Saturday, March 24, 2012

Survival Kit in a Tin

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Going into the wilderness requires you to be prepared because "Mother Nature" is a cold-hearted killer. She doesn't care who you are. If you screw up, she'll kill you dead.

To survive ... (and no guarantees)

First, Dress for the Weather
Yes, I know you're only driving to the grocery store, but you need to wear clothes for the season. This means, long pants, shoes with socks, a coat, hat, gloves, and a scarf for winter. This goes double if you're going into the woods or fields.

Second, Tell People Where You're Going
Phone a friend, leave a note, just tell someone responsible where you're going, how long you'll be gone, what you're wearing blah, blah, blah.

Third, Carry a Kit
When you go into the wilderness (say it like this "wilder" "ness"), you need to carry a kit. Just like prepping for other disasters, you need shelter, water, food, and protection, medical supplies, and ...

Plus, Fire!!!

This is where the 'Survival Kit in a Tin' comes in.

The Tin
First, you need a tin. An empty metal shoe polish can, a plastic soap dish, or any other container with a top, tight sealing preferred, even a ziplock baggie.

Metal tins are better because the top can be polished and used as a signal mirror. The Altoids' tin is probably the best because it can slip in your shirt pocket.

You can put anything in you tin, but the most important thing to remember is to carry your tin.

Jungle G's Tin
This is a picture of Jungle G's tin.

He has, from the right and going counter clockwise, cotton balls, wood shavings, P-38 can opener, string, a magnesium fire starter (cut in half lengthwise), two fish hooks, and a diamond knife sharpening 'card.' Inside the tin is a compass.

Notice the shiny interior of the tin. It can be used as a signal mirror.

Needless to say, this tin lacks a lot of the things you might need.

Or does it.

First, Jungle G (and you, too) should carry a knife, fixed blade, folder, or multi-tool. It doesn't matter. The knife will allow you to build a temporary shelter with the string as cordage to help hold the shelter together.

Next, he has a method of making fire. The magnesium fire starter has the fire steel still attached. Using his knife, he would strike the fire steel towards the cotton balls then use the cotton balls to light a fire.

I don't know if he can use the P-38 as a striker. I'll have to ask him or try it myself.

Next, he has a method of signally potential rescuers by using the shiny interior of the tin to flash the searchers.

Almost lastly, according to Jungle G, he can use the string and fish hooks to either catch fish or trap small game.

Lastly, he can sharpen his knife with the knife sharpening card.

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mdknighthawk said...

Made this and carry it at all times,
Amassing how much you can fit in a mini athoids can.