Monday, January 8, 2018

Volume Four: Number Two

Our Lady of the Double Bridge
Frank Boggs

How Much Time?
I get this question, a lot.

My answer, ... It depends.

According to these United States 'Civil Defense' forces (F.E.M.A., C.D.C., and others), you and your family need a emergency evacuation kit and supplies for at least three days.

However, ... That is changing, so expect to start to seeing an official call to extend that time frame to two weeks. (Don't ask how I know. I can't tell you ; - )

But, ... What about longer events, like wildfires, regional earthquakes, and ...

Then you and your family need supplies for three months. This includes being able to safely restock your water supply, every two weeks.

Then there is that whole Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack and coronal mass ejection (CME) event that could shut down the country for a year or longer.

If you and your family are preparing for those types of events, you and your family need a year supply of food and many other items.

And, ...

Don't forget places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela that have seen three to five years of food shortages, with famine, starving families, and people eating their pets.

Oooh, ... I apologize. You were asking, 'How long before the event?'

It could happen a soon as tomorrow.

That's right. The moment the rest of country thinks the money is 'no good,' the country will collapse with the rest of the world right behind us.

Or, ...

It could happen later on tonight.

That's right. Your furnace could crap out, causing your home to become a housecicle, with you and your partner rushing around trying to find a method of heating your home.

Or, ...

It could happen, right now.

That's right. Your partner could be cooking dinner then accidentally slice their hand, a child could pull a lit candle off the dining room table, or some other event, as you read this passage.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, to know you might have only one more day to prepare for the tough times ahead.

Doom and Gloom






Foster Care 






Space Station



Things You Might Want to Think About

10 PM
Repeat after me, ...

Nothing good happens after 10 pm

One of the 'businesses' that preppers might get into, during tough times, is ... Alcohol.

Just make sure you abide by your state's laws.

Several years ago, Charles Hugh Smith wrote about China/Russia's and Europe's efforts to supplant these United States' dollar by creating new currencies, like the Euro.

His thoughts, ... basically, ... it can't happen.

But, ... Mr. Smith isn't a prepper.

One question?

What are your thoughts on firearms?

All I can say, ...

Take the time to read, really read, the whole thing then think about what you and your family can do to soften the effects of these forecasts.

You're probably like me, worried about your country in the tough times ahead.

Well, ... What happens when things go bad?

You vote for people that will restore law and order.

The only problem, they may be worst then the previous problem

It's that time of the year again.

You know, ...

The one where everyone tries to predict the future or at least what's going to happen, this year.

Raw Water
Ha, ha, ha.

Who promotes this stuff, much less pays $36.99 for two and half gallons of water that can kill them?

As a country, we can live in the past, or we can live in the future.

My vote?

We live in the future, ... As we kick the Chinese's asses.

First, ... Read the Article.

Next, update your devices.

Oooh, ... Here's another one, too


"Since 'We are what we repeatedly do" (attributed to Aristotle), i.e. we are what we do every day, resolutions have little consequence until they become daily habits. With that in mind, here are some resolutions I'm pondering adding to my daily routines: ..."

"This town probably has more left-handed lesbians than black guys."

"The actual mechanics of Hitler’s rise to power*? The actual details of how the National Socialist state functioned**? Ignorant on all accounts."

"If you get down about your job, just think about how much worse it could be."

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fteter said...

Ok, let's talk about the emergency preparedness thing. Took me years to figure out a layered approach: 72 hour packs set up as a "grab and go" thing, 2 weeks supplies in Tupperware containers in a kitchen cabinet, 3 months in the pantry, 2 years in the basement. And the interesting thing is that you won't find much repetition between the different layers, because they all have different purposes and consist of supplies for different lengths of time. So while I agree with the government in increasing recommendations from 72 hours to 2 weeks (because that's all some folks will do), it doesn't really have much impact on those of us who plan in layers.