Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday: 7 February 2018

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

These United States is lucky, to a certain extent, almost anyone can own a firearm.

Well, ... It some countries that isn't the case, so they may have to acquire a firearm, during tough times, from the security services.

The Firearm Blog -MILIPOL 2017: Pictures of the HK416F with kit, HK417 A2 and a MG5

It is said, in some quarters, that police cars are rolling resupply points for guns and ammo, during a severe enough event.

Remote Control
You, your family, and several friends or extended family may not have enough people to take care of all the tasks, you and your group may need to accomplish.

Well, ...

If you have the money or the know-how, here are some ideas.

The Firearms Blog - Multirole Armored Robot for Infantry Announced by BAE Systems

The Firearms Blog - Russia to Adopt the “NEREKHTA” Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The Firearms Blog - Heavily-Armed Hybrid: Milrem’s UGV with ST Kinetic’s ADDER in action at EUROSATORY

For you folks that might be thinking of laughing about this. ISIL used similar home-built weapons, a few years ago.

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