Monday, June 11, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Four

Jasper Johns

Here in these Untied States, we have many freedoms, the freedom of speech, the freedom to own firearms, the freedom to vote for our representatives, and many more outlined in our Constitution and its amendments, better known as The Bill of Rights.

But, ...

Which one is the most necessary or most important one?

For the National Rifle Association members it would probably the right to keep and bear arms, according to the Second Amendment.

For the members of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, it would probably be unrestricted speech, according to the First Amendment.

For others, it might be the Fourth Amendment. For Lawyers it might be the Fifth Amendment. For certain senators, it might be the Seventeenth Amendment. For illegal immigrants, it might be the Fourteenth Amendment. For 'blacks,' it might be the Thirteenth Amendment. For teenagers, it might be the Twenty-Sixth Amendment.

But, ...

Which one is the most important?

My opinion?

It's the Tenth

Doom and Gloom





Food Poisoning







Status Quo




Things You Might Want to Think About

Yeap, they hate your freedoms, too.

What did they expect after allowing a massive migration into a country that is already having a hard time supporting its citizens, a political scandal involving the former leaders, and ... ?

You might want to dump your FaceBook account and ... stock.

Ha, Ha, Ha
It took long enough, for karma to catch up with him.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Again
What's so funny about this story?

I believed it.

Crime and crime prevention is a complex subject. It takes years of developing a better police and resident relationship, improving opportunities for city residents, and other leftist liberal money wasters.

When, ...

All the city and state has to do is get more people to buy, carry, and use firearms, when appropriate.


I guess everybody was 'black.'

You know why?

Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, David Hogg, and so-called Black Lives Matter didn't say a thing about the shooting.

Only One
Just to set the record straight, former President Bill Clinton is the only president of these United States to be impeached. Former President Nixon resigned before being impeached.

Also, ...

William Jefferson Clinton is a sexual predator. Even Ms. Monica Lewinsky agrees with me.

Also, ...

Who's the other guy in the interview, his lawyer?

Yeap, ... During an event, you're children might die or become permanently disabled becasue, during good times, you didn't think they needed their immunization shots.

Please! Please!! Please Remember!!!

Officer Scot Peterson had no legal responsibility to defend those students and teachers from anyone, including the scumbag Nikolas Cruz.

Aaah, the mean ol' Democrats finally got tired of people taking their stuff without paying.

I wish they would get tired of trying to take my stuff, too.

The nice lady, according to Jon Stewart, called the President's daughter a cunt.

Her exact words were “You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless cunt,”

Well, ...

What do you think would have happened if some, so-called, nice lady had called Chelsea Clinton, Malia Obama, or Sasha Obama a cunt, during their father's presidency?

I bet, Jon Stewart wouldn't have been defending them.

Time Piece
You know, what's so bad about this article?

A bill was written and proposed, the bill was passed and signed into law, and ...

Long before this story started, we went to StarBucks a few months ago.

The restrooms were clean and unlocked.

The seating area was clean and only customers were sitting in the booths.

And, ...

The coffee was still burnt and overpriced

Wheel Chair
Thanks America, ... You just gave our enemies another way to circumvent our nations security.


"Shale oil is not a miracle so much as a spectacular stunt: ... "

"A journalist has named the senior White House aide Sydney Blumenthal as the source of press reports last year that Monica Lewinsky was a predatory 'stalker' obsessed with Bill Clinton, contradicting Mr Blumenthal's testimony to the Senate."

"But there is one thing Barack Obama has on all competitors: treason."

"What you see out there along the Pacific rim of the USA is a giant booby-trap of certain cataclysm. It’s part of the even greater tectonic phenomenon called the Ring of Fire, which circles the whole western ocean from the Aleutian Islands to Japan through Indonesia and up again along the western edge of South America. Things are livening up all over the darn thing right now, including the rumblings of a bunch of big volcanoes in the South Pacific and the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, uncorking lethally as I write. And, of course, none of the foregoing includes the giant magma dome of worthless stock and bond values swelling under the towers of Wall Street back east."

"The point of life is for old men to plant trees in whose shade they will never stand."

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