Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday: 17 January 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University

When you and your family are purchasing equipment, it is important to do some research, especially for the expensive items, in you preps.


Just read the comments.

Shooting Illustrated - Review: Century Arms RAS-47 Magpul

Folks, it's an AR-15

O.K. ... It's an AR-15 with a pink purple trigger.

For the same amount of money, you and your partner could purchase two (Yes, Two) rifles from Target Sports then use the other $500 to purchase ammo or spend $200 for better furniture from Brownell's then buy some ammo.

Shooting Illustrated - Review: LWRCI Diadem AR-15

Target Sports - Bushmaster M4 A3 Patrolman's Carbine

DI vs. Tappet
Google, YouTube, and ... Wikipedia

Oooh, yeah, ... The AR-15 uses direct impingement

Wikipedia - Direct Impingement

Wikipedia - Gas Operated Reloading

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