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Wednesday: 17 May 2017

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GSIEP - Weapons

Survival Kits

YouTube: BlackScoutSurvival - SERE Kit: Air Force Kit

YouTube: BlackScoutSurvival - SEAL Team Six Survival Kit: Black Scout Reviews

YouTube: TheUrbanPrepper - Urban Altoids EDC Tin (v2.1) by TheUrbanPrepper


WeaponsMan - Weaponsman Expert Book Reviews NÂș. 5

Before It's News - Survival

Stealth Survival - Free Bushcraft Book Download

Virginia State University - Publications and Educational Resources

FEMA - Emergency Management Institute

Wikimedia - Category:United States Army Field Manuals


The Telegraph - Greenhouse guide: 13 incredibly useful tips

Kit - Plate Carriers

YouTube: TAS801 - Ajax Reviews the London Bridge Trading Company LBT-6094B Multicam Plate Carrier for Visa

YouTube: Breach Master - LBT 6094 Review


The Firearms Blog - What is Armor Piercing Ammunition?

The Firearms Blog - Britain’s Civilian Service Rifle Matches

The Firearms Blog - Royal Marines adopt C8s

The Firearms Blog - Build Your Own Silencer – Part 1

The Firearms Blog - Royal Navy Field Gun Competition

The Firearms Blog - Lessons Learned from Our WW II Squad Live Fire

The Firearms Blog - British Police Guards armed with SMGs

The Firearms Blog - Homemade submachine guns used in Tel Aviv shooting

The Firearms Blog - Historical cache of firearms seized in Britain

The Firearms Blog - POTD: The UK’s NRA In The Wild

The Firearms Blog - ROK Military’s Obsession with Brass Collecting

The Firearms Blog - Gun Review: Taurus PT111 Millenium G2

The Firearms Blog - Finally, Making the Base AR-15 Charging Handle Ambidextrous: Sintercore’s xRS

The Firearms Blog - Multiple California Compliant Magazine Release Options

The Firearms Blog - Only Three Guns: Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek Answers the Burning Question

The Firearms Blog - On not being a gun owner

The Firearms Blog - TFBTV: Five Pointless, But Fun Guns

The Firearms Blog - POTD: Weapons Seized In Japan

All Outdoors - .357 Revolver as a SHTF Gun? Really?

All Outdoors - CALIFORNIA RELOAD: Cross Armory SAFE MAG release

Box of Truth

YouTube: theologynerd1- Massad Ayoob: Shoot to live

Te Firearms Blog - Hindsight Is 30/06: A Critique Of The M1 Garand

WeaponsMan - So Sumdood posts a deal on Reddit…

Military Skills

All Outdoors - Lessons from Red Dawn

All Outdoors - Bug Out Hide Concealment

Bing - Search: Combat Outpost

Quora - What are some day to day life hacks that armed forces and law enforcement people know but civilians don't?

Michael Yon - Precision Voting

Food Storage

All Outdoors - Stocking Up a Bug Out Pantry

Survival Blog - Letter Re: Canned Food Alternatives

Daily Mail - Combat rations of 20 armies around the world revealed

The Survivalist Blog - Top 10 Smart Ways to Build Your Food Storage 

Food - Chickens

INFOPAK - Are My Chickens Healthy


All Outdoors - The Arduous March: Escaping SHTF Events in a Vehicle

All Outdoors - Preparedness Reminder: Take Your Time and Do it Right

All Outdoors - Seven Must Have Tractor Attachments


Clorox - Safe Water Project

CDC - Calcium Hypochlorite/Sodium Hypochlorite

Minnesota Department of Health - Well Disinfection

Clorox - Simple Uses for Clorox


Equipped to Survive - Signalling Group

The Survivalist Blog - Two-WAY Radio Communications Basics for Preppers


Equipped to Survive - Emergency Devices Group

YouTube: 555 Gear - Review: Seiko 5 Field Watch SNZG15J1 Military Automatic "Outstanding $100 Wristwatch"

Shelter - Chemical Attack

Bing - Search: Chemical Attack Safe Room

OnSiteAir - Home

Shelter - Snow

Outdoor Action Guide - Snow Shelters


Low Tech Magazine - Restoring the Old Way of Warming: Heating People, not Places

Low Tech Magazine - The Revenge of the Circulating Fan


Wikimedia - Atomic Attack

Wikimedia - Search: Atomic Attack

Threat Analysis - Nuclear Weapons

YouTube: Belfer Center - Nuclear 101: How Nuclear Bombs Work Part 1/2

YouTube: - Nuclear 101: How Nuclear Bombs Work" Part 2/2

Threat Analysis - New Madrid

Southeastern Missourian - New Madrid quake potential elevated 

Stuff I'm Interested In

io9 - Inspiring and Intense Soviet Space Propaganda Posters

io9 - These Cut-Out Style Posters Show the Inspirational Side of Superheroes - Soviet Space Posters

Visual News - 33 Soviet Propaganda Posters of the Space Age

Der Spiegel - Photo Gallery: French Caricaturists Take On Pegida

coursera - Disaster Preparedness

Gizmodo - How I Shot an Upside-Down Glacier in Antarctica

Stuff I'm Interested In - Music

Alfonzo Rachel - About


The Prepper Journal - Bartering After SHTF


The Survivalist Blog - Mental Health After TEOTWAWKI


The Survivalist Blog - Children and Teenagers’ Preparedness in an Average Family

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