, so I had more important things to say.

With that said, ...

First, ... Folks that don't know firearms shouldn't write articles talking about guns.

Second, ... Folks with an agenda, especially against your freedoms, shouldn't write an article about firearms.

Third, ... There are people that will believe this article. They will base their beliefs on this article, and they will believe it is O.K. to send other people to arrest you and your family, possibly killing your family in the process.

Lastly, .... These folks are O.K. with being ignorant about our freedoms, and they price we paid, as a nation, to have these freedoms.

So, ...

Take someone shooting, so they can begin to understand the importance firearms play in our country.

Doom and Gloom





Door Jamb








Registration, Again 



Things You Might Want to Think About

But, ... Will you be able get a well paying job with that degree?

I always wanted another son, so I guess I can steal one then fly Southwest to get the kid out of state.

Well, ... I guess they showed who was the dumbest of the group by suggesting that all of the recent so-called school shootings were done by socioeconomic disadvantaged children living in the ghetto.

I think the article's author got her information from Wikipedia

The 'Plan'
O.K. George Soros is a monster.

But, ...

Some of his ideas are pretty good, like ...

"... the allocation of refugees within Europe should be entirely voluntary."

Cool, this means some or all of the European Union can say 'No' to accepting refugees and other migrants.

"By strengthening democratic regimes in the developing world, such an EU-led “Marshall Plan for Africa” would also help ..."

Awesome, we (these United States and Europe) get to destroy corrupt governments, like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, and ... many others

"... the EU needs to transform itself into an organization that countries like Britain would want to join, ..."

Fantastic, this means the European Union needs to promote balanced budgets, local rule by the country, less regulations amoung member states, civil rights such as constitutional firearms' ownership, freedom of speech, and ... The Bill of Rights for all of Europe.

However, ...

Most of his ideas suck, like borrowing money, unlimited migration, and ... pretty much the whole article.

I wonder who will got shot first, Pusha-T or Drake?

You have been paying attention, ... right?

When you're side is losing a war, it is a good idea to quit fighting.

The only problem, ...

The Israelis are winning and they decided to quit fighting.

Just in case, you ever wonder, ...


"The group said that the initial test does not have to be a colonoscopy, a procedure that typically requires a day off from work and an often-unpleasant bowel cleansing routine. Instead, it could be one of several other tests, including home stool tests available by prescription."

"As long as we accept this travesty of a mockery of a sham, we deserve what we get."

When this margin debt is unwound, like it was during the last two bear markets, it’s going to be nastier than before because there is so much speculation in the system... The pain is coming and unavoidable.

"Something lethal is waiting out there to get you and me, too"

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That's Just the Way it Was: Macon County, Georgia (ca 1939)

Landless family of cotton sharecroppers. For their labor they receive half the crop they produce, and the equivalent of ten dollars a month "furnish" (credit) from the landlord. Their vegetable garden failed this year for lack of rain

 Cotton sharecropper family.

 Cotton field and plantation house.

Rolling store which goes from door to door selling groceries, hardware, drygoods, drugs, and a variety of household and farm supplies.

Negro wage laborer and part of his family. He is coming home from the commissary with a week's rations

 House in which cotton farmer has lived for fifty years.

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