Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wednesday: 13 June 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

"If you are good enough for war ..." (ca 1917)
Library of Congress

Good Enough
There is a saying, "The Enemy of Best is Good Enough"

O.K., maybe not, but you get my point, or do you?

Let me explain, ...

I drive a Ford Fiesta S Hatch, not really. It's roomy enough for me and my emergency evacuation + kit during my commute, and it can hold my partner and two kids for an event, if needed.

Well, ...

A better car would be a Volvo v60, at $62,000. It's a little roomer and still has space for an emergency evacuation + kit. Plus, it's a Volvo.

But, ...

Is it really, a better car, or is it a status symbol.

In other words, ...

"Some people just want a little protection, and I’d rather someone with a limited budget has a Hi-Point than go without a gun at all. A good guy with a Hi-Point can still save their lives or the life of someone else. A good guy with a Hi-Point is still a good guy with a gun."

Or, ...

A good gal with a Hi-Point C9, Smith & Wesson SD9VE, .357 magnum revolver, or ... is still a good gal with a gun.

Bearing Arms - Video: Glock Versus Hi-Point?

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