Monday, February 12, 2018

Volume Four: Number Seven

El Lissitzky

The Wall
I don't want a wall between Mexico and these Untied States.

It's bad for the environment because an impenetrable wall will stop animals from migrating north and south. It will block people's views of the beautiful country, on both sides of the border. Lastly, it will become a magnet for graffiti.

It's also bad for the economy. More people will have to go on the government payroll, to increase the workforce at the border crossings, so we don't get long delays. More people will need to be hired to guard the wall because an obstacle without surveillance isn't an obstacle for long. Lastly, more people will need to be on the government payroll, either as contractors or government employees, to do the managing, human resouce, and other administrative tasks, including policing the new border agents.

Lastly, a wall could keep us in, just like the East German side of the Berlin Wall.

However, as much as I don't want a wall, our country needs this wall because ...

Our appointed government officials won't limit illegals.

Our business leaders won't stop hiring illegals.

Our elected representatives won't stop giving amnesty to illegals.

Kind hearted people won't stop helping illegals.

Criminals will take advantage of illegals.

Politicians will use illegals.

In other words, ...

We need to invade Mexico.

Doom and Gloom



Drivers, Part Two

Drivers, Part Three

Drivers, Part Four 







Things You Might Want to Think About

Get a gun, learn to use the gun, carry the gun, then, ...

No one will need a rape alarm

During WWII, Poland helped the Nazis kill millions, in Polish Death Camps.

Poland collaborated with the Nazis to round up millions of innocent men, women and children.

No law will hide these facts and many others.

That's right. Firearms' sales have declined by 500,000, since ... Last Month!

That's right. Only 2,000,000 firearms were sold, ... In January!

That's right. Over 24,000,000 firearms were sold, last year.

When folks, especially in Europe, talk about the so-called Far-Right. I want you to remember, the Far-Right still believes in powerful union, lavish social spending, and many other government benefits.

But, ... Just for them. Be it Germans, Finns, Swedes, French, Canadians, Brits, and even Americans.

We have 10,000,000 to 40,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country. Unemployment is still under reported. Our country is $22,000,000,000,000 in debt, and our elected readers want to borrow another $1,000,000,000,000, to the debt.

Yet, ...

The so-called news organization can't name all the handouts, in the bill.

Law Enforcement
I agree that these Untied States needs to insure that groups aren't trying to overthrow the government.

But, ... We already have enough laws to do this. Plus, we have The Constitution of the United States

It's a word, like any other word. It has a history and a definition.

What people feel is up to them, so banning it won't help.

What a way to give a religion a bad name, marry your own four year old daughter.

As a conflict goes on, the combatants will try to gain an edge with technology. Technology that may gain a mind of its own.

Space Debris
Yeap, it sounded like a great idea, send your electric car with a mannequin to Mars, until it gets ripped apart and litters the approach to Mars with deadly space debris, possibly killing future explores and colonists.

The color of a person's skin doesn't matter. It's how they act that determines whether they're a thug or not.

The National Rifle Association is voting for its board of directors.

So, ...

Here's some thoughts for you.

China has a problem, too many men, so what do you do?

Go to poor countries, tell young women they can become models, in China, then marry the young women off to wealthy Chinese men.

Problem solved, maybe?


"The unfortunate part of the story is that the shale oil miracle only made this country more delusional at a moment in history when we really can’t afford to believe in fairy tales. The financial world is just now entering a long overdue crack-up due to the accumulating unreality induced by Federal Reserve interventions and machinations in markets. As it continues to get unglued — with rising interest rates especially —  we will begin to see the collapse of the bonding and financing arrangements that the fundamentally unprofitable shale “miracle” has been based on. And then you will see the end of the shale “miracle.” It is likely to happen very quickly. It was fun while it lasted. Now comes the hard part: getting through this without the nation completely losing its marbles and doing something stupid and desperate — like starting another merry little war."

"Few people have heard of Michael Horowitz, but that’s about to change."

"And as for Baumann’s suggestion that liberal education was finished at Kenyon, he’s certainly on to something. Following the panel where Baumann made his stand, one student took to Facebook, saying that if liberal education “necessitates the silencing of marginalized communities, the protection of racism, and our complicity with both, then let the damned thing die.” "

"The ballooning of the administration's budgets and salaries is a problem that started in the private sector and has infected higher education"

"At a Surface Navy Association event near the Pentagon earlier this month, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft noted that the Coast Guard's new heavy icebreaker will be unarmed when it enters service in 2023. But the ship will have the space, weight and electrical power built in to ensure it can carry offensive weapons in the future."

"Did you just make this about race?"

"The reality is the Democrats got a better deal from the seditious Mitch McConnell than they were ever going to get from Trump, so they cut a deal with the treacherous wing of the GOP. That was smart politics, even if the lunatics in the Democrat Party refuse to accept it. As it stands, spending for the wall is now off the table for two years and there is no reason for the cucks to bring immigration issues to a vote. Basically, the cucks are doing the heavy lifting for Team Brown to undermine the patriots."

 "I keep telling people not to underestimate Bloomberg."

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That's Just the Way it Was: East Grand Forks, Minnesota. (ca 1937)

Part of a Mexican beet worker's family

The Mother is dead and this young girl works in the field and does the housework

A beet worker's child

A Mexican boy water carrier in a beet field

Topping sugar beets

Clearing space to pile topped sugar beets; this makes scooping them up easier,

Loading topped beets onto truck

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