Monday, May 29, 2017

Volume Three: Number Twenty-Two

Automatic Drawing
André Masson

Memorial Day
I am a veteran of these United States' military, and today is not my day.

It is the day of PFC. Tyler R. Lubelt, and Spc. Kyle E. Gilbert; Sgt. Joshua P. Rodgers and Staff Sgt. Alexandria M Morrow; 1st Lt. Anais A. Tobar and Lt Col. Flando Elix Jackson; and many, many others .

Such people as Specialist Andrews, killed in 1982, or Sergeant Jones killed about 1986, both while on active duty. Men that will never grow old and be forever young in the memories of their family, friends, and comrades in arms

So, ...

Don't thank a veteran, today. It's insulting.

But, ...

Do remember, the ultimate sacrifice our women and men have made that have died while on active duty.

Doom and Gloom

The Big One



Total Informational Awareness


Things You Might Want to Think About

Computer Failure

Fact Checkers
I don't know everything. Heck, I don't know a lot of things.

But, ...

I do know, ... People are lying to the country.

I bet you thought this had gone away.

It is said, 'Give a villain enough time, and they will take everything in your home.'

Well, we need to add to that ...

Give a hacker a challenge, and they will unlock any computer system.

I would like to add, ...

With his hand out, looking for a hand out; The Mayor of Chicago said 'It's o.k. to break the law, if you think it's worth it to protect your family or yourself for economic reasons.'

So, ...

Watch out the villains have permission to shoot you, from the 'god-father.'

Small dogs are probably the best home security system for a prepper. They don't eat a lot or take up a lot of space. Plus, they don't have a bad reputation like pitbulls or other large dogs.

Well, ... We might need to change that.

Single Payer
$40,000,000,000 a year divided by 40,000,000 comes out to $1,000 a year per person.

Cool, ..

Until you start thinking, 'What kind of healthcare can you purchase for $1,000?'

Oooh, ... I'm not talking about insurance cause it's so-called single-payer. I talking about doctor visits, operations, medications, eyeglasses, and all the other medical you will need for one year.

Please, take time to read the speech, and remember, ...

When any person calls us to defy our national government, they are invoking a call to rebellion that was violently crushed in 1865.

A rebellion that believed one person was better then another. That a person should be bound to work for another person. That a person should be given rights based on a person's place at birth.

Ooops, ... I think 'Southern Ideals' did win. Just not in the way, they had expected.

Theatre, Security
Close one door and the villains will find another door to open.

So, ... It's only going to get worst.

The only problem, The terrorists have won. We just don't know it, yet.


"... having a lot of nuclear weapons is safer from a “first-strike stability” point of view than having few."

"I’m coming to the conclusion that we’re getting beyond a political struggle of ideas, and that scares me because this country was always about a political struggle of ideas. The only time it turned violence was over the question of slavery, and one has to admit that’s a pretty big idea. Today’s meme wars are vapid, ignorant, and shallow."

"They believe that they are just expressing Right Values."

"Even more disturbing to me personally, as someone who registered as a Democrat back in 1972, are the disgraceful and dangerous ideas emanating from the university world, which is universally dominated by the Left."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Sioux City, Iowa (ca 1936)

General view of dormitory, homeless men's bureau.

Man reading to fellow inmates, homeless men's bureau

Men's dormitory at night at the homeless men's bureau (for unattached men). Unemployment is the primary cause of their being here. This unemployment has been the direct cause of broken homes, through divorce and incompatibility. Most of the men are willing to work if they could find it. Average age fifty-two. Most of the men are from the urban districts

A card game in the recreation room of the homeless men's bureau.

Meal time at the homeless men's bureau (for unatttached men).

Inmates working in the kitchen of homeless men's bureau.

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