Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Food)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

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I have probably talked about how you and your family need to find recipes that your family can use during and after an event, while using your food storage. Recipes that your family will like to eat.

I suggest at least seven for each meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These recipes will prevent your family becoming bored with the family's cooking.

Olden Times
Now, Spartan has several ideas that you and your partner need to think about.

The first one, that I will mention, is to research or learn about the old ways of doing things, like how to obtain vitamin C by using rose hips.

Needless to say, some folks have already done this like Peggy Layton with Cooking with Home Storage.

Preppers Survive - Nine Printable Food Storage Cookbooks

All About Food Storage - Cannery Cookbook

Food Storage Made Easy - Shelf Stable Recipe Book

LDS Preparedness - New Ideas for Cooking with Basic Food Storage

Borrow this book or any survivalist book from the library, so you and your family can save money on your prepping supplies and equipment ; - )

Another idea, that Spartan had, was to eat basic foods during the week and have 'special' food, like the expensive freeze dried meals, on Sunday.

I can go on and on how this is a very interesting idea and how we could use this in our daily lives, but you probably already see that.

Recipes, Part Two
Now, you also need to be researching books on how to preserve food, such as making cheeses, pickles, wet packing (canning) food; making different types of bread ("If" you're storing wheat); and ... Beer.

I thought I'd throw that one in for the guys out there ; - )

Wise Geek - What Makes a Pickle Kosher? - Kosher Jewish Pickles

Olden Times, Part Two
This includes skills like butchering an animal into manageable portions for cooking, cutting up a whole chicken for cooking, making butter from ... (I don't know. How do you make butter?), and many other skills.

Just be careful. Some of these olden ways are dangerous, to say the least.

Last Point
Don't eat you food storage!

More on that, next Friday.

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