Monday, May 15, 2017

Volume Three: Number Twenty

Weisses Haus in Dangast
Erich Heckel

Didn't Notice
According to some news reports, the internet came under attack this weekend. It seems, a group of people (or one person) wrote a ransomware program that started blocking folks access to their computer information, hospitals closed, business was lost, and other very bad things happened.

Of course, I didn't notice. Plus, I keep my computer software updated, and I run a popular protection program.

Do you?

Next, me and my family maintain emergency funds and supplies, and we also have our medical information backed up, in writing. Just in case, stuff like this happens again.

Oooh, ...

It's going to happen, again, and again, and again.

Doom and Gloom

$200 CDN




The "Economy"


Hate Speech 




Things You Might Want to Think About

First, you control the language then you can control the people.

Associated Press
The security forces investigate themselves after a shooting, and the press howls about the injustice

The Executive branch investigates itself over corruption, and the press shouts about the irregularities

Lastly, the press investigates themselves over their support for a ruthless dictator, and they pat themselves on the back because they were "forthrightly and independently as possible."

Body Armour
Hate to tell you folks.

Unless, you're wearing 'rifle' plates and the villains are shooting at the plates, your body armour isn't going to protect you from rifle bullets

In other words, ... The cops don't wear body armour that can stop rifle bullets.

One of the concepts that I am trying to work out is this whole 'Empires don't care about you and your family' thingy.

No matter which side we support, there is going to be problems,

These United States' military has kicked some ass over the years. We stopped the soviets, Nazis, Germans, and the Confederacy.

In other words, Those folks that wave the 'Stars and Bars' are ... Losers.

With that said, removing the statues of military heroes, no matter their misguided cause, is reprehensible.

National Socialists
All you have to do, to be a Nazis, is believe your country is more important then any other country and believe that the government should help the people.

The Press
I make jokes of the press.

But, ...

Never forget. They are important to a free country.

Shut Up, Already
I believe certain things. One of these things, former Presidents should play golf, create art, and stay out of the news, except for the local paper.

World War II
Let me get this straight, ...

A country, for all intent and purpose, has banned firearms for its citizens. They collected them up and melted them down, except for the ones the country handed out to its citizens over seventy years ago.


"Ain't no hypocrisy as pungent as that of the tax-dodging champagne socialist aristocrat."

"If you seek to know why this country is in so much trouble, check out the lead reports about the health care reform bill in today’s New York Times, WashPo, and CNN. You will find there is no intelligible discussion in any of them as to what’s actually ailing US health care. All you get is play-by-play commentary about which political tag-team is “winning,” ..."

"Noticing is the gateway drug that leads to judging."

"And, at a minimum, we can only hope that this embarrassing mishap just might prove to at least a few liberals that these taxes, like Obamacare, are nothing more than just a another money grab from an oppressive government, wrapped in clever packaging to dupe the American public."

"Force is not the same as power."

"The upshot of all this will be a political circus for the rest of the year and the abandonment of any real business in government, at a moment in history when some very weighty black swans circle above the clouds waiting to crash land. Enjoy the histrionics if you dare, and pay no attention to collapsing economy as it all plays out."

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