Thursday, March 8, 2012

Link Dump, 5

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I have some time this morning, so the first set of links is to three places (and one for recipes) where you can search for all kinds of information on how to do all kinds of stuff. Want to learn how to cook your wheat, search "cooking wheat" on YouTube. Want to learn some recipes for your dried beans, search "cooking dried beans" at Instructables. Want to learn about producing some of your own food, search "gardening," "raising chickens for food," or "making mead" at WikiHow.

Needless to say, want a recipe for ..., search All

Instructables - Home

WikiHow - Home

YouTube - Home

All - Home

The next link is for John Robb's effort to get folks developing and building communities that will work, during uncertain times.

Resilient Communities - Home

This last link, for today, is for a 'free' e-book? on baking bread without an oven.

The Prepared Pantry - Baking Bread without an Oven
Note: They will ask for an email address, and yes, I know this is a repeat link from many months (years?) ago.

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