Monday, May 8, 2017

Volume Three: Number Nineteen

La Place Valhubert
Armand Guillaumin


The other day, a guy at work was going on about something related to work. It seems the way our management evaluates the workers will change, in the near future.

And, ... He is pissed, to say the least.

Needless to say, I an upset about the Republicans passing 'RyanCare.'

Doom and Gloom





Credit Card Debt



Economic Growth



Intelligence Reports


Live Streaming



Molotov Cocktails


Private Detention Centers

Puerto Rico



Things You Might Want to Think About

Five Years
What would you and your family do?

Whether it's called ObamaCare, RyanCare, TrumpCare, or something else, it is a handout to the insurance companies.

The Middle East
To say the least, it's complicated. Adding to the matter, the Kurds are probably the best fighting force that these United States should be supporting, along with the Israelis.

It might be nothing, but ... You never know.

If you take a person's rights away, they may use other means to register their protests, like demolitions.

The are many reasons why parents refuse to vaccinate their children. One reason is religious beliefs. Another reason is fear of vaccine side effects.

So, ... I'm cool with people not vaccinating themselves or their children, even though; I personally think it's a bad idea.

Well, ... It seems someone is planning to require employees to get vaccinated.

Our governments need taxes to function. As you know, these governments use the tax money to pay government employees, purchase supplies, and do other things, include giving money to the so-called needy.

Oooh, .. Our governments also wastes the money.

Needless to say, no one likes to pay taxes, including Google.

What Could Go Wrong
Let me see, ... These United States are encouraging a group of countries that hate Israel to form an alliance, just like N.A.T.O.

Finally, our citizens have a ray of hope.


"Why do things never seem to change no matter who we send to Washington?"

"The corporatists love this cash cow because killing fellow humans is the most profitable business in all of history. Keeping this fact hidden from the taxpayer is the ultimate black budget blueprint that needs protection for the Corporatocracy to continue"

"Self-serving interests committed to protecting their power, wealth and income have destroyed our economic-political system's ability to self-correct."

"... image for a moment the outrage if an elderly black lady ... then threw her in a pool leaving her for dead"

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That's Just the Way it Was: Scottsbluff, Nebraska (ca 1941)

Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Factory of North Platte Valley Cooperative cheese company

New dairy barn. FSA (Farm Security Administration) cooperative enterprise on the Scottsbluff Farmsteads

Pigs feeding on Scottsbluff Farmsteads, FSA (Farm Security Administration) project.

Purebred Holstein cow drinking in front of dairy barn. Scottsbluff Farmsteads cooperative enterprise.

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