Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Emergency Evacuation Kit)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service

Military Gear
It's rugged, expensive, and looks cool. The only problem, ...

PEO Soldier

It's military gear.

Civilian Gear
It's rugged, expensive, and it looks cool. The only problem, ...

Two Backpacks from the '60s or '70s (ca 2018)

It's not subdued ; - )

Inexpensive Gear
I was at one of our local charity stores when I saw two backpacks with four frames. The cost, ... $12.

Needless to say, they had some issues.

First, out of the four frames, one was bent. You can barely see it in the picture, but the one on the left is out of square and the top is bent inward. Plus, it didn't have any shoulder straps.

Two Backpack Frames
one bent (left) one straight (ca 2018)

The second issue, the backpacks has some issues. The red one had a broken zipper, ...

Gerry Lightweight Camping Equipment
backpack from the '60s or '70s (ca 2018)

While the stripped one was in O.K. shape, but a little moldy

Gerry Lightweight Camping Equipment
backpack from the '60s or '70s (ca 2018)

Now, all of the frames had stiff shoulder straps.

Gerry Lightweight Camping Equipment
backpacks from the '60s or '70s (ca 2018)

So, ...

All four frames and two backpacks were still useful, with a little tender loving, cleaning, bending, washing, and scrounging.

The red backpack zipper could be easily fixed, with a little work. The striped backpack hand washed  with warm soapy water then air-dried.

A backpack could be found for the frame with straps, while the frame with nothing would be the hardest to deal with.

I searched e-bay to determine their value. A similar backpack, from Gerry (the red one) was going for $100. I couldn't find anything for the striped backpack, while the frames were valued at around $25, each.

History wise, I found out the backpacks were probably made in the '60s or'70s, by Gerry. The frames were probably from the same time period.

The Project
Needless to say, I bought all the stuff for a project, not to sell, so two frames, both backpacks, and the shoulder straps went back to another charity store.

More, ... Later

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