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Volume Four: Number Four

Os Galgos
Amadeo de Souza Cardoso

Danger Ahead
By now, you and your family know about the federal government's partial shutdown. According to some reports, these United States military, Border Patrol, Post Office, National Parks, and other 'essential' services are still operating.

Of course, the major parties are pointing the finger, probably the middle one, at each other then shouting, 'It's your fault.'

Either way, it is our elected representative's fault.


First, the hypocrisy of the Democrats is revealing. When they are the majority party, the Democrats whine about the Republicans lack of bipartisanship. When the Democrats are the minority, they triumphantly shout about their resistance to cold-hearted and reckless conservative ideas.

Next, the Republicans, with a majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the party of the sitting President can't get anything done. Look at the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), it should have been a slam dunk to repeal it. The same for the former Presidents actions over the so-called 'Dreamers.' Lastly, the Republicans' actions, when they are the minority, of failing to hold up the parties ideals of less government, more freedom, and fiscal responsibility are tossed to the side.

With that said, these are dangerous times for you and your family.

Think about it?

We, as a country, can go on lurching from continuing resolution to continuing resolution funding the government's operations, but what happens when the elected representatives make a mistake and start the 'Financial Collapse of the World?'

Second, the free world looks to these Untied States to lead and fend off the so-called villains. We step aside and no one will pick up freedom's torch. Trust me Europe doesn't have the strength to fend off the Russians. The same goes for the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea. The minute we even appear to turn our back, like the Obama administration, these countries will be bargaining with Chinese.

Then we'll have to fight a war to keep from losing our freedoms.

Lastly, Democrats and Republicans will use this disorder as an excuse to run this country farther into the ground, taking payoffs, as they allow unlimited immigration, unlimited borrowing, and unlimited infringement of our freedoms.

Doom and Gloom






Jacob Creutzfeldt






Things You Might Want to Think About

O.K. an asteroid is traveling at 67,000 mph. It is larger than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, at 0.7 kilometers wide, and it will fly by our planet, in two weeks!!!

Oooh, ...

It will go by really, really close, in space terms, to the Earth

2,615,128 miles away. Ten times the distance from the Earth to the Moon

1.5 Million People
Of course, the reporter got it wrong. The reason some folks are still without power is becasue of government corruption.

No, not bribery. O.K. there is probably a little bit of that, but

Spending money on needless things, like social welfare.

Wouldn't it be funny, if WWIII started because some nation was killing people that supported us, like the Kurds. 

Just like firearms, information doesn't kill people; people kill people.

Looks like a business opportunity, to me.

Needless to say, ...

Now a days, New York gets its food trucked in from hundreds of miles away.

Guess what happens when the trucks stop?

Malnutrition? Starvation?

There are several stories that I find interesting that seem to have fallen off the radar, in the classic media

One of them is the protests in Iran

Another one is the shooting in Las Vegas

"If Crisis or War Comes"
Do you know what your family will do?

I make fun of so-called journalists here in these United States with their entitled attitudes, bias for one political party, lack of common sense, failure to point out corruption and graft, and much more.

Well, ...

We mustn't forget the efforts of foreign Journalists to highlight the real abuses of power, corruption, and the oligarchs , in their countries.

Yeap, it's all good, south of the border.

Yeap, that unrestrained immigration is working out, just great.

Yeap, it's still happening.

Yeap, their tactics are evolving.

Yeap, ... You and your family need to carry a defensive firearm.


"Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iran expert who tracks sanctions with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, expressed concern the Trump State Department is operating as if the Obama administration was still in power."

"If the Sh*thole Epithet Fits, Wear It"

"The crisis is the result of three years of low rainfall and drought, coupled with a growing population and an increase in water consumption."

I think we are headed for chaos.

"But the prospect of a multi-generational proletariat class, hovering near the poverty line and dependent on government help, is probably not what most Americans had in mind."

"Anyway, this lady makes some sense."

"This doesn't make any sense. Jamaica has strict gun control. The 1967 Gun Control Act imposed licensing requirements on ownership and possession of guns and ammunition, and prohibited automatic weapons entirely. Firearm licences in Jamaica require a background check, inspection and payment of a yearly fee, and can make legal gun ownership difficult for ordinary citizens. The new judicial procedures of the Gun Court Act were designed to ensure that firearms violations would be tried quickly and harshly punished. Isn't this exactly what the Democrats in Congress want for the US? (I mean before they ban private gun ownership entirely, of course.)"

"You see how this works?"

"Expect the turmoil to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. The Mueller investigation is festering into a constitutional crisis. The bond market is having a heart attack with the Ten-Year shooting above the 2.6 percent interest rate line. The dollar is flirting with a sub-90 DXY hashmark. Risk has supposedly been banished — only to come screaming out of the attic like Norman Bates’s mother at the last moment, slashing your misplaced confidence to shreds."

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