Monday, May 1, 2017

Volume Three: Number Eighteen

Vejen til Versailles i Louveciennes (sne effekten)
Camille Pissarro

Fire and Shelter
We are use to being warm. We can't imagine being cold, for a day.

The only problem, if it's too cold, you only have a few hours, before you and your family could die.

Doom and Gloom




The Economy


Persian Gulf

Police State 




Things You Might Want to Think About

Five Minutes
Repeat after me, the cops are only minutes away.

Amassing Fortunes
Here's one of the reason why you and your family shouldn't buy individual stocks, but instead invest in a well rounded mutual fund that tracks the S&P 500 or the Russell 1000.

Cashing In
The good news, ... he won't be hurting your family, ... any more.

The 'Rich' will always be amoung us.

So, ...

If you cater to the rich, you will always be able to feed your family

Everybody, in this country, is an immigrant or the progeny of immigrants, including the so-called Native Americans.


"If a referendum were held across Europe today, asking whether the mass migrations from the former colonies of Africa and the Middle East have on balance made Europe a happier and better place to live in in recent decades, what would that secret ballot reveal?"

"We can't control when an attack will happen, but we can have control over our preparedness."

"The gun banners would love to make every public shooting in the news an argument for this cause, allowing them to ban all firearms everywhere, even cops and soldiers, but not every story has legs on it. Here is what they need."

"In the future I will never call anyone a Benedict Arnold, I will call them a Barrack Obama."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Pinos Altos, New Mexico (ca 1940)

Eugene Davis standing by the side of his adapted truck which carries him about the country on his search for gold.

Eugene Davis, gold prospector, coming out of his shack home at his diggings

Eugene Davis, gold prospector, making a pot of coffee in his shack

Eugene Davis, gold prospector, looking into chest where he has stored his belongings.

Eugene Davis, gold prospector, reading over location notice form which must be filed along with mining claim.

Eugene Davis, gold prospector, operating a papago (dry washer) at his diggings.

Eugene Davis panning gold.

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